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  1. We've tried running Sanpres once and guess what, it probably is more complicated than Cursed Animus. All mobs have root so you'll need to wipe the whole place up. If you skip mobs, guess what, they will teleport to you. Mobs from first floor and second floor can catch up to you while killing the Phalanx. I've tried tanking it with max upgraded knighert + defender set + grilled eel+ gingerbread. It was freaking tough because my HP potions cant catch up with their dmg once they stack up. The greatest challenge was the boss, Silverwing Duchess. It was the first time we've encountered about the server's aggro system. The boss changes attack unline Drakul in CA. Not to mention the 350 min cd. So, I'd like to suggest raising the level limit to 121 H. This way, tanks can use the Steamed Seafood. Decrease the rate of change attack. When we did the run, I had a YJ hitter. Every time he hits, after 3 seconds, the boss changes attack. Its likely to be ignored if it stays like that, thus decreasing the PvE moments in the game. The server is already considerable as PK server which drives away new players by having OP PKers made by high leveled players. Not to mention the lack of notice about the death system having perins, RC, and penya dropping every time you die. Just some thoughts. If we'd like to increase our patrons, all the things FLYFF can offer should be available. Players sometimes get bored on leveling and finds some dungeons they could run with a couple of friends so having all the dungeons possible would be great. Lastly, off-topic, at this moment, if possible, remove all player's guild except guild leaders. This may seem really ambitious but I think it is necessary. Then, decrease the guild capacity. You dont have to agree with this but having all active players in one guild removes the possibility of guild sieges. I've mentioned about our PK system and death system. Could we enable PK only on Legend Tier and could we disable the drop-on-death system until Hero Tier? If not, please put up enough warnings about the drop on death system and/or put up a red text notice on what you just dropped so that players will notice and retrieve them immediately. ~Regards, Sin
  2. @Apollos fix please if you coul include it in the next patch do it
  3. Did you know that Wind B gives 4.5 not 4% speed? I went nuts trying to figure the math because i placed some A and B in my shield and when i was removing the Bs it happened. Not all players pierces A cards full on their first weeks
  4. The remove pierced card option isnt working right. It doesnt show the pierced card so players are left guessing which card is going to be removed next
  5. Sir quantum. Please Include their CD thank you
  6. I've been playing as psykeeper now and I've noticed something. All other classes have modified buffs like stronger buff for merc, knight, ele for its 10% block, YJ buffs, but his only buff, which is reflect dmg is too plain. Also its gameplay is kind of too stagnant. We cant do so much with him for example, elems can do luring while still maintaining his strong dmg, he also can hit and run, and 1v1. I suggest that we buff psykeepers a little bit for example increase his buff on reflect dmg (not the reflect itself cuz i think its fine but maybe some block or attack?) and lower the cd of psychic square so that psykeepers will have the choice to hit and run. Having a class left out might make an imbalanced economy on weapon hunts or PVE and I think having a mentalist in every guild is a necessity for late game. Just a thought anyway Its up to you to decide Apollyon
  7. Hey Apollos, I've been seeing our GMs doing buff events and it made me think of something. Could you make a modified buff pang that GMs can spawn? A buff pang with 1 hour Assist-Ringmaster buffs. Up to you if you will add the seraph ones And if possible, maybe give it a lifetime of about 10-30 mins? Next, guild buffs would be nice and maybe give the traseia- dark tras QI? Reminder: Please fix some of the dungeon's cd being 350min. Would really appreciate it if we could farm lower leveled dungeons like euphresia or britania . Thats all <3
  8. Yo. Renz here and maybe a bit late but yeah. Been a member of the forum before it was cool :D. New members are free to ask questions, just pm me in-game. IGN: Darkkon, Tank, Ainz Guild: Obviously, Muffins
  9. @Apollos also fix the dungeon cd on britania. 345 mins is too much :3
  10. Most players speak Spanish but its easy to cope up. hope to see ya in game
  11. A qué asistente de instalación te refieres?
  12. intentional or what but isle of dreams dungeon cd is 350mins.
  13. I've noticed something about the pet filter. Even if blue weapons and green weapon box are checked after pet configuration, the filter system lets some items through. for example, items with additional stats but non-boss weapons like guardians. these are rare items like flaming bow, staff of velparpone, cutter axe, etc. any weapon with additional stat like sta+3, ICD+20%, hp+300 are picked up by pets and it messes up the small inventory. pls check and fix
  14. Longer Assist to RM buff skill duration.