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    Beast King Khan: Location: The Wilds (North Darkon 1, 2) Level: 80 Level Requirement: 61-81 Difficulty: Easy Daily Entries: 6 HP: 507,776 Recommend Tank HP: 30,000 Drops: Ultimate Lusaka’s Weapons Entaness: Location: Isle of Dreams (Darkon 3) Level: 85 Level Requirement: 70-120 master or non master Difficulty: Easy Daily Entries: 6 HP: 1,117,106 Recommend Tank HP: 40,000 Drops: Phantasm Weapons King Chiton: Location: Cove of Ancients (Darkon 3) Level: 101 Level Requirement: 90-120 master or non master Difficulty: Easy Daily Entries: 6 HP: 2,234,212 Recommend Tank HP: 50,000 Drops: Coral Weapons Silverwing Duchess: Location: Les Britannia A (Shaduwar) Level: 116 Level Requirement: 100-120 master or non master Difficulty: Easy Daily Entries: 6 HP: 4,468,424 Recommend Tank HP: 60,000 Drops: Les Britannia A Weapons Drakul the Diabolic: Location: Aminus (Harmonin) Level: 121 Level Requirement: 105-120 Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 159,725,056 Recommend Tank HP: 100,000 Drops: Vampire Weapons, Jewels +18, A Cards, Gems, Aminus Treasure/Jewelry/Piercing Box A Red Meteonyker: Location: Volkane Level: 135 Level Requirement: None Difficulty: Hard Daily Entries: 6 HP: 300,000,000 Recommend Tank HP: 150,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Red Chips: Bloody Weapons, Red Chips Beast Overlord Khan: Location: Savage Wilds (South Darkon 1, 2) Level: 80 Level Requirement: 61M-81M Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 1,761,664 Recommend Tank HP: 150,000 Drops: Ultimate Lusaka’s Crystal Weapons, Champions/Defender/Marksman & Adept Sets Queen of Thorns (Entaness): Location: Isle of Nightmares (Darkon 3) Level: 85 Level Requirement: 70M-133L Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 9,965,632 Recommend Tank HP: 150,000 Drops: Ultimate Phantasm Weapons, Red Chips (Terror) King Chiton: Location: Abyssal Cove of Ancients (Darkon 3) Level: 101 Level Requirement: 90M-133L Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 19,931,264 Recommend Tank HP: 150,000 Drops: Ultimate Coral Weapons, Red Chips Ace Silverwing Dutchess: Location: Les Britannia S (Shaduwar) Level: 116 Level Requirement: 100M-133L Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 49,862,528 Recommend Tank HP: 160,000 Drops: Les Britannia S Weapons, Red Chips Dread Drakul the Diabolic: Location: Cursed Aminus (Harmonin) Level: 121 Level Requirement: 121H-150L Difficulty: Hard Daily Entries: 6 HP: 159,450,112 Recommend Tank HP: 200,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Ancient Weapons, Champions/Defender/Marksman & Adept Sets, A/7% Cards, Gems, Aminus Treasure/Jewelry/Piercing Box A Guan Yu HeavyBlade: Location: Traseia Level: 127 Level Requirement: None Difficulty: Medium Daily Entries: 6 HP: 31,890,024 Recommend Tank HP: 100,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Champions/Defender/Marksman & Adept Sets, A/7% Cards, Red Chips Chief Keokuk: Location: Far East Kaillun Grassland Level: 140 Level Requirement: None Difficulty: Hard Respawn: 360 Minutes HP: 250,000,000 Recommended Tank HP: 200,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Champions/Defender/Marksman & Adept Sets, Gems Basilisk of the Great Maw: Location: Far West Bahara Desert Level: 146 Level Requirement: None Difficulty: Hard Respawn: 360 Minutes HP: 739,711,296 Recommended Tank HP: 300,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: A/7% Cards, Gems Kheldor: Location: Catacomb of Anguish (Valley Of Risen) Level: 135 Level Requirement: 131L-150L Difficulty: Hard Daily Entries: 6 HP: 230,927,760 Recommend Tank HP: 250,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: 125 Armor Sets, Demonic Eye/Vorpal Blade, A/7% Cards, Gems Ankou: Location: Ankou's Asylum (Kaillun) Level: 143 Level Requirement: 135L-150L Difficulty: Extremely Hard Daily Entries: 4 HP: 605,566,912 Recommend Tank HP: 300,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Muran Weapons & Shields, Champions/Defender/Marksman & Adept Sets, Red Chips, Gems Razgul Skeleton: Location: Valley Of Risen Level: 133 Level Requirement: None Difficulty: Extremely Hard Respawn: 360 Minutes HP: 230,927,760 Recommend Tank HP: 250,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: Skeleton Weapons, A/7% Cards, Red Chips Kaglas: Location: Kaglas Cave (Bahara Desert) Level: 152 Level Requirement: 135L-150L Difficulty: Insanely Hard Daily Entries: 6 HP: 1,246,061,824 Recommend Tank HP: 400,000 (Varies Depending On Level) Drops: 130 Baruna Armor Sets, Gems
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    Hello Prologic Flyffers~~!!! To encourage the use of our awesome forums for communication, sharing ideas, and to make Prologic Flyff an even better server, Jello and I are hosting The Quest for Awesome Event! This is a 4-step event that will all take place here in the forums!! If you participate, you can win one of the following prizes: 1st place: Any cloak from the Donate Shop 2nd place: 20perins 3rd place: 15perins 4th place: 10perins 5th place: 1k Red Chips 6th place: 5x R Amps 7th place: 2 winners of 500 Stone of Balance each 8th place : 2k Silver hearts 9th place: 3 winners of 2pcs random V15 jewelry How do you win? Non Winners will be given a consolation prize by the GMs How to win?: Make sure to follow the steps in order!! Step 1: Respond to this post by posting a meme, and your in-game name. Make sure the meme is funny :3 step 2: Post an introduction about yourself in the Introductions section of the forum! Talk about yourself :3 We are interested~ Step 3: Wait for my Part 2 post and respond to that. Step 4: Wait for Jello's Part 3 post and respond to that. Anyone who tries to cheat by using 2 different accounts will be disqualified. This is also posted in Spanish in the Spanish section of the forum. Please only respond to either English or Spanish post. We look forward to seeing your posts!!!
