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  4. This update includes the following changes: Automatic Buff System Fix We’ve resolved an issue with the automatic buff system that was inadvertently activating skills it shouldn’t have, such as the “Counter” skill. Now, players can enjoy a smoother experience without unexpected skill activations. Elemental Damage Balancing Magic classes were experiencing discrepancies in base elemental damage when using weapons with elemental properties. We’ve fine-tuned the calculations to ensure more accurate and balanced damage output during PvE encounters. Frailblade Razorthon Mines Visibility Fix Previously, Frailblade Razorthon mines would go invisible, leading to unfortunate accidents for players. Fear not! We’ve fixed this issue, making sure the mines are now visible, allowing players to avoid stepping on them. Boss Attack Timer Extension To give players a better chance at dodging boss attacks, we’ve increased the timer for boss attacks. Now you’ll have a bit more time to react and strategize during intense encounters. Buff Items Preservation The beloved buff items, “Lord’s Love” and “Lord’s Blessing,” were mysteriously disappearing upon death. We’ve rectified this situation, ensuring that these buffs remain intact even after unfortunate mishaps. Enjoy!
  5. Bounty Hunter System - Profession Approximately every hour, the system will alert you, the farmer, that you are at risk of being hunted. A orange skull will appear on your name, indicating that you have 10 minutes to vacate the farming area to avoid being hunted. If you are hunted, a black skull will appear on your character, and a bot hunter will be dispatched. If the bot hunter successfully defeats you, they will claim some of your valuable currencies such as Ec, Perin, and Red Chip, even if these items are in the extra bags! Bot Hunter Expansion To combat bot usage on our server, we’ve introduced the Bot Hunter expansion. This includes a random in-game robot check and new, limited commands for Bot hunters to prevent abuse. When the robot check is activated, a chat message window will pop up. You’ll need to read the question and provide the correct answer to pass the check. You’ll have four attempts and a limited amount of time to do so. If you fail the check, you’ll drop some of your valuable currencies like Ec, Perin, and Red Chip, even if these items are in the extra bags! Additionally, you’ll receive a Farm block for one day for the first failed check. The duration of the Farm block will increase with each subsequent failed check. This system helps us ensure fair gameplay for our community. We appreciate all feedback to continue improving our server, so please feel free to leave a comment if you have suggestions for improvement. Enjoy your stay and thanks for playing!
  6. table { border: 1px solid #c4c7c5; border-radius: 4px; font-size: 16px; } th { padding: 18px 16px; text-align: left; } td { padding: 16px; border-top: 1px solid #c4c7c5; } button.js-code-copy { display: none; } .katex-mathml{ display: block; text-align: center; } .katex-html { display: none; } This update includes the following changes: Textual Adjustments: Rectified minor textual discrepancies. Arena Score System: Resolved a world crash error linked to the arena score system. Mentalist and Arcanist Fix: Addressed an issue where PvE damage would occasionally decrease while using magic defense debuff to creatures. PvE Balance Feedback: We’ve taken into account your feedback on the current state of PvE balance. As we strive to enhance this area, we’re leaving room for further improvements. Please continue to share your observations on how the subsequent changes impact the game and suggest ways for further enhancement. To assist us in the PvE balance task, we’ve introduced a new balance command for real-time adjustments and added two new internal PvE modifiers to balance classes for both low and high-level bosses. A special thanks to @Lucas and @Murim for their valuable data during testing. PvE Balance Changes: Crackshooter and Force Master: Enhanced PvE damage by 30% against creatures of level 151 or higher. Mentalist: Boosted Damage by 30%. Seraph: Amplified Damage by 100%. New Premium Buff Feature: Buff Skill Positioning: You now have the flexibility to position your buff skills anywhere on the action bar. Buff Activation: Activate your buffs effortlessly using the buff command. Automatic Skill Activation: Our system will automatically scan every slot and activate any usable buff skills. Teleporter Revamp: Improved Location Names: Enhanced location names for better readability. Automatic Drop Display: Potential drops will now be displayed automatically upon clicking a location. Dungeon Entry Count: You can now view the number of remaining dungeon entries. Location Shortcuts: Create shortcuts for all locations and place them in the taskbar for easy access. We hope you enjoy these improvements. For more information, please visit our website or join our Discord. More Updates Soon. Have Fun!
