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    • Starting on Prologic Flyff Hi guys. I’m making this guide for newbies who are playing on Prologic FlyFF, or even just FlyFF in general, for the first time. Assumption here is you are extremely new to the game or up have a few knowledge on FlyFF in general. This will also be useful especially for those players who do not know anyone in the game and have no clue how to start or have no friends yet that will help you with some gears/resources. Ofcourse, the community is quite friendly and I’m sure you will make friends sooner than you think 😊

      Before we start, please do read some guides here on the forum. There are quite a lot of useful guides here that are very detailed and can easily be followed. I suggest looking into these guides below if you are extremely new:

      Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend!
      Leveling guide
      What to do after I reach level 150?
      However, if you would like a guide with more personal view, here is the guide for you So let’s start. You have to start with making your Farmer. You can always jump into your favorite class, but I recommend starting with your farmer first just so you can transition easily into the game. For now, the goal is to level up to 150 so you can start farming for resources like Perins and Red Chips for early money. Personally, you do not need end gears at the moment because it can be quite overwhelming if you focus on upgrading them and maxing them.   Once you made your first character, open your inventory and double click on your Prologic Starter Pack You will get a couple of items like prems, some food for HP and your starter Set. Make sure to use all of them for faster progress into leveling to 150. You can delete the blinkwings and the Set that is not for your gender to free up some space. You can also delete the equipments you don’t need. You will also get a free looter pet (7 days). It’s speed will be slow but you can speed it up via the two options below:

      Vote Buff Vote for our server daily. Gray means it is inactive while Blue means it is active. There are certain levels to Vote buff with increasing benefits such as increased PVE Damage, Increased Penya and Exp Rate, Pet Speed etc. You will not get pet speed benefit until your vote buff is at Level 8 (voted 8 times). This buff will be activated when you vote on GTOP100 via our Website   Prologic Premium Scroll There are a couple of benefits to using this scroll. You can get one as a reward when you reach a certain level. You will get some more as you do your rebirths. You can purchase from Players via the markets in Saint Morning. When you are fully geared, you can hunt these in Contaminated dungeon. For now it better to use the free scrolls you get and farm perins so you can buy them from players. It costs cheap so don’t worry about farming too long to be able to buy them. Once equipped, you can type in /buff to get the max level buffs up to Seraph Buffs and Force Master Buffs (excluding Geburah Tipreth). You will also have a faster looter pet speed   We are now ready to level up. Your leveling route should look like this Level 1 to 15: Flaris Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1 Level 60 to 121H: Forsaken Tower Level 121H to 150L: Dark Traseia   Level 1 to 15: Flaris Lets start by getting to level 1 to 15 Make sure you join a party with Red Scroll and Skills for more drops and higher damage. Press hotkey U and select Party Finder Select the party that you want to join, preferrable the ones with the icons below present so you get the party Skill benefits   Kill some mobs until you get to level 15. Once done, a window should ask you to select your first class. Now the reason I made this guide is to add a personal view on progressing. That is why I am suggesting that you select assist for now as this is the easiest class to level up to 150. We’ll get to the 2nd and 3rd jobs later. For now select Assist.   Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning   Put all your stats to STR as you will mainly be auto attacking mobs until you get your AOE Skill. Don’t worry about stats as they will reset when you change classes. Put all to STR until level 60. Now that you have changed your Job, its time to level to 45. Head over to saint morning by pressing Hotkey V and select Saint Morning and then click Go.       Kill some more mobs until you reach level 45. It shouldn’t take Long.   Once level 45, we are now ready to head over to Darkon1   Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1   Kill some more mobs until you reach level 60. Once you are level 60, another window will prompt you to select your second class.     Select Ring Master. You primary AOE Skill will be the Merkaba skill. This scales highly with your INT Stats so put all your stats into INT for greater damage. You will not get this skill until level 80 so just level up by auto attacking mobs.   You will get a couple gears. You will get a set and a couple of bless posters. These bless posters are for you to be able to use Ring Master/Seraph Skills.        Level 60 to121H: Forsaken Tower Before heading here, make sure to also buy from an NPC a stick. Any stick is fine even the cheapest one is fine for now. You will also receive scroll of amplifications. Equip all of them (you can stack 5 of them at the same time) to boost your exp gain. Go to flaris and head to the NPC Below. Enter the first Option B1 so you can start leveling up.   Make sure you are also equipping your looter pet here. Press Hotkey U and press pet filter. I suggest to uncheck the following below so your pet will pick them up. Loot all the weapons and sell them in NPC for money so you can buy tickets for farm sites easily.     Start killing mobs. If you feel like the exp rate is slow, you can move on to the next level by going back to flaris and going back to the Forsaken Tower NPC and selecting the net option. There is an information on the monster levels in each floors so you can use them as reference. You will level up here until you are level 121. Level up your skills up until the requirement of the next skill. Don’t worry about maxing them out for now as you will be able to max all of them once you do your rebirths.   By level 80, you should already have your Merkaba skill. Equip a stick and put the Merkaba Skill in your action slot and just use it as you level up.   By Level 105, you should receive a Legendary Golden Stick and a free Level 105 Set. Equip all them. This will be enough as you get to level 150.   By level 121 a window will prompt that will ask you to be a Master. Click Go! And this will revert your level to Level 60 but you will be Level 60 Master. Repeat above steps until you reach level 121H again.   Once you are level 121H you are ready to head to Dark Traseia   Level 121H to150L: Dark Traseia   To get to Dark Traseia, Head over to Flaris and find Premium (IS) buy a Dark Traseia ticket and double click it.   GO through the mobs and level up to level 139. Once you reach level 139, you need to head to the North East of the map. There is a portal there that will take you to the Final Leveling Mobs. Head over there and kill mobs until you are Level 150 L When you get to level 130, a window will prompt to ask you to do a final job change to Seraph, click go and this will be you final Job Change. *Will insert screenshot here*