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    Come and play for free http://www.prologicflyff.com Hello everyone! Today i bring to you a leveling guide for those that don't know or are having some problems reaching the level they desire Lets begin... Part 1-Level 1 - 15 In this part we'll begin by killing a few aibatts so we reach level 2 and receive our welcome package! We'll use our favorite consumables, (I'd recommend using the power scroll and the chocolate) and we'll be ready to begin our journey to level 150! Now we just need to kill our way to level 15! We'll proceed as follows: level 2 - 5: hunt burundengs level 5 - 9: hunt doridomas level 9 - 12: hunt lawolfs level 12 - 15: hunt nyangnyangs Now we can choose our class, and we'll move on to Part 2 of this guide There are 4 classes in flyff: Mercenary: Melee character that fights using swords or axes, very good in 1v1s and also in aoe hunting Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp Assist: Melee character that fights using knuckles or sticks, good in 1v1 and aoe, but what stands out is their ability to buff their allies and themselves Mages: Character that uses magic to deliver powerful attacks, they can use wands and staves. They can do a lot of damage 1v1 as well as aoe Part 2- Level 15 60 In this part it'd be convenient that we learn about and find a leecher (character level 1 that will boost our xp gain, without getting any himself, or character 19-14 levels below us that will gain exp) We can also join an existing party to find people to join us in this journey! We just need to press U, that will open our control panel, where we'll find everything we need, such as our character information, party finder, model change, teleporter, etc. With our leecher or partner in our party, we'll get started with part 2! First, we'll buy some food for our journey, we'll need it! Food in this Flyff, are divided by stages, in the beginning you get some hotdogs, then, after level 61 you'll be allowed to eat barbecues. When you reach Master, you'll be allowed to eat Fish Soup Once you've become a Hero you'll be allowed to eat Steamed Seafood And finally, when you reach Legend, you'll be allowed to eat Chicken Sticks We'll travel to Saint Morning using the teleporter And now we just need to hunt like this: level 15 - 18: Hunt Boss bang level 18 - 20: Hunt Wagsaac level 20 - 22: Hunt mias level 22 - 25: Hunt Mr pumpkin Being level 25, we'll have received our first Scrolls of Amplification! These will boost our xp gain by 50% each! Making our leveling a lot easier Pro tip: You can get Amplifications R in our donator shop, which will boost our xp by double! level 25 - 28: hunt Jack The hammer level 28 - 30: hunt Giggle box level 30 - 34: hunt Hobo level 34 - 38: hunt Dumb Bull We'll receive more Scrolls of Amplification at level 35! level 38 - 40: hunt Cardpuppet At this level we'll need to fly to Garden of Rhisis using the Piyo we got at level 20 Once in Garden, we'll proceed as follows: level 40 - 43: hunt Scorpicon level 43 - 46: hunt Prankster We'll receive another 2 Scrolls of Amplification! level 46 - 49: hunt Wheelem Now we can already go to the next zone! Darkon 1! We'll use the teleporter to get to Darkon 1 and then we'll hunt like this: level 49 - 53: hunt Steamwalker level 53 - 57: hunt Nutty Wheel level 57 - 60: hunt Driller With this, we'll have concluded the second part, and we'll be ready to choose our second class! Part 3: level 60 - 120 From now on, things will be a lot simpler, with less traveling, and earning a lot more money! But now we'll have to be really careful, because if we get killed, we'll drop all our penya, perins, and red chips! To avoid losing everything when we get killed, its necessary to store our items in the bank, that's the only safe spot. But the murderer wont be completely safe either, since after he murders, he'll be stuck in the same area for 15 minutes! Thats a lot of time for you to get your friends and hunt him! At this point we'll need to start getting some awakening in our equipments, buying the scrolls from the npc in flaris. Or using the premium membership, which allows you to get them with just the push of a button! To reach level 120, and earn a lot of penya along the way, we'll level up at the Forsaken Tower We'll switch levels like this: Floor 1: level 60 - 70 level 60 - 66 hunt Catsy level 66 - 71 hunt Harpy Floor 2: level 71 - 82 level 71 - 77 hunt Gullah level 77 - 82 hunt abraxas Floor 3: level 82 - 95 level 82 - 89 hunt Hague level 89 - 95 hunt Tengu Floor 4: level 95 - 107 level 95 - 101 hunt Asterius level 101 - 107 hunt Dantalian Floor 5: level 107 - 115 level 107 - 112 hunt Ganessa level 112 - 115~ hunt Asuras Now Level up at Tower until 121 Now we just need to repeat the process until we become Heroes! Part 4: level 121 - 150 Last part, the end of this journey... or is it? We'll play this last part this way, so we can have the needed penya to buy ourselves the Dark Traseia ticket, and also upgrade our equipment, but ill explain that in another guide We're ready for Dark Traseia We'll buy the ticket from the Premium NPC once again... This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while (For this zone we recommend a set +10 at least and decent awakes because these creatures can hit hard) level 121 - 130 hunt Dark Guardian Terrapin Reaching level 130, we'll have become Legends! And that gets us our third class! level 130 - 133 hunt Dark Usagi Fighter level 133 - 137 hunt Dark Usagi Blade Master level 137 - 141 hunt Dark Usagi Yari Once we're done with these, we'll need to enter the portal in Dark Traseia to get to the next area. level 141 - 145 hunt Dark Usagi Ninja level 145 - 150 hunt Dark Usagi Axe Master This brings us to the end of this guide. Thanks a lot for reading it, and hope you liked it
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    Guide Contents: Awakening Equipment and Weapons Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes Awakening Equipment and Weapons Using the /Awake command will bring up an interface that will allow you to awaken armor, weapons, and shields at a cost of 1.3M Penya per roll. An awake can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 lines. The possible awakes are: When rolling for awakes the best case scenario is 3 max roll or 2 max roll and 1 near max role of 3 identical stats, however it is very rare. Therefore we will be focusing on what is known as the “Normal” Awake. For this type of awake, you are ideally looking for 2 identical max stats and 1 additional stat. This additional stat does not matter, but it is important that there are 3 lines to the awake. For example, a pair of boots has rolled +500 HP / + 500 HP / +200 FP. We can see from the chart above that we have hit 2x max rolls on HP. The next step is to use a Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation which can be bought from the store for LP/VP as well as other players: This scroll will allow us to reroll one of the 3 awakenings on our item, for our example, we will be selecting FP: We will roll until we hit the maximum for HP achievable via the scroll. It is important to remember that these scrolls do NOT go all the way to max, and have an upper limit to what can be rolled. For convenience, I have highlighted these maximums in the awakening table in orange. Congratulations, you have now created a “Normal” Awake. Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes You are also able to buy and sell awakes by transferring them onto and off of items. This is a simple process, however, it is costly. The price of transferring an awake is 250 Perin plus the cost of the Awake Transfer Material (250 LP or around 200~ Perin). To transfer the awake you will need the item with the awake on, the item to receive the awake, 1 Awake Transfer Material, and 250 Perin. The item to receive the awake must have no awakes on it, if it does, use a Scroll of Revision on it (available from Peach at the blacksmith area). To start the awake transfer, click Menu > Prologic Systems > Awake Transfer Follow the UI - simple!
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    In-game Changes and Fixes: New Lock item system to avoid selling/trade/delete items that you don't want to, right click the item in your inventory to access the option. Guild Siege every day Now you can use buff items from the Extra bags Fixed problem with baruna glows with model change. Fixed problem with yoyo attack effect. Improved security system. Fixed problem with templar models that does not work in model changer. Added 18 new animated masks models that can be obtained thru the webshop soon or new bosses 5 new cloak model available in the web soon 4 new fashions model available in the web soon We have a new provisional Asia channel is located in hong kong so the people from Asia can have a good experience in-game this is for now so we can test it. * We will host events in both channels so all the people can participate. * If you like the channel let us know so we keep the channel or expanded it. Balance Arcanist damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Balanced Mentalis damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Balanced Seraph damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage. Awake transfer system You can open this system in the menu Prologic systems, and the npc peach. You will be able to transfer awakes from the same type of items. ex Boots to boots You will need a scroll in order to use the system that will be available in a boss and our web shop. Every awake transfer will have a cost of 250p New Dungeons You need to be rebirth 6+ in order to be able to enter to the dungeon/ The dungeons is located in eillum You will be able to enter 2 times a day. You will receive more rebirth souls from the creatures in this dungeon There are 2 bosses Flame King Meteonyker and Contaminated Giant Kururung The Bosses will only appear once you have killed all Contaminated Giant Mushmoot from the dungeons Possible rewards from Flame King Meteonyker - hp requeriments for the tank 1.2m+(He can 1 hit you just like red meteornyker) * new 125 sets baruna the stats are the same but later will be change to make it usefull for every class in different ways. * There is a chance of getting the new masks models. * v3 beads * A cards Possible rewards from Contaminated Giant Kururung -hp requirements for the tank 800k+ * Awake transfer material * Premium Hats Models. * Premium 1 day. * Basilisk Mount * Cards 7% We plan to add a lot more content soon, as for now Enjoy!
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    Since this server has PVP in its core, sometimes it gets really inconvenient to gather and remember every consumable every time. Things such as: Furnitures, Upcuts , Eels, Beads and etc.It also takes around 3k-4k RC per siege. Some of the consumables are also not present in the current shop such as Pride of Victory, cotton candy, balloons, flasks/elixirs, and FLYFORFUN cards(the cards are found only on the mocomochi event). With the new FFA update its gonna be more of a hassle. So to make things less painful here are my suggestions, feel free to criticize them: 1.) Create a consumable shop where everything can be found or add the missing consumables to the existing one. 2.) Create an item box called PVP Supply Crate where all of the stuff are found there and maybe even drop these on unfarmed bosses such as basilisk/keokuk/darktras boss 3.) Reduce the number of consumables existing in the game, I personally think there's no point in having too many consumables to discover and get an edge on your opponent that way. The only reason why all of it existed in official is because the original devs were desperate to fund the game. 4.) Change siege rewards from gold coins to RC. However, I personally think the RC prize should be equal among all participants to encourage everyone to play even if they dont have maxed gear. This could give incentives for players to actually join siege. Right now gold coins do not hold any value.
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    Im not sure about people's gears in siege, but im gonna go ahead and bet that they don't come close to Burberry's. But yeah, if any of those chars have gears as maxed as his, then nerf away. Also, where is the nerf Cracks, buff mages section? Cracks are basically the long-ranged high hit rate blades with DI. Mages are just screwed.