  7. Introducing: The Evolution Trials Dungeon Step into the depths of the Evolution Trials dungeon, where eight unique mini-bosses await with their own set of challenges and rewards. As you traverse through this perilous domain, engage in battles with these mini-bosses to seize the chance of obtaining class pet beads, available in durations of 3, 30, or 90 days. These beads can be affixed to your chosen pet, enhancing your abilities immensely. Additionally, keep an eye out for the chance to acquire miniature pet versions of the formidable bosses themselves. To attach a class bead to your pet, you'll need the rare Orb of Bonding, obtainable exclusively from the final boss. Once bonded, your pet will emit a distinct glow, signalling its connection to a class bead. Each mini-boss within the Evolution Trials dungeon boasts specific drop rates tailored to their class type. Whether you seek Templar Evolution beads or Arcanist Evolution beads, you'll find them from their respective bosses. Additionally, bosses also yield fragments, providing an alternative means for obtaining desired items in case of unfavourable RNG. Conquer the challenges of the dungeon and face the final boss for a chance to discover a special item. Its identity remains a mystery, waiting to be unveiled by daring adventurers like yourself. Outside of the dungeon awaits a vendor selling class beads in both 3-day and 30-day options, along with all boss pets. The vendor also provides a service to combine 10 identical 3-day beads into a single 30-day bead, ensuring the value of all bead drops and fostering a healthy, long-term market for beads of varying durations. For those interested in Monster Hunter challenges, each mini-boss encounter presents its own progression list, culminating in unique silver animated weapon skins and titles. These rewards are not locked to classes, allowing all to revel in their achievements. Furthermore, completing the monster hunter achievement for the final boss grants access to an exclusive new mount. Prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other in the Evolution Trials dungeon! New LP Store Pets Four new pets have been released on the LP store, offering exciting alternatives to the ever-popular Charmander. While the Charmander remains a reliable option with balanced stats suitable for all classes, these new companions serve as side-grades, excelling in specific gameplay styles. Whether you're seeking heightened ICD, PVE damage, Magic attack rates, or Attack rates, these new pets provide fresh strategies to enhance your character. Plus, we've also included them in the roulette tables for even more chances to acquire these fantastic companions for those who wish not to donate. Evo Pets Adjustments We've heard your feedback regarding the challenges of acquiring Evo pets due to their steep resource requirements. With the rollout of our latest pet-focused update, we've taken the opportunity to rebalance each Evo pet, offering significant improvements that even surpass their LP store counterparts. It's important to note that these revamped Evo pets are not available for purchase with LP, nor will they ever be. They represent the epitome of grind-to-win and free-to-play, serving as the best-in-slot pets for dedicated players. New Player Progression In response to feedback from our community regarding the need to enhance the new player experience, we've made some significant adjustments. Recognizing the sizable gap between not having PVE runes and obtaining them, we're addressing this issue head-on. The requirement for PVE damage has become paramount, yet the journey to acquire PVE runes and a +20 Baruna weapon can be daunting for newcomers. Therefore, to foster a more balanced and enjoyable progression path, we're introducing several key changes: Level 130 Reward: New players reaching level 130 will now receive a 1-day Torch to aid them on their journey. Ruby Farming in Savage Wilds: Prepare to delve into the Savage Wilds, where new rubies (PVE up to 20%) can be farmed. These rubies can be pierced into level 75, 80, or 95 Ultimate weapons, providing a significant boost to damage. Diamond Farming in Les Britannia S: Venture into Les Britannia S and unearth new diamonds (PVE up to 36%). These precious gems can be pierced into level 110 or 139 Ultimate weapons. We've heard your concerns about the formidable Beast Overlord Khan, and have adjusted his damage output to ensure that players of all classes can overcome this challenge with confidence. Additionally, to provide comprehensive support for both new and seasoned players alike, we'll be rolling out video guides covering all classes and main features in the coming months. We believe that these enhancements will not only streamline the new player experience but also contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of our community. We welcome all feedback in regards to new player progression and will be mindful more may need to be done over time. Other Gameplay Improvements Guild Clash Summoning Restriction: Friends can no longer be summoned during guild clashes. Enhanced Flying Follow Functionality: While flying, the follow function has been refined to prevent losing the target. Simply press 'Z' to smoothly follow a selected player. VIP Time as Pet Medicine: VIP time now serves as pet medicine, eliminating the need to feed pets. Why did we not do this years ago… Character Stats Window: Added Lucky-Box, PVE damage, PVP damage, PVE damage absorption, PVP damage absorption to the stat window. Bug Fixes Evo Rune Icon Issue: Resolved the issue where Evo Runes displayed incorrect icons when equipped in weapons. Blain Set and Jesis Set Stats: Fixed stats for the Blain Set and Jesis Set. Mask Model Change Error: Corrected the issue where both models were visible when changing from a regular mask to an animated mask. Teleportation Error: Addressed the occasional occurrence of players ending up in empty areas after teleporting outside of a dungeon. Invisible Players While Flying: Fixed the issue causing players to disappear while flying. Stuck in Empty Areas While Flying: Players will no longer become stuck in empty areas while flying. Thank you everyone!
