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  1. Thank you for the guide. This is very helpful!
  2. First of all, I just want you guys to know that the end game weapons are the baruna and evobaruna weapons which is upgraded until +20 and has available sockets for baruna and evobaruna runes. The scroll used to upgrade it is the Ultimate Blessing of Baruna (UBB). Kindly take note that this is different with the one being sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach. UBB drops from colosseum clockworks which is a mid-level dungeon that is not recommended to be ran by new players. With this, what you might want to do is start by upgrading an ultimate weapon and put pve diamonds on it. Highest stated ultimate weapons are the skeletons which can be obtain from General Razgul. I do not recommend going there and killing it but instead you can check out SM vendors or buy from other players since they do not cost much (5-10p is the usual prices of clean) First and foremost, do not forget to use prologic premium scroll when upgrading: This scroll dramatically increases the success chances in upgrading. In upgrading your ultimate weapon, you need the XProtect which is sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach and Shining Oricalkum which you can get from farming tickets. This is where you put your upgraded ultimate weapon for the pve% diamonds stats: If you do not get a pve% stat, you need to remove it via bobochan: Kindly take note that you can only remove the most recent diamond so it is a must that you always remove the diamond if it is not a pve% stat. Do this until you have full pve% diamonds on your ultimate weapon. Next will be where can you get those precious diamonds to put pve% stat in your ultimate. There are two easy ways. First is to go to Forsaken Tower B5 and kill some masquerpets until you find a level 120 weapon: Safe upgrade it to bobochan until +10: Go to [Jewel Manager] Peach and put it on create jewels. This will give you 30 pieces of diamonds. The other one is for you to loot some bloody weapons from this red meteonyker (Vulcano) and +10 it instead of the ones that drop from forsaken tower. Bloody weapons give 50 pieces diamonds instead of 30 when it is upgraded to +10. It is up to you if you want your ultimate weapon to serve as just for farming tickets or be your starting weapon in running some low and middle level dungeons. A farming ticket weapon will look like this: You might want to maximize your speed to 230% (the cap) and DCT to 100% (the cap, only applicable to assist and magician jobs) to farm faster. Or you can go for the higher damage stats which will serve as your starting weapon before you get to upgrade your baruna weapon: Hope this helps you guys who are starting in our server! Regards, KaningPusa
  3. Yeah it is really a command from VIP, it was just made available too even without. I'm not sure tho when
  4. This is very helpful guide. Thanks! I just want to also highlight that /awake command is now available too without using VIP scroll (premium prologic)
  5. Hi all active prologic players in forum. I want to help you all in our server. Please do reply here what topics you want me to create. Thanks!
  6. If you reached level 150, I am assuming you can kill ticket mobs so this guide will start with that assumption. If not, please refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos First, you might want to know that there is a command /awake: It allows you to awake just by clicking ok without having to buy scrolls but rather some penya as payment: You might also want to visit RC shop trader for the premiums that allow unlimited FP or MP (costs 40rc each) You will have this free ticket perin farming when you reach a certain level (automatically inserted in inventory, if none, kindly check mailbox). Since you are already level 150, I am sure it will be available to you. With the information above, you can go farming perins to buy your baruna gears (check other guides on what baruna gears are best for your job). You might want to buy one at a time from sm vendors (costs around 10-30p each part): Once you got one part, go use the command /awake to awake while you are grinding perins. You might want to also put it on an F slot for more convenience: The goal is to have a 3 line options with 2 identical max stats (you can refer to the guides for the max stats for your information): Do this until you have those 3-line options with 2 identical max stats on all your baruna gears (weapons, shield if any, and armors). I will be posting another guide on how to max your baruna gears and obtain all the remaining end gears. Hope this guide helps you! Regards, KaningPusa