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    Congratulations! First off I would like to thank all you players for participating! We plan on doing more events and giving out better prizes <3 Winners please PM Sheena or Jello on the forums. 10. ILove - v15 Parts! 9. Phalanxeer - v15 Parts! 8. Darkkon - 2000 Silver Hearts! 7. Vesston - 500 Stone of Balance! 6. Laguna - 5x R AMPS 5. SrYoloSwag - 1000 Red Chips! 4. Paracetamol - 10 Perin 3.Bloodsharke - 15 Perin 2.Critical - 20 Perin 1.Jashi00 - Any cloak from the donor shop! NOTE: Anyone who was not picked still gets a prize from the GMs Thank you all for playing and show love on this post if you want more! -Jello / Sheena !! Video below if anyone wants to see me picking the players 2018-04-27 20-07-17.mp4
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    Hello everyone! Excited to be apart of the GM staff for Prologic FlyFF My name is Chris and I've been playing FlyFF for almost 10 years now (talk about nostalgia) and started playing private servers back in 2012. I look forward to helping the server grow and assisting with the marketing, PVP balance, and the in-game experience. During the weekdays I am usually online in the late evening (6PM+ - Eastern Standard Time) or I am testing on our beta test server. I would love to personally meet everyone in game - I usually host my buff sessions in Flaris; so if you see me make sure you say hi . If I am ever offline and you need to contact me or chat. Please feel free to contact me on the Prologic discord. Cheers, Xyro
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    Suggestions Premium shop Add "Upcut Stone" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. Add "Refresher Hold" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. or buff MP potions. Add " Enhanced Party Skill Range 15" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. In-Game Party finder (When you open it up, Some parties show they have active skills but they have 0 points.) Chat box unselected once a monster is killed. (If you are talking to another player and killing monsters, your chatbox will be unselected and you will open tons of windows) Inventory Expansion - Increase capacity of the inventory. (2 rows are normally filled with Letter Coupons / Prems) Teleporter - ( Possibly add the loot you can obtain in each area? I.e its odd to have V15 jewelry in Animus might want to tell people!) Backpack Extension - Whatever your loot pet picks up, if you have it in your backpack it would go to your backpack and not your inventory. Joining a Party - If possible, show the party skills that are active. Once you join a party you wont see if any skills are active unless they activate. Premium Status Teleportation. - I personally think that EVERY player should be able to teleport to dungeons. I think its a bit odd that you need to buy a status to TP to Dungeons. Upgrading manually - Upgrading manually seems really slow, (i.e If I upgrade my collector manually it takes forever) If possible shorten the time. Buff Madrigal Gift - Personally I don't know If I can get a "rare" item from the gift. I would love to know If there is a 0.001% Chance of getting something amazing instead of 100k Penya everytime. Premium Timers - I think that premium timers should be the same. (This may mess with PVP so there would need to be some tweaking) /Gmlist - A simple command to show which gamemasters are online, incase we need help. Useless additions Weapon models to be added in the game or inside the shop! More Variations of Custom Fashion / Models. (Dont just apply black to Grim sets etc) Future Ideas "Vote Party" - This is a brand new addition I haven't seen on any server. Once every 50 Votes I think that the server should automatically put up a lord buff! This will encourage voting and also help new players out! We can have a total in the homepage of PrologicFlyff. (I.e Vote Party 35/50 votes! )
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    Hi Guys! Here is a quick short guide for your reference if ever you are wondering about the classes for PVE Slayers - Glass cannon: High Damage but Low HP Templar - Balance of HP Def and Damage: good for overall without a separate tank Harlequin - a little lower damage than slayers but the skill dark illusion makes up for it as you can use it to escape or for safety Crackshooter - same as Harlequins, damage is a little lower than Harleqiuins but good block rate Forcemasters - Great AOE Farmer, good DPS too but needs a little more improvement, but overall its a good AOE Farmer + can be used in duingeons Mentalist - decent flat damage as DPS since its magic damage. Great class if you like casters Arcanist - Best overall AOE Farmer/caster. Great as a starter when you farm in perin and rc sites. Damage is also good in dungeons especially if you like being a caster. AOE skill is very usefull in the end-game dungeons. Best Event Coin Farmer Seraph - Although not a DPS, its a great class to start with for newbies especially if youre new to the game. Their AOE Skill scales high on the Int and makes perin and RC farming easier for you until you can make your arcanist/FM as main AOE Farmer. 100% would suggest this if youre new to flyff itself or even if you have some experience.
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    Prologic Photo Competition Hi Everyone We are looking to refresh our marketing materials as our current images both on the voting sites and our website are now somewhat outdated. In line with our general approach, we would like to invite the community to help craft how new players see the server - using images from you! Any user image submitted we request it be with as little interface as possible. As a reminder, the UI can be hidden/shown using the * key. There are several categories of photos we are generally looking for, these being: General artistic photos of the server Dungeons and Bosses PVP Events Community Photos Market Photos Fashion & Gear Sets Any photos that are used as part of the marketing campaign will be rewarded with up to 600 Logic Points per photo, the categories in bold above rewarding the highest amounts! These will be for marketing, so will need to be high quality, both in their content as well as their resolution. Please post any photos for submission in reply to this thread. The closing date for submission is the 31st December 2022. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    **Walks back on screen while waving the sheaf of papers to get the attention back** Hey, yes there really is a Six. Six: Regarding corruption, if I do something that could be considered corruption, it is merely a matter of policy keeping, under Line Seven, which has yet to be written. For now, such things that happen or are caused to happen directly by me are by whim and desire, and are not corruption. they are merely 'having fun with assets'. **Walks off to go annoy people at the Roulette into giving me spins**
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    **A plain-looking man sits down at a wooden desk, adjusts his little Wedge set model hat and picks uo a sheaf of papers, looks into a camera, at you** My Fellow Flyffers...I bid you greetings. As part of the requirements for Lord, I am supposed to put together a manifesto, or a statement of policy, a list of beliefs to convince you to vote for me, and this is what this is. I am aware that not many do this, and this is a shameful thing. Silence from leadership is similar to allowing criminals to do whatever they wish, because no one is around to say no. And so, here I am today to give a list of things that may or may not happen under my benign dictator...leadership. **Straightens papers in one hand, crosses fingers under the desk in plain sight with the other** One: I will volubly make it known how I feel about the ever increasing rate if price increases regarding red chip and load point prices. These make it hard for some of us to do business. While I don't mind making profits off of the red chips, the load points (lp) circumstance is getting out of control. This is not complaining. This is affirming every non-richs desire to eventually stop being poors. Two: There is a slackness when it comes to Invasions being started. I don't know about all of you, Fellow Flyffers, but i like a good Invasion. But do those possibly-corrupt-maybe-just-napping-a-lot-totally-not-lazy-at-all Tutors do them without being harassed, bothered and almost shaken around by their napping blankets? Not often, no. So If I am Lord, I will cause Invasions to happen whenever possible. I will also participate, because I am a greedy, self-serving tyrant. I mean beneficent leader who wants to take part in most things with you. But stay away from my loot. And I'll stay away from yours. Three: Just recently a newish person to the server was scammed by someone who thought they were slick. I have not found out their ingame name yet, but if I do, I will attempt to recruit an elite force responsible only to the Lord, possibly in perpetuity, to hunt down and punish scammers wherever they might hide. A hard-hitting, no nonsense, gritty, maybe edgy too if they look good enough, in your face take it like a man, team of experts who can handle the situations as they arise. You cannot hide, scammers, once this force is put together. Read my lips. We're gonna getcha. Four: While i was dictating this, I saw Actout's storage character win a Cloak of Honor from the Roulette Wheel, just recently added in the update. I am hereby confiscating this Cloak for my personal use...I mean, for his own good lest he go down the path of wickedness and corruption, and lose his immortal soul to the empty gods of overpriced lp sales and not giving me any roulette spin tokens, which is a crime in my sight. **An arm enters from the right side of the screen holding a small bag that might have been filled with something that looks like coins, it gets placed next to the papers with the hand with crossed fingers** Four A: Let it be known that Actout has temporarily put off punishment for his probably not all that big after all crimes, but let him go with a warning, not to let it happen again. We are watching you. *Stern scowl face* Five: I will attempt to be on at most times, but I do have to sleep, and eat like the rest of you. My hours are generally known, but for now they are USA Central time, from between 12-2pm to perhaps 4-5pm on three nights a week, then on towards the dawn and a few hours beyond whereupon I sleep. On days i do not go out, it's very likely that I will be on from the 12-2pm to...whenever I get aches from looking at the screen too much, with breaks to eat and eventually sleeping, normally around dawn for me. So I should be around for most things. If i am not, I am easily reachable via discord @Jaquio at most times. If you bother me while I sleep though, i might show my displeasure with the hit squad. I need my beauty coma....sleep. There is no Six. Thank you for taking the time to witness this perhaps not really mandatory lord candidacy manifesto, its word, not mine, and have a good night/day/whatever. **Uncrosses fingers, gives a wry smile at the camera, pointedly picks up the coin bag, and walks offscreen*