        Congratulations! You are now at the Max Level! You are ready to start farming in the Perin Farm Site.   The reason I suggested to go with Seraph Class is because of the high scaling of Merkaba skill to INT Stats. Start by farming here until you get enough perins to start buying your Baruna Gears for your seraph or for your favorite class. For now, this will be your main source of income as you build your PVE Farmer for dungeons. While farming in the perin site, you can start getting awakes for your equipments.

      Check out this guide below if you want to know more about Awaking System and getting your Awakes.   Act's Awakening Guide  
    •   Prologic Roulette Rewards List   The roulette system contains hundreds of prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points. As we continue to develop the server, we will add and/or remove prizes to the wheel to ensure it is as enjoyable as possible. The below list will be updated each time the wheel changes, so players know exactly what they are able to win at any given time.       Name Amount Rarity 15 Days Scroll of Party Skill 1 Common 25 LP Flask / Potion 20 Common Bead Slot Key 1 Common Blessing of Goddess 50 Common Christmas Cake 20 Common Concoction of Profuse Bleeding 10 Common Item Transy (A) 10 Common Item Transy (B) 10 Common Molten Potion - 1 Hour 1 Common Power Scroll 25 Common Pride of Victory 10 Common Prologic Off-line Selling 3 day 1 Common Revert Transmutation Scroll 5 Common Scroll of Acquisition 5 Common Scroll of Change Pet Name 1 Common Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 50 Common Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 75 Common Scroll of Unbinding 1 Common Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 200 Common Blessing of Goddess 125 Uncommon Chance of the Pet Tamer 5 Uncommon Molten Potion - 3 Hour 1 Uncommon Prologic Off-line Selling 7 day 1 Uncommon Scroll of Amplification R 5 Uncommon Scroll of Holy 50 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 70 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 125 Uncommon Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 200 Uncommon Scroll of Reflect 1 Uncommon Scroll of Unbinding 3 Uncommon Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 500 Uncommon Awake Transfer Material 2 Rare Blessing of Goddess 250 Rare Extra Spins 4 Rare Logic Points 150 Rare Molten Potion - 3 Hour 3 Rare Prologic Rebirth Soul Boost 100% 1 Rare Random 200 LP Fashion 1 Rare Random 200 LP Flying Mount 1 Rare Random 200 LP Name Colour 1 Rare Random 200 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Rare Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 250 Rare Scroll of Reflect 2 Rare Scroll of Reflect 3 Rare Silver Battery 1 Rare Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 1000 Rare VIP Scroll 10 Days 1 Rare Animated Weapon Skin 1 Epic Aura Orb 1 Epic Brutal Set 1 Epic Charmander 1 Epic Cloak of Honor 1 Epic Extra Spins 7 Epic Extra Spins 5 Epic Gold Battery 1 Epic King's Almighty Dragon Mask 1 Epic Logic Points 300 Epic Logic Points 450 Epic Magic Mask Dragon Almighty 1 Epic PVE Brutal Set 1 Epic Random 12% Cards 1 Epic Random 225 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 250 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Fashion 1 Epic Random 300 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 350-300 LP Weapon Skin 1 Epic Random 375 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 400 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 400 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 450 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 500 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 525 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random X Cards 1 Epic VIP Scroll 30 Days 1 Epic  
    • Thank you for the guide. This is very helpful!
    • Hey guys. This is a guide to help you make your perfect pet. A perfect pet means that the level is 1/3/5/7/9. Having a perfect pet will greatly boost your damage/HP depending on the pet that you have equipped. For Raised Pet effects, you may refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos. First of all, go to the Pet Filter by pressing Hotkey U and uncheck Egg and Quest Item. This will allow your pet to loot eggs and quest items. Your Quest Items can be converted to Pet Feed via the Pet Tamer. Click on Feedbag and place your Quest Item and press Okay. You will see your Feed bags in your inventory.   