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  9. Prologic Flyff Update Corrected the stat of the Ultimate Bloody Sword 2h to PvP damage. Recalculated the formula of runes to ensure that the set of evo runes have more stats. Fixed an error that caused coupon exchange items to become soul linked on exchange. Fixed an error that prevented players from using action slot in duels. Fixed an error where the party buff skills would visually disappear when relogging. Fixed Snow Flake now is Item Quest Instead of food. Removed 2% drop card in Animus Dungeons. Enabled an automatic event on Wednesdays (Random Frenzy/GB). Improved the Pet Filter System by: * Removing the Ok button to improve usability. * Making the changes take effect instantly. * Adding new pet filter options. * Fixing a database error that was preventing the correct initialization of the pet filter in newly created characters. We are working on some exciting changes to Prologic Flyff. Our team is working hard to bring you the best gaming experience possible. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon! Enjoy!
  10. Prologic 2023 Recap and a Glimpse into 2024: A Year of Evolution and Excitement Reflecting on 2023, Prologic witnessed unprecedented transformations, setting a new pace for updates. The Evo 2.0 update, expanding into the Mars Dungeon, introduced challenging content and unique bonuses to gear sets, providing players with fresh strategic avenues. The Lucky Drop System added an element of surprise to rewards, complementing PVE rebalances that enhanced fairness and engagement. This is just a glimpse of the innovations we introduced. Beyond gameplay enhancements, Prologic prioritised player experience by fortifying bot protection and incorporating Asia routes for smoother connections. As we embark on 2024, anticipate a continued evolution and unwavering commitment to dynamic gameplay, responsive updates, and community engagement. Taking this opportunity, we're excited to offer you a sneak peek into what we are currently working on: Pets Pets Pets! Pet Fusion Evolution: The pet system is undergoing a transformation with Pet Fusion Evolution. Have you ever wanted to blend the strengths of your pets without compromising their unique appearances? This planned revamp will allow you to merge pets, combining their bonuses while preserving the distinctive charm of your primary pet. It's a fusion of function and aesthetics. What do you think about this innovative approach to pets? Class-Pet-Specific Dungeon Dive: We're crafting a brand-new dungeon experience, specifically tailored for each class. Imagine encountering pets with unique boss models and stats designed to complement your character's strengths. This goes beyond visuals; these pets bring specific advantages to your gameplay and are obtainable from only this dungeon. Following the success of the Evo Mars Dungeon, be prepared for additional mechanics introduced to bosses within this new dungeon. You will soon be able to explore the revamped dungeon and unlock rare pets and bonding materials through the Lucky Drop system. Running low on materials for your pet bonding adventures? We will also be making these materials available in the store, and here's the exciting part – they're also part of the roulette, meaning you can score them with your free daily spins. We'd love to hear your feedback on this approach to obtaining materials as it allows us to balance F2P with server costs. Alternative Store Pets to Charmander: While Charmander has been a steadfast companion, we recognize the desire for diversity. We're introducing alternative pets to the store, offering a different flavour without overshadowing Charmander. These pets are side grades, providing alternative perks for those seeking a fresh companion. On a personal note, these will not be Pokémon related… Pet Rebalance for Enhanced Value: In our ongoing commitment to player satisfaction, a select few non-store pets, which have proven to be underwhelming for their costs, will undergo rebalancing. These adjustments aim to ensure that the time investment required to acquire these pets in-game aligns with their overall effectiveness. We're dedicated to enhancing the value of your in-game experience, and these pet rebalances are a step towards achieving that goal. Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions hold tremendous value in shaping the future of Prologic. While we have additional large-scale updates in the pipeline, we're holding off on the details for now. Stay tuned for upcoming news on the ongoing development of the pets rework. Your continued engagement is vital to our shared journey in enhancing Prologic. Thank you everyone!