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    Hi Everyone, We are delighted to kick 2023 off with something rather special. Over the past few weeks, we have been busy creating a new in-game feature; Prologic Roulette! We have also managed to launch the long-awaited higher-tiered piercing cards! Summary of Update: Prologic Roulette release Roulette Vendor Backdated bonuses to Jan 1st onwards donators Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” X & 12% Pierce Cards in LP store S & 8% Pierce Cards in LP store Free 6-hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Collectors - Development Update Prologic Roulette The roulette system contains over 350 prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points! It was incredibly important to us that regardless of if you donate, everyone has the opportunity to access LP store items. As such, this feature is available for Logic Points (LP), Vote Points (VP), and Voting Site rewards. As more items are introduced into the store, we will periodically update the wheel with these prizes. Prizes range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. A complete list of prizes will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Normal Roulette Spins (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP and VP Store Roulette Vendor Free spins for donation packages 1 Free spin every time you vote at GT100 Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins (Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP Store Roulette Vendor Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins have a higher likelihood of rolling Rare and Epic rewards. We have designed them this way as they are purchasable via the Roulette Vendor, meaning if you have bad luck, you can guarantee a better prize through its purchase! Prologic Roulette can be found in Flaris near the bank, or via the “Prologic Roulette” teleport in the teleport interface (V). Roulette Vendor If you are unhappy with your prize, you will also be able to convert it straight into “Roulette Tokens”! Roulette Tokens can be used at the Roulette Vendor in Flaris to purchase some of the most powerful LP store items in the game, including Stats Fashion, Pets, Cards, and more. Roulette Tokens are untradable to ensure economic balance, however, the items purchased from the vendor are tradable. A complete list of vendor items will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Back-Dated Donation Packages Any player that has donated since the 1st of January 2023 for a package that now qualifies for free spins will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount within 24 hours, please check your mail. It was our intention to have this launched on the 1st of January and feel it is only right to give players what is (unknowingly) owed. Owed spins can be claimed from the store page within the Account Information area: Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” We have over 68 different premium consumable buff’s within Prologic and many players carry them all with them. We now have options for players to use instead; the “Molten Potion”. This buff is available in a 1-hour and 3-hour option, it contains all of these consumables within one item! These items are available through the LP store, VP Store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. X and 12% Pierce Cards New X and 12% Pierce Cards have been added to both the EVO Rune store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. These cards are extremely powerful giving bonuses above and beyond that of the usual cards. The card details are as follows: Fire Card X 15 Strength 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Water Card X 15 Intelligence 4% Decreased Cast Time 2% PVE Damage Electric Card X 15 Dexterity 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Land Card X 15 Stamina 4% HP Volcano Card 12% 12% Increased HP 3% PVE Damage Absorb Ocean Card 12% 12% Increased MP 3% PVE Damage Lightning Card 12% 12% Increased Attack 3% PVE Damage Earthquake Card 12% 12% Increased Defence 3% PVE Damage Absorb S and 8% Pierce Cards We have received a lot of player feedback over the past few months regarding adding these to the store. As such, you have asked, and we have listened! They are now available to purchase for LP under the Piercing Cards category. Free 6-Hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Selling via vendors has been made free for up to 6 hours to all users! This is a permanent change and hope that it helps everyone sell more wares! We have also added longer-duration vendors to the Perin store as detailed below: Item Cost 1 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 50 Perin 3 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 120 Perin 7 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 240 Perin Offline Collectors - Development Update We know many are patiently awaiting the release of offline collectors, so we thought it best to give you an update! Right now, we have the option to release this feature in its current state. However, the rewards being given by the collectors are in our eyes… lacking. There are only so many Hat Boxes a player can want. Therefore, we have taken the decision to delay this feature while we totally rewrite the base code as well as completely redesigning the reward system. With this redesign, we will be able to add far more interesting rewards to collecting. This is incredibly important to us as we have some amazing features and systems planned for the future and need to ensure the collector system stays relevant in regards to drop and profitability for players as the server expands. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
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    Hi all, I started playing Prologic last year, but never had the chance to introduce myself to the community. So my in-game name has always the word Slushy in, don't ask me where that name comes from 😅 If you see a Slushy acccount in-game, don't hessitate to say "Hi!". I'm from Belgium, so GMT+1 (wich is -8h compared to PHT), wich makes it pretty hard to attend on guild siege (is at 3am and 3pm for me, but i will be there sometimes). I'm working as a Security Team Leading Officer (wich simply means i'm responsable for a big group Security Officers). I started playing FLyFF in December 2004, so it's officially my 18th year anniversary this month. Cookies and champagne on my account! 🍾 18 years ... meaning FLyFF is part of my life for over 60% of my existance. I've met alot of people, but i also lost some good friends, wich i played with for years. FLyFF Experience ⚔️⚔️⚔️ If you're new to the game, please don't be shy and contact me for a quick guide throught the game and all it's facets. With all this being said, i wish you all a plaisant stay and time and most important a happy new year with a good health. Slushy 🤗
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    Hey guys. This is a guide to help you make your perfect pet. A perfect pet means that the level is 1/3/5/7/9. Having a perfect pet will greatly boost your damage/HP depending on the pet that you have equipped. For Raised Pet effects, you may refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos. First of all, go to the Pet Filter by pressing Hotkey U and uncheck Egg and Quest Item. This will allow your pet to loot eggs and quest items. Your Quest Items can be converted to Pet Feed via the Pet Tamer. Click on Feedbag and place your Quest Item and press Okay. You will see your Feed bags in your inventory. Next is hatching the egg. There are multiple ways to hatch eggs. First is via the Pet Feed you just converted. You need 4 to 5 stacks of 9999 Pet Feed to completely hatch it. The other way is via the Egg hatcher which can be bought for 10 LP or farmed in the collecting area. Hatching eggs via pet feed is the best and cost-friendly way as Quest Items are not hard to farm. Equip the egg that you want to hatch and double click on either the Pet Feed or the Egg Hatcher to get the EXP to 99.99%. Once EXP is maxed, talk to the Pet Tamer and Click okay on the quest. This will hatch your egg to a random Pet. Repeat the steps until you hatch your preferred pet. Now for the exciting part, leveling up your pets. As I mentioned, a perfect pet has a level of 1/3/5/7/9. Make sure your Premium scroll (VIP) is activated as this makes pets earn more EXP. Also purchase Medicine (B) from Pet Tamer to ensure that your pet does not die even if you leave it on. If you equip the Pet Medicine B while your VIP scroll is activated, it will run for 20 minutes. You can stack a couple of them so make sure to equip a lot because you will need to leave your pet on for a couple of hours especially during the final stages. To start leveling up your pet, equip your pet and leave it on for some time. Pet EXP is gained through time. So by leaving it on, your pet will earn EXP until it is ready to rank up. Each pet starts at Lvl 1 Rank D. Once your Pet EXP is maxed, a small window will pop out which says, Bring your Pet to the Pet Tamer. Click Okay and talk to the pet Tamer to rank your pet up. Once ranked up, your pet is now Class C. the level will either be Lvl 1/1 to 1/3, 3 being the max level. If your pet level is not Lvl 1/3, don’t worry yet as this can still change. Leave your pet on again for a couple of hours until EXP is maxed and ready to rank up to Class B. Repeat the steps above to finally rank up your pet. Once Your pet is Rank B, the Level will be between 1 to 5. You now have a chance to correct your pet levels. You will need Red Chips( can be farmed by going AFK, collecting area, or Red Chips Ticket). Go to the Red Chip merchant and buy Chance of the Pet Tamer for 50 Red Chips each. To use this, equip your pet and double click on the Chance of the Pet Tamer a window will pop out, press start to begin rolling for the levels. Repeat this step until you max out the level on the left. Once the left is maxed out (Lvl 3), you can now leave your pet on to get it ready to rank up to Class A. Once your pet is Class A. Repeat the Chance of the Pet Tamer step to max out the level on the left window (Lvl 5). Once maxed, do the same process to rank your pet up to Class S. You’re almost done! Now that your pet is Class S (Max level for pets), your pet Level should already look like 1/3/5/x/x (x means any level). Now repeat the Chance of the Pet tamer step once more to max out the Lv. A side to Lvl 7. Once this is done, your pet level will look like 1/3/5/7/x. For the last section, you need to max out the final level of your pet (Lvl 9). For this, go back to the Red Chip merchant and buy Blessing of the Pet Tamer for 80 RC. You will need a couple of these because this is the hardest part in making a perfect pet. Equip your Class S Pet with 1/3/5/7/x level and double click the Blessing of the Pet Tamer. This will revert your Pet’s current Class to Class A with max EXP. Go back to the Pet Tamer and accept his quest, since your pet is already a Class A with max EXP, you will be able to immediately rank your pet up to Class S again. If you rank up but the final level is still not Lvl 9, repeat the Blessing of the Pet Tamer step until you get that sweet Lvl 9. Once complete, your Pet should be a Class S with Lvl 1/3/5/7/9. Congratulations! You now have a perfect pet. You can sell this for 500 to 600 Perins (or more, depending on the market. Law of demand and supply ) or Awake it and use it personally 😊. Now that you have the knowledge to perfecting raised pets, you can now offer your pet tamer services to other players and earn your perins so you can buy your items. Be sure to check the other guides made by other players. They will surely help your FLYFF Journey! Hope this guide helps!
