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  1. I like this server because its not Donor based max in 1 minute and it is close to Official in some ways and the pvp system is great I Would like to see echoes of the weary Cool down be decreased 15 sec to long. Favorite class Is Arcanist Reason why I love eva storm sending lightning in a full 360 around me and the ability to sleep people. Have been pvping with the class since i was little was my first class also as the last job change. Class i hate the most well that is easy Psykeeper there the other magician of my favorite class duh enough reason to hate them or maybe cause i never played the class *shrugs*
  2. In Game: Lawyer
  3. Greetings everyone Many of you might have seen my nooby arc running around. I Sell Lp Cheap to those who cant buy them I love making friends or enemies if you see it fit This server so far has been a blast and i love playing on it and meeting so many people I hope we can make this server way more popular together Guild:Muffins In game User:Lawyer P.s i love eating muffins