  11. This update includes the following changes: Updated the host server to improve stability. Fixed a world crash error that caused the server to go offline unexpectedly. Fixed a bug that prevented players from attacking after resurrecting in certain situations. Improved the Seraph Souls of Rhisis Formula, which now grants a shield based on the player’s intelligence. The shield can reach up to 1m with a max int build. Disabled the option to remove the color change name scroll from the Item Duration window. This is to avoid losing the scroll accidentally. Please patch your client in order for the changes to take effect We hope you enjoy these improvements and continue to have fun with Prologic Flyff. For more information, please visit our website or join our Discord. Thank you for playing Prologic Flyff!
  12. Christmas Update Bug Fixes: Resolved a world server crash issue related to the Halloween event. Fixed cards that were not stacking properly after being recovered from an item. Corrected an error where Baby Kargo Event Coins did not stack with other event coins. Addressed a pet issue where they occasionally failed to pick up items in corners, such as in the Dekane Mine or farm areas. Reduced lag in the world server to enhance overall stability. Rectified an error caused by the Antidote Potion, which previously removed the Dark Illusion skill. Removed PK (Player Killing) from dungeons to prevent errors during gameplay. New Additions: Piyoko has been added to the event shop! Collect event Coins and exchange them for this adorable companion. Introducing the Traditional Philippines Set in the event shop. Dress your character in these culturally inspired outfits. A comprehensive Title Wiki has been added, allowing players to track all available titles in the game. Visit Losha NPC to access the new Title Tab. Here, you can purchase consumables that grant various titles. The Christmas Event has begun! Exchange Snow Fairy's (Collect in the Floor of Madrigal) and Snow Flakes (Collect from creatures of your level) for exciting rewards and spread the holiday cheer! Enjoy and happy gaming! 🎮🌟
  13. Hi everyone! Just pretty new in the server. Playing this to take off some stress from work. Hope to meet more people here. See you around! Main: OniKaiser Forcemaster: Mabalasik Mentalist: LordKaiser
  14. As the title says, i cannot vote in both gtop and extremetop. please see attached file for proof
  15. Alright that's what I'm talking about!!! Much needed upgrade, it was painful upgrading anything really. I'm still sad about not being able to drag and drop items out of the inventory though. I get why, but a soft lock and auto-sell would be nice, especially for newer and veteran players. That trashcan ain't doing it anymore lol... Also excited about the new dungeon going to bring a lot more group play to the server, however I'm wondering if the card move was the right move. Many people either sell them to new players or class swap and have more server replayability. Since there aren't really any concrete guides on the forum, discord, or youtube to help with dungeon runs it puts a HUGE advantage for those that have been playing for multiple years. Job well done! Thank you for this much needed add on.