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    As A professional Fashion Expert O_o. I strive for Fashion Is Everything for me. First Impression would Say wow you look Strong(Even though im not). Someone said this on Tiktok (NO ONE WILL SAY WOW YOU LOOK UGLY YOURE STRONG).U realized that you're broke. You don't have that much money. Well not to worry. These are my Fashion Suggestions For Male and Female and Weapon Models All Fashions are Found in Flaris NPC's. Male Fashions Found in Fashion Male(Near the Flying Sign with Arrows) Darth Vader(Set), Shower Set Fashions Found in Coupon Shop(Silver Hearts): Warlord M(Set), Bushido Yukata Set 2010 (Set) Female Fashions Found in Coupon Shop (Silver Hearts): Flower Fairie Set, Forest Fairie Set, Traditional Chile Set, Traditional Native American Set, Warlord Set Kung Fu hair(Hat), Sul Bim Dress (Suit), Sul Bin Gloves, Sul Bim Shoes Found In Fashion Female NPC(Near The Flying Sign With Arrows) Nurse Set Dressed Up Hat, Red Dress Suit, Red Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Sinbad Veil, Green Dress Suit, Green Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Weapon Models Found in Coupon Shop (FLY Pieces) (Bow) Bow of Echoes Nemo's Fury Bloody Bow (1 Hand Sword) Vorpal Blade (2 hand Sword) Leviathan (Stick) Song of Sirens (Staff) Bloody Staff Conch Stave (Yoyo) Typhoon (Wand) Archduke Wand of Apparition
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    Hey guys, Jermaine here. You'd usually see me afk in flaris near the red chip merchant Hopefully we can everyone can share guides & tips in the forum so newbies and returnees can find quick and informative guides accesible. This is a newbie-friendly server and I think good guides will definitely help new players stay and enjoy the game. I'll try to post some soon!
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    If you reached level 150, I am assuming you can kill ticket mobs so this guide will start with that assumption. If not, please refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos First, you might want to know that there is a command /awake: It allows you to awake just by clicking ok without having to buy scrolls but rather some penya as payment: You might also want to visit RC shop trader for the premiums that allow unlimited FP or MP (costs 40rc each) You will have this free ticket perin farming when you reach a certain level (automatically inserted in inventory, if none, kindly check mailbox). Since you are already level 150, I am sure it will be available to you. With the information above, you can go farming perins to buy your baruna gears (check other guides on what baruna gears are best for your job). You might want to buy one at a time from sm vendors (costs around 10-30p each part): Once you got one part, go use the command /awake to awake while you are grinding perins. You might want to also put it on an F slot for more convenience: The goal is to have a 3 line options with 2 identical max stats (you can refer to the guides for the max stats for your information): Do this until you have those 3-line options with 2 identical max stats on all your baruna gears (weapons, shield if any, and armors). I will be posting another guide on how to max your baruna gears and obtain all the remaining end gears. Hope this guide helps you! Regards, KaningPusa
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    Hi all active prologic players in forum. I want to help you all in our server. Please do reply here what topics you want me to create. Thanks!
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    In-game Changes and Fixes: Fixed some server crashes. Fixed some client crashes. Server Security Improved. Client security Improved. Fixed lord skills icon drag. Baruna weapon tool tip interface fixed. Fixed Flame arrow and ice arrow that don't allow you to move after using the skill. Now the max cost of mail item receive is 10m penya. Exchange message for amps fixed. increased link attack time to 2min. New Name Font option added to game. Fixed aggro system now the boss will focus in the first player to hit and the skill "Dead Man's Lure" works to increase aggro on templar. Now if you don't use protection in manual baruna upgrade your baruna item will be only downgraded and not destroyed. Guild Siege Stuck Fix. Now in manual baruna upgrade the protection will be consumed even in success. Random teleport area on Guild Siege Join. New Super potion added to the Red Chip Trader New open pvp information implemented in-game. New protip system implemented, now you will receive some tips thru the day. Knight skills changes * Now you can use Pain Dealer whit 1h axe and 2h axe. * Heart of tower now works with 1h and 2h. * Now Protection and Pan barrier has the same timer escalation. * Fixed Dead Man's Lure. * Now Pain Reflection give the same stats as the Flyff official. Jester skills changes * Counter Attack now has 100% chance of stun. * Now Sneak Stab has 100% chance of stun. New Damage escalation * Psykeeper increase damage 1vs1 in pvp by int and level. * Elementor increase damage 1vs1 in pvp and pve by int and level. Increased Elementor Block base. Now link attack effect does not apply in any pvp scene. New boss damages * Damage for Boss Super increased x2(All instance boss + world boss) * Boss level 130+ increased damage x3 * Secret Room creatures damage x2. * Secret Room boss damage x4. Now all creatures in secret room have x3 hp rate. New couple buff stats * Power of Love Level 1: +2% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 6) Level 2: +4% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 11) Level 3: +6% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 16) Level 4: +8% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 21) * Blessing of Love Level 1: All Stats +10 (Couple Level: 11) Level 2: All Stats +20 (Couple Level: 21) Premium feature * Now you can use the command awake in a fashion items if you have Blessing of Goddess in your inventory. Web Changes and Fixes: Script to avoid double buy in the shop on double click, added.
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    Hey its ya Boi Vice here, many of you already noticed that im not that active right now, well.. let me explain why and what is going on at the moment. first i would start with a few nice words to you guys, we glad that we reached back our player cap! we are very thankfull, that our community is still growing each day more and more ! so far much love to you guys well...where i start? sometimes things happening in life. in this moment where i write these little letter to you im very busy, i have many stuff to do, since my last year at vocational technical school started im busy with Learning and projects to achieve a good degree, well on the otherside im very kinda confused..? tbh guys im not gonna tell you any lies or something like that, i think as an long staff member it would be just fair to you guys if im gonna tell you whats going on.. few weeks a go i lost my best friend to cancer..it hits me very hard, and im trying to get my minds and my time together. anyway guys i just want to say take care of you and those people who you love! death comes fast and mostly unexpectedly! well so far im gonna try to get more active to provide you the best support and community management for Prologic FlyFF! i guess many of you will understand that im not in that mood right now to spend my whole freetime that i have left besides from sleeping to get some rest, in the game! but i will be more responsiv from now! maybe some people would say "well who cares?" thats something what someone would say well.. atleast one im sure.. lets finish this letter. once again i would like th thank you guys for your huge activity and your support! Prologic FlyFF have many things planned be patient, we will still working hard to deliver your the best experience on our server! See u ingame ! thanks for your attention - Prologic FlyFF Staff - Vice
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    What's up everyone? Been years since i've played flyff but the good 'ol nostalgia of hearing that log in music while my dad and uncle log in next to me kicked in. I've put countless hours into this game across multiple many servers and met some great people. Feel free to message me IG whenever (IG name is same as profile, DoTs). If anyone has a guild spot opening and willing to show me the ropes or just have others to play with I would be super appreciative. Anyways, i'll catch you IG!
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    *Insert "Yes - Roundabout" song here * See what happens on the next episode of, "Picture Taking Gone Wrong: Interracial Edition".
