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  1. Crucio on Mentalist( Dmg Reflect Scaling based on INT stat) Crucio Reflect Full INT Crucio Full STA To Summarized, the lower your int, the smaller the dmg of the reflect but mentalist has higher Hp The higher your int, the larger the dmg of the reflect, higher dmg output but lower Hp.
  2. Flower Fairie Set-(Head Optional) Traditional Chile Set (Shoes Optional) Traditional Native American Set( Head Optional ) Warlord Set Kung Fu Hair, Sum Bim Dress, Sul Bim Gloves, Sul Bim Shoes
  3. As A professional Fashion Expert O_o. I strive for Fashion Is Everything for me. First Impression would Say wow you look Strong(Even though im not). Someone said this on Tiktok (NO ONE WILL SAY WOW YOU LOOK UGLY YOURE STRONG).U realized that you're broke. You don't have that much money. Well not to worry. These are my Fashion Suggestions For Male and Female and Weapon Models All Fashions are Found in Flaris NPC's. Male Fashions Found in Fashion Male(Near the Flying Sign with Arrows) Darth Vader(Set), Shower Set Fashions Found in Coupon Shop(Silver Hearts): Warlord M(Set), Bushido Yukata Set 2010 (Set) Female Fashions Found in Coupon Shop (Silver Hearts): Flower Fairie Set, Forest Fairie Set, Traditional Chile Set, Traditional Native American Set, Warlord Set Kung Fu hair(Hat), Sul Bim Dress (Suit), Sul Bin Gloves, Sul Bim Shoes Found In Fashion Female NPC(Near The Flying Sign With Arrows) Nurse Set Dressed Up Hat, Red Dress Suit, Red Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Sinbad Veil, Green Dress Suit, Green Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Weapon Models Found in Coupon Shop (FLY Pieces) (Bow) Bow of Echoes Nemo's Fury Bloody Bow (1 Hand Sword) Vorpal Blade (2 hand Sword) Leviathan (Stick) Song of Sirens (Staff) Bloody Staff Conch Stave (Yoyo) Typhoon (Wand) Archduke Wand of Apparition