Next is hatching the egg. There are multiple ways to hatch eggs. First is via the Pet Feed you just converted. You need 4 to 5 stacks of 9999 Pet Feed to completely hatch it. The other way is via the Egg hatcher which can be bought for 10 LP or farmed in the collecting area.  Hatching eggs via pet feed is the best and cost-friendly way as Quest Items are not hard to farm.   Equip the egg that you want to hatch and double click on either the Pet Feed or the Egg Hatcher to get the EXP to 99.99%. Once EXP is maxed, talk to the Pet Tamer and Click okay on the quest. This will hatch your egg to a random Pet. Repeat the steps until you hatch your preferred pet. Now for the exciting part, leveling up your pets. As I mentioned, a perfect pet has a level of 1/3/5/7/9. Make sure your Premium scroll (VIP) is activated as this makes pets earn more EXP. Also purchase Medicine (B) from Pet Tamer to ensure that your pet does not die even if you leave it on. If you equip the Pet Medicine B while your VIP scroll is activated, it will run for 20 minutes. You can stack a couple of them so make sure to equip a lot because you will need to leave your pet on for a couple of hours especially during the final stages. To start leveling up your pet, equip your pet and leave it on for some time. Pet EXP is gained through time. So by leaving it on, your pet will earn EXP until it is ready to rank up. Each pet starts at Lvl 1 Rank D. Once your Pet EXP is maxed, a small window will pop out which says, Bring your Pet to the Pet Tamer. Click Okay and talk to the pet Tamer to rank your pet up. Once ranked up, your pet is now Class C. the level will either be Lvl 1/1 to 1/3, 3 being the max level. If your pet level is not Lvl 1/3, don’t worry yet as this can still change. Leave your pet on again for a couple of hours until EXP is maxed and ready to rank up to Class B. Repeat the steps above to finally rank up your pet.   Once Your pet is Rank B, the Level will be between 1 to 5. You now have a chance to correct your pet levels. You will need Red Chips( can be farmed by going AFK, collecting area, or Red Chips Ticket). Go to the Red Chip merchant and buy Chance of the Pet Tamer for 50 Red Chips each.     To use this, equip your pet and double click on the Chance of the Pet Tamer a  window will pop out, press start to begin rolling for the levels. Repeat this step until you max out the level on the left. Once the left is maxed out (Lvl 3), you can now leave your pet on to get it ready to rank up to Class A.     Once your pet is Class A. Repeat the Chance of the Pet Tamer step to max out the level on the left window (Lvl 5). Once maxed, do the same process to rank your pet up to Class S. You’re almost done! Now that your pet is Class S (Max level for pets), your pet Level should already look like 1/3/5/x/x (x means any level). Now repeat the Chance of the Pet tamer step once more to max out the Lv. A side to Lvl 7. Once this is done, your pet level will look like 1/3/5/7/x. For the last section, you need to max out the final level of your pet (Lvl 9). For this, go back to the Red Chip merchant and buy Blessing of the Pet Tamer for 80 RC.     You will need a couple of these because this is the hardest part in making a perfect pet. Equip your Class S Pet with 1/3/5/7/x level and double click the Blessing of the Pet Tamer. This will revert your Pet’s current Class to Class A with max EXP. Go back to the Pet Tamer and accept his quest, since your pet is already a Class A with max EXP, you will be able to immediately rank your pet up to Class S again. If you rank up but the final level is still not Lvl 9, repeat the Blessing of the Pet Tamer step until you get that sweet Lvl 9. Once complete, your Pet should be a Class S with Lvl 1/3/5/7/9. Congratulations! You now have a perfect pet. You can sell this for 500 to 600 Perins (or more, depending on the market. Law of demand and supply ) or Awake it and use it personally 😊.   Now that you have the knowledge to perfecting raised pets, you can now offer your pet tamer services to other players and earn your perins so you can buy your items. Be sure to check the other guides made by other players. They will surely help your FLYFF Journey! Hope this guide helps! 
    • Crucio on Mentalist( Dmg Reflect Scaling based on INT stat) Crucio Reflect Full INT     Crucio Full STA To Summarized, the lower your int, the smaller the dmg of the reflect but mentalist has higher Hp
      The higher your int, the larger the dmg of the reflect, higher dmg output but lower Hp.    
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