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    So you were young and saw Flyff everywhere.It's the talk of the whole town. Without any technical gaming experience and sheer cluelessness, it seemed like the best game there ever is. So you booted up your parent's old CRT monitor PC and waited 16 hours to download a single gigabyte game called Flyff. So excited to play and now you're installing. The clueless young lad didn't know what patching means so he stared at the patcher looking at the odd numbers and bars. ( 3 hours later and) You opened up the game and was mesmerized by the calming music. *insert old Flyff login theme song here*. ( 1hour later of figuring out how to register) Now You proceeded to create your first character and the stupid young lad used a name like assassin1234 , xXDragonslayerXx or something stupid like that. Fast forward to 2 days of leveling like a turtle and sightseeing like a retard. Obviously, you chose the mercenary class because damn you saw those cool dual swords and blade armor from someone in Flaris. Fast forward another 5 days you're still level 30 and you're trying to make new characters and fake like you're a new character and ask for penya in flaris. After much grinding, you found your first Sunstone and heard that glorious sunstone drop sound effect. (It was called oricalkum back in the day). 10 seconds later you got ripped off by some high-level bastard and bought it from you cheap. And now you hit level 40 and you made friends and leveled together at pranksters while some level 20-ish rich guy was floating on a super expensive Ignice board worth 200k was your party leader only because he had a level 75 RM willing to buff you guys. Fast forward another 8 years. So you spent most of your childhood with Flyff and time passed quickly and you are now busy with real-world stuff.It's christmas break and your old mates start telling you about flyff private servers and you try it out. Now you're hooked again. You missed that lovely login screen and that nostalgic music and sound effects. The bubbly click of the buttons , the background music, especially that weird and mysterious sound that happens when picking up something ( lol? ). But you notice something missing, you no longer see parties grinding together, you no longer have the stupid 0.01 exp per kill grind and everything seems lonely. So you try inviting your local friends to play and all of them said ( What is this graphics? , why is the combat system just a double click and watch? , whats the point in grinding the same monsters for ours end? So you tried their games. Those ultra-high graphic games rated 9/10 in Steam or IGN. However you never seem to get hooked in the same way as flyff. So you eventually end up going back to flyff then quitting then back again in a cycle. You jump from one server to another but you never seem to reach the same happiness that you had 8 or even 10 years ago. Why would an old guy like you grow so attached to a shitty game. So you realized: Flyff is not about the gameplay. Flyff is about nostalgia. Flyff is about the ecstasy of your youth. Flyff is your lifestyle. Flyff is your nature. We all might have this story in common. My name is Dominic and I'm from the Philippines ( IGN: Phalanxeer). I've had 10 years of flyff experience but I took year long breaks and jumped on multiple servers from time to time. Whenever I feel lonely or empty, I remember my childhood and I end up googling "flyff top private servers". However on each server I had been it felt lonely and I get bored quickly and quit shortly after. But what's special about this one particular server, Yes you're right it's PROLOGIC FLYFF, is that It captured what I had experienced back in the day better than any other servers. The other servers had too many complicated features that makes the game no longer nostalgic but feels like a modern 2018 game. In this server I made friends, and I absolutely enjoyed this server from the bottom of my heart. It filled me with the joy I felt back when I was 7 years old. We are all part of this community. The community that seeks the past even though it is impossible. Together let us seek the impossible and fall together. Power to all fellow nostalgia-seekers!
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    Greetings everyone Many of you might have seen my nooby arc running around. I Sell Lp Cheap to those who cant buy them I love making friends or enemies if you see it fit This server so far has been a blast and i love playing on it and meeting so many people I hope we can make this server way more popular together Guild:Muffins In game User:Lawyer P.s i love eating muffins
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    Well some of you maybe know me allready. But here are some Informations I am 24 years old Male, living in Germany (North Area) playing games probably since i was 10~11 around uhm yeah i really like this server and want it to grow so we have to work together i´m a Member of the Guild Muffins, even tho i dont like to eat them.. If you wanna know a bit more, you can find me on Discord or Ingame
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    Well i gotta start then, Ingame: Vesston
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    I think i can do something about it, the stats and block is a mess in flyff o i created a new formula, i can master it by class level etc, maybe i can do something interesting. Will not come in the next update but i will try it come soon.
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    Hey everyone! I am delighted to finally be part of the Prologic Staff! My name is Jerome and I've been playing Flyff for around 8 years. For some reason, I can never let it go . I assist with guides, game testing and community work. I am usually in game late evening around 9PM UTC. Me & Xyro buff often so if you ever see us around, don't be afraid to say hi . If I am offline and you need to contact me, do so via Prologic Discord or Discord DM. Happy Pking, Quantum
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    In-Game Wiki / Model Viewer ( I think it would be great for players to be able to look at the items they want to get in the future and view how fashion looks in game. A "Model Viewer" would help show the new players what fashion looks like what. This also helps avoid confusion when players purchase Fashion with "Silver Hearts") /Awake Upgrade ( The /Awake command is a great command for premium members. The command is coded so that it will awake your first item in your inventory, but theres potential to upgrade it. I think if you have "Scroll of Reversions" in your second slot of your inventory It should take one up and awake your item in slot one. This would help out players save more penya and use the "Scroll Of Reversions" they grinded for! 45-105 Green accessibility ( Getting level 45-105 Green Items can be a bit tricky for players. You can kill level 60 monsters and obtain Level 90 gear. I think that NPCs should carry some lower level Green items for players. Now 45-105 is just an example but I think the majority would like to have 105 easily accessible. *NOTE* Doing this will adjust the marketplace price and may discourage players to sell 105 gear so we would have to figure out a fair price. ) Dungeon Timer ( Dungeons are a big part of Flyff, and to save players time on when they can grind out the next dungeon of their choice. We should have timers under the "Timer" tab under "U" showing us when our dungeons are up instead of teleporting to each single one to jump and see the time ) Seraph Player vs Player ( "Seraphs" have been labeled the support class and no one really thinks of using this as a PvP class. I think it would be great if the seraphs could have a 1v1 skill and help them out. This could help them both out in PvP and the level progress for them to become more independent instead of relying on a Player-Level to help them out. ) Prologic Points Orbs ( I think that "Prologic point orbs" should be a new item on Prologic Flyff! This helps prevent scamming and lets players open private shops selling precious Logic points. Now we can have an NPC in-game where you can take out and put in Logic points into your account to either Purchase items or Sell points ) Offline Vendors ( Offline vendors are always great, This can help players make perin while farming or collecting in the collection area. Durations of these could range from 1 day (Purchased in the vote store) and up to 7 days purchased from the Logic point store ) Mounts ( Your second reliable way to travel accross madrigal! I personally love mounts and I think that mounts would be a second amazing way of traveling. They seem faster and way easier to just hop on instead of waiting for wings. *NOTE* If you do plan on adding this, remember that It would not look great if the server is filled with giant mounts! ) <--- Example Forums Upgrade! ( I would love to see a forums upgrade and see custom visual GFX for the forums with Flyff logos and just make the forums a more welcoming place. Now this is obviously and update that does not need to happen since this server just came out. But this is just a suggestions. You can get all the forums junkies on. aka Me Feelsgoodman ) Personally I would like to thank Xyro & Apollo for reading and actually adding my ideas from part one. These ideas were from myself and Sheena. Thanks for reading.
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    Hello everyone, I've only played 1 server previously for about 5-6 months. Was looking for a lower xp rate server, hope this ones a fun experience. See you all in game! King Regards, Tissot
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    1. Reduce the number of red chips dropped on death. It can be frustrating for players to lose every red chip they have in their inventory especially when dying because of disconnections. 2. Increase the duration of consumables that last only 3 mins. In order to make this more balanced, reduce their drop rate in a similar ratio to how much duration is increased 3. Increase inventory space 4. Make the prices of some items beginner-friendly When I was just starting I had trouble purchasing upcut stones and amplifications since I had to level two chars at a time. The vote points weren't enough to sustain both of my chars. 5. Add Upcut stone in Premium shop or reduce its price on the red chip shop. 6. Reduce the needed letters for beginner items from level 60 - 105 or make some parts more accessible from normal mobs. 105 sets are extremely hard to complete especially for certain classes. Some parts are more commonly dropped than others and in my case, I have been looking for Neis set for ages and I wanted to save my letters because they were a bit too expensive in the coupon shop. 7. Make RM leveling more forgiving Hands down, RMs are extremely hard to level alone without gear and money and most parties are at "Contribution" therefore the leeching RM is always left out by 10 levels in a grinding session. 8. Make buff pang buffs maxed out. It's inconvenient having to rebuff 8 assist buffs every 10 mins 9. Provide boss information on the teleporter screen and dungeon teleports too This includes boss HP, damage and drops. 10. Add a black list or white list feature on the pet filter. 11. Add the restat item for specific stats in the Premium shop or adjust the existing restat price. 12. Make Griffin pet and Unicorn relevant to the game.
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    Omg, those are amazing ideas also the future ideas, thanks you very much,This will help me a lot for the next update!