  16. Trailer Introducing the Mars Dungeon and Evo 2.0 Class Sets! We are thrilled to announce a major update that brings exciting new challenges and enhancements to the world of Prologic! Brace yourselves for a test of skill with the introduction of the Mars Dungeon, the pinnacle of our evo set expansion. Evo Mars Dungeon The Mars Dungeon is not for the faint of heart. It represents the final stage of our evo set expansion and features the most challenging content we've ever created. Prepare to face off against formidable bosses that employ advanced boss mechanics, including area of effect stuns, devastating damage bursts, and high HP pools. This dungeon demands coordination and strategy for both solo and team runs. Epic Rewards for the Bold With increased difficulty comes greater rewards. The new gear sets you can obtain in the Mars Dungeon are not only enhanced versions of existing sets but also introduce unique bonuses. For DPS sets, you'll enjoy a remarkable 20% boost to both speed and speed cap, pushing your capabilities beyond the limits! We're introducing these sets to redefine what's possible for future content releases. Templar and Seraph Sets: Specialised Power The Templar sets receive a significant 25% increase in the healing power of Remantis Laccotte. This enhancement transforms Templars into even more effective tanks, ensuring your team's survival through sheer resilience in the most challenging encounters. We've also overhauled the Seraph set, providing substantial bonuses to healing abilities. With these changes, Seraphs now shine as dedicated healers in both PVP and PVE arenas, delivering critical support when it is most needed. Revitalising Card Value To foster a dynamic in-game economy and bring cards back into the spotlight, we've introduced a unique feature. When you socket cards into the chests of these new sets, they become permanently attached. Removing cards will result in their destruction. This decision has been made with a long-term vision to reinvigorate the value of cards in the Prologic community. Seraph Class Rebalance Seraphs have undergone a healing rebalance, significantly increasing their base healing capabilities. This change solidifies their role as a genuine utility class, enabling them to actively heal and support the group in challenging dungeons, as well as be effective tanks. Enhanced Features for a Better Experience But that's not all! We've also added two highly requested features to improve your gameplay experience: 1. Accurate DPS Tracker: Say goodbye to guesswork! We've introduced an accurate DPS tracker for your party that is not only easier to use but also provides an accurate reflection of the damage each character is producing. Now, you can fine-tune your strategies and optimise your group's performance like never before. 2. Dungeon Boss Tracker: No more missed minibosses! We've added a dungeon boss tracker on the right side of your screen. You'll never again reach the end of a dungeon only to realise you missed a miniboss along the way. This feature ensures you'll conquer every challenge the dungeon has to offer and claim all the rewards. 3. Inventory UI Improved We're excited to see how these changes reshape the Prologic experience and look forward to your feedback as you explore the Mars Dungeon and put the revamped Seraph healing to the test. Thank you for your continued support and dedication! In-game Changes and Fixes: Removed Unnecesary drops from Maximus, Contaminated, Animus, Cursed Animus, Dekane Mine. Fixed Hotkeys related to the window key like (Windows + Tab) that was not working. Fixed stat synchronization problem related to the Guild Furniture stats, causing issues with the position synchronization. Now Offline sellers mails (Like expired vendor and Item sold) will last up to 30 days instead of 5 days to prevent people from losing items from the Npc sellers. Auto Max Upgrade - Safe Upgrade will now keep running until the materials run out, the upgrade requirement is met or the stop button is pressed. Bot hunters now cant kill you if you are just afk in the farming area.
  17. Well hello, Names Justin Obviously just wanted to give you a brief summary of myself. Work 2 jobs currently as a process technician & warehouse hilo driver, Taking a few college courses for my bachelor's degree on the weekend. Classes I play are all of the above, long time flyff player early beta however newer to pservers. Looking to soak up as much knowledge as possible, If you have anything boss-related or dungeon running related hit me up. One thing I have to work on is forums since I cannot delete posts I guess!?!?
  18. Just found this out today, such a wonderful tool for any player!
  19. Introducing the Monster Hunter System We're excited to introduce a new feature that adds a dimension to your PVE experience - the Monster Hunting system expansion (accessable via Prologic Systems). This addition brings a fresh layer of challenge and rewards, cantered around hunting down creatures in some of the most popular dungeons. Targeted Dungeons Progressive Reward Scaling In this initial phase, we're focusing on dungeons that hold a special place in your journeys: Dekane Mine, Clockworks, Contaminated, Maximus, Aminus, and Cursed Aminus. The rewards you'll earn from the Monster Hunting system are directly tied to the dungeon's difficulty and your expected encounters. For instance, newer players will find valuable rewards like Perin, Mounts, and Pickup Pets in Dekane Mine, while the more seasoned adventurers tackling Aminus can unlock exclusive fashion items, permanent PVE stat boosts, and LP. As you engage in the Monster Hunting system, you'll earn rewards based on the number of kills you achieve. These rewards scale as you reach higher kill milestones, ranging from 25 kills up to a maximum of 1000 kills. Reaching a substantial number of kills not only secures valuable in-game rewards but also unlocks exclusive titles that showcase your dedication. Feedback-Driven Development We're keen on refining this system to provide the best possible experience. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the rewards and milestones. As we continue to fine-tune and enhance the Monster Hunting system, we're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions to ensure its success. Easier Guild Integration: Guild Finder In our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience, we're delighted to introduce the Guild Finder – a seamless addition that simplifies the process of