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    Rates Exp xStages, Penya x80, drop custom, Quest Exp Rate x50, Quest Penya Rate x 100. Featured Systems Experience Stages System In Prologic Flyff your experience rate will be depending of your level: Stage 1: Level 1 to 15 (Normal) -> Exp x4 Stage 2: Level 16 to 60 (Normal) -> Exp x20 Stage 3: Level 61 to 120 (Normal) -> Exp x30 Stage4: Level 61 to 120 (Master) -> Exp x40 Stage 5: Level 121 to 129 (Hero) -> Exp x50 Stage 6: Level 130+ (Legend) -> Exp x60 Automatic Lord Events Every 3h a random lord event will be active, may be x1,x2,x3 or a rare x4 events. LogOut Block System When you attack any creature or anybody attack you, you will see the following icon appear in the top of the client The system prevent you from leaving the game or even using the teleporter system until the timer run out(Even if you client crash or lose connection). When you attack a innocent player the icon will turn red, that will mean you are pk now. Skull System White Skull When somebody attack a innocent user will get this skull, and will get LogOut Block + SafeZone Block until he lost the skull. If somebody is white skull against you, you can defend yourself and not receive any penalization, this apply for every member of your guild online at the moment of the attack, so you and your guild member online can hunt the aggressor and kill him without receiving a skull or unjustified kill, however if you attack a White Skull that is not in conflict with you, you will receive a yellow skull. Skull Duration: 1 min on attack, 15 min on Kill. Drop on die: All penya, perin + rc. Yellow Skull When you attack a skull-ed user that is not in conflict with you at the moment of the attack you will receive this skull, only the defender can see it, this aplly for all others skulls. Skull Duration: 1 min on attack, 1 min on Kill. Drop on die: All penya, perin + rc. Orange Skull( Revenge ) When somebody kill you when you are innocent, the attacker will receive this skull for every time he kill you and only you can see it, when you kill some body with orange skull the kill will be justified, but it also will be justified to kill you if you get Yellow Skull. Skull Duration: 7 days or when have taken revenge for every one of the kills. Drop on die: All penya, perin + rc. Red Skull This skull is applied to masters innocents killers, you can get this skull killing 3 or more in 24h, 5 or more in 7 days, 10 or more in 30 days. LogOutBlock + SafezoneBlock: 15 min on kill. Skull Duration: 24h Black Skull This skull is applied to legend innocents killers, you can get this skull killing 6 or more in 24h, 10 or more in 7 days, 20 or more in 30 days. LogOutBlock + SafezoneBlock: 15 min on kil;. Skull Duration: 48h Glow Changer Fly For Fun Coupon Exchange Flyff Piece (F) : You can get these from all the creatures in-game and collection area. Flyff Piece (L) : You can get these from all the creatures in-game. Flyff Piece (Y) : You can get these from all the creatures in-game. Flyff Piece (O) : You can get these from all the creatures in-game. Flyff Piece (R) : You can get these from all the creatures in-game. Flyff Piece (U) : You can get these from collection area. Flyff Piece (N) : You can get these from collection area. Hide Fashion Icon Drop List New Elemental Glow For some Baruna Weapons Old/New Glow Scroll for Weapons OFF ON Reflect Scroll for Weapons and shields OFF ON Pet Filter Teleporter You can only use this system if you are in a safe area or when you have no LogOut Block time. Timer Cool-down for dungeons and GS PartyFinder Model Changer Hotkey Changer You see this system in the Menu Option.
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    Rates Exp xStages, Penya x80, drop custom, Quest Exp Rate x50, Quest Penya Rate x 100. Sistemas destacados Sistema de etapas de experiencia En Prologic Flyff tu tasa de experiencia dependerá de tu nivel: Etapa 1: Level 1 to 15 (Normal) -> Exp x4 Etapa 2: Level 16 to 60 (Normal) -> Exp x20 Etapa 3: Level 61 to 120 (Normal) -> Exp x30 Etapa 4: Level 61 to 120 (Master) -> Exp x40 Etapa 5: Level 121 to 129 (Hero) -> Exp x50 Etapa 6: Level 130+ (Legend) -> Exp x60 Eventos automáticos de Lord Cada 3h un evento lord aleatorio estará activo, puede ser x1, x2, x3 o un raro evento x4. Sistema AntiLogOut Cuando atacas a cualquier criatura o alguien te ataca, verás el siguiente ícono aparecer en la parte superior del cliente El sistema le impide dejar el juego o incluso usar el sistema de teletransportador hasta que se agote el tiempo (incluso si el cliente se bloquea o pierde la conexión). Cuando atacas a un jugador inocente, el ícono se pondrá rojo, eso significará que ahora eres pk. Open PVP Cuando un PK muere en nuestro servidor de cualquier forma caerá un toda la Penya y TODAS las RedChips, Perin que tienen en el inventario o la Bolsa Extra, así que deben tener cuidado cuando vagan por ahí. PK Stage System Los jugadores solo pueden atacar a otros jugadores que estén en la misma Etapa: Etapa 1: Level 20 to 60 (Normal).. Etapa 2: Level 61 to 120 (Normal). Etapa 3: Level 61 to 120 (Master). Etapa 4: Level 121 to 129 (Hero). Etapa 5: Level 130+ (Legend) Skull System White Skull Un jugador inicio combate con otro jugador inocente. Si esta persona te ataco a ti puedes defenderte con total libertad sin recibir ninguna penalización ni skull esto aplica para todos los miembros de tu guild que estén activos al momento del ataque por lo cual se podrán defender entre sí sin ninguna limitación, asesinar a un White Skull está justificado en todos los casos pero recibirás Yellow Skull si el mismo no ha entrado en conflicto contigo o con algún miembro de tu guild. Duración de Skull: 1 min al atacar, 15 min al asesinar. Se le cae al morir: Toda la penya, perin + rc. Yellow Skull Si decides atacar a un jugador con White skull que no te ha hecho nada a ti recibirás esta skull, también atacar a un orange skull, red skull o black skull, esta calavera solo la vera la persona a la que ataques y esa persona podrá atacarte sin ninguna limitación, si te asesina la muerte será justificada. Duración de Skull: 1 min al atacar, 1 min al asesinar. Se le cae al morir: Toda la penya, perin + rc. Orange Skull( Venganza) Cuando un jugador te asesina le saldrá esta skull solo tú la podrás ver, dura máximo 7 días durante este tiempo podrás asesinarlo sin ninguna repercusión, sin embargo obtendrás Yellow Skull y bloqueo de zona segura si lo haces, al asesinarlo la skull desaparece si el individuo te asesina más de 1 vez la calavera durara hasta que logres vengar cada una de las muertes o pase el tiempo determinado de cada una, asesinar a un Orange Skull está justificado. Duración de Skull: 7 días o cuando han tomado venganza por cada una de las muertes. Se le cae al morir: Toda la penya, perin + rc. Red Skull Este cráneo se aplica a maestros asesinos de inocentes, puedes conseguir que este cráneo al matar a 3 o más en 24 horas, 5 o más en 7 días, 10 o más en 30 días. LogOutBlock + SafezoneBlock: 15 min al asesinar. Duración de Skull: 24h Se le cae al morir: 2 a 4 elementos aleatorios del inventario, 1 a 2 elementos del equip + All penya, perin + rc. Black Skull Este cráneo se aplica a la leyenda asesinos inocentes, puedes conseguir que este cráneo al matar a 6 o más en 24 horas, 10 o más en 7 días, 20 o más en 30 días. LogOutBlock + SafezoneBlock: 15 min al asesinar. Duración de Skull: 48h Se le cae al morir: 4 a 6 elementos aleatorios del inventario, 2 a 3 elementos del equip + All penya, perin + rc. Glow Changer Fly For Fun Coupon Exchange Flyff Piece (F) : Puedes obtener estas de todas las criaturas del juego y la zona de recolección. Flyff Piece (L) : Puedes obtener estas de todas las criaturas del juego. Flyff Piece (Y) : Puedes obtener estas de todas las criaturas del juego. Flyff Piece (O) : Puedes obtener estas de todas las criaturas del juego. Flyff Piece (R) : Puedes obtener estas de todas las criaturas del juego. Flyff Piece (U) : Puedes obtener estas en la zona de recolección. Flyff Piece (N) : Puedes obtener estas en la zona de recolección. Hide Fashion Icon Drop List New Elemental Glow For some Baruna Weapons Old/New Glow Scroll for Weapons OFF ON Reflect Scroll for Weapons and shields OFF ON Pet Filter Teleporter Solo puede usar este sistema si se encuentra en un área segura o cuando no tiene tiempo de Bloqueo de Logout. Timer Cool-down for dungeons and GS PartyFinder Model Changer Hotkey Changer Usted ve este sistema en la opción de menú.
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    Introducing: The Evolution Trials Dungeon Step into the depths of the Evolution Trials dungeon, where eight unique mini-bosses await with their own set of challenges and rewards. As you traverse through this perilous domain, engage in battles with these mini-bosses to seize the chance of obtaining class pet beads, available in durations of 3, 30, or 90 days. These beads can be affixed to your chosen pet, enhancing your abilities immensely. Additionally, keep an eye out for the chance to acquire miniature pet versions of the formidable bosses themselves. To attach a class bead to your pet, you'll need the rare Orb of Bonding, obtainable exclusively from the final boss. Once bonded, your pet will emit a distinct glow, signalling its connection to a class bead. Each mini-boss within the Evolution Trials dungeon boasts specific drop rates tailored to their class type. Whether you seek Templar Evolution beads or Arcanist Evolution beads, you'll find them from their respective bosses. Additionally, bosses also yield fragments, providing an alternative means for obtaining desired items in case of unfavourable RNG. Conquer the challenges of the dungeon and face the final boss for a chance to discover a special item. Its identity remains a mystery, waiting to be unveiled by daring adventurers like yourself. Outside of the dungeon awaits a vendor selling class beads in both 3-day and 30-day options, along with all boss pets. The vendor also provides a service to combine 10 identical 3-day beads into a single 30-day bead, ensuring the value of all bead drops and fostering a healthy, long-term market for beads of varying durations. For those interested in Monster Hunter challenges, each mini-boss encounter presents its own progression list, culminating in unique silver animated weapon skins and titles. These rewards are not locked to classes, allowing all to revel in their achievements. Furthermore, completing the monster hunter achievement for the final boss grants access to an exclusive new mount. Prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other in the Evolution Trials dungeon! New LP Store Pets Four new pets have been released on the LP store, offering exciting alternatives to the ever-popular Charmander. While the Charmander remains a reliable option with balanced stats suitable for all classes, these new companions serve as side-grades, excelling in specific gameplay styles. Whether you're seeking heightened ICD, PVE damage, Magic attack rates, or Attack rates, these new pets provide fresh strategies to enhance your character. Plus, we've also included them in the roulette tables for even more chances to acquire these fantastic companions for those who wish not to donate. Evo Pets Adjustments We've heard your feedback regarding the challenges of acquiring Evo pets due to their steep resource requirements. With the rollout of our latest pet-focused update, we've taken the opportunity to rebalance each Evo pet, offering significant improvements that even surpass their LP store counterparts. It's important to note that these revamped Evo pets are not available for purchase with LP, nor will they ever be. They represent the epitome of grind-to-win and free-to-play, serving as the best-in-slot pets for dedicated players. New Player Progression In response to feedback from our community regarding the need to enhance the new player experience, we've made some significant adjustments. Recognizing the sizable gap between not having PVE runes and obtaining them, we're addressing this issue head-on. The requirement for PVE damage has become paramount, yet the journey to acquire PVE runes and a +20 Baruna weapon can be daunting for newcomers. Therefore, to foster a more balanced and enjoyable progression path, we're introducing several key changes: Level 130 Reward: New players reaching level 130 will now receive a 1-day Torch to aid them on their journey. Ruby Farming in Savage Wilds: Prepare to delve into the Savage Wilds, where new rubies (PVE up to 20%) can be farmed. These rubies can be pierced into level 75, 80, or 95 Ultimate weapons, providing a significant boost to damage. Diamond Farming in Les Britannia S: Venture into Les Britannia S and unearth new diamonds (PVE up to 36%). These precious gems can be pierced into level 110 or 139 Ultimate weapons. We've heard your concerns about the formidable Beast Overlord Khan, and have adjusted his damage output to ensure that players of all classes can overcome this challenge with confidence. Additionally, to provide comprehensive support for both new and seasoned players alike, we'll be rolling out video guides covering all classes and main features in the coming months. We believe that these enhancements will not only streamline the new player experience but also contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of our community. We welcome all feedback in regards to new player progression and will be mindful more may need to be done over time. Other Gameplay Improvements Guild Clash Summoning Restriction: Friends can no longer be summoned during guild clashes. Enhanced Flying Follow Functionality: While flying, the follow function has been refined to prevent losing the target. Simply press 'Z' to smoothly follow a selected player. VIP Time as Pet Medicine: VIP time now serves as pet medicine, eliminating the need to feed pets. Why did we not do this years ago… Character Stats Window: Added Lucky-Box, PVE damage, PVP damage, PVE damage absorption, PVP damage absorption to the stat window. Bug Fixes Evo Rune Icon Issue: Resolved the issue where Evo Runes displayed incorrect icons when equipped in weapons. Blain Set and Jesis Set Stats: Fixed stats for the Blain Set and Jesis Set. Mask Model Change Error: Corrected the issue where both models were visible when changing from a regular mask to an animated mask. Teleportation Error: Addressed the occasional occurrence of players ending up in empty areas after teleporting outside of a dungeon. Invisible Players While Flying: Fixed the issue causing players to disappear while flying. Stuck in Empty Areas While Flying: Players will no longer become stuck in empty areas while flying. Thank you everyone!
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    Whenever i log out my account for an hour or two, my VIP 10days will be gone.
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    Leveling: please make the exp rate lesser(depends on your judgement), -just add on party system when you have party member beside you killing monster around the vicinity map the party exp shared when killing is increase by 10% proportion to the # of party member around the vicinity map. ex. if the party member is 10 (around the map killing mobs), party exp shared per kill is 100%, then if 10 members and the other 1 is not around the range of party shared exp per kill is 90% and so on, and it should appear like a party buff Note: Percentage I used is just an example to make it easy to understand, it depends on your judgement. Upgrade(Awakes, item plus, pet levels, Accessories and etc.): Make success rate hard just like the normal FlyFF. Just put upgrade scrolls on NPC with a fair price or can be loot on mobs so at-least player can make money for it. Loots/drops rates: Loots and drop should be like usual private server drop rates, with high rates just not to much, The servers drop rate is good. -put on party system just like the above, Drop rate proportionally increased with the party member around the vicinity map +10% (depends on your judgement). also should appear like a party buff. -add Rare stats on weaps/armour at-least put 1% and below of chance obtaining items with stats. -upgrade pet looting speed. Inventory: - expand inventory -sorting and deleting of item option. Auto - click on mobs: Auto - click(not literally click just highlight the mobs or something) to the nearest mobs that can be on or off . Not auto attack hahaha. I've been playing FlyFF(Private and not) since 2009 - 2013, and I miss those days that players are playing and killing mobs on a party together on field. I just lost interest playing the game because I fill like alone playing the game. that is sad and not enjoyable. Most problem of FlyFF private servers is players lost interest on playing because they feel alone playing. And this Idea maybe solve that problem The purpose why I want to lower rate on exp and success rate of upgrades but high on drop rate because its more like farm to win while leveling
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    We were just dancing until sheena appeared! *Thriller music blasting in the background*
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    Hey im new to the server. Played on multiple flyff servers and ended up here! Ign: Jello Nice to meet you all
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    Added to the Vote Shop: Prologic Premium (12 hours) x 45vp 12 Hours Dark Traseia Ticket x 33vp Copper Battery (1 day) x 15vp Pet tamer Box x 15vp Scroll of Acquisition (Low) x 25vp Bead Slot Key x 35vp In-game Changes and Fixes: Fixed an error that make you got stuck without moving when server close and you are collecting. Fixed v18 dungeons teleport area. Numbers of traseia invisible walls decreased. Decreased cool down of Merkaba Hanzelrusha skill for RM to 4 seconds. Increased damage and level Of red meteorniker to lvl 135 and hp to 300m. Increased all beads lv 1 duration to 1 day. Increased prices of all ultimate and baruna weapons and sets in the coupon shop. Increased behemon dung level requirement to 135. Increased time buff spirit fortune, Geburah Tiphreth and Berserk. Now you cant do /awake command on a item that is being in sell in a private shop. Now you can element upgrade baruna weapons. Fixed Assal that does not apply damage when jump Fixed error that make a stack of the int given by soul of rhisis Seraph buff. Removed Some Invisible messages from the chat log. Enabled Character Deletion. Fixed error that make the client don't save the private shop on close. Fixed error when doing aoe that make you lost your last target. Now You can attack Active Pk user that violate the safe area. Now Pk user cant leave any area thru any teleport or portal. Dark Illusion Cool down increased to 30 sec and now does not apply the buff time x2 of premium members. Increased hp of the mid boss in the secret room and damage of mid and final boss. Secret room time is now Sunday 9:13pm UTC-5 Added 1 day dark traseia to "Premium" shop in game. Added some missing npc and re-localized some of the custom npc. Premium Npc Fashion Npc Added a level 1 green in the starter pack for 7 days. New Character Creation Features: Now you can select the hair color. Now you can Select up to max face and hairs . Now you can rotate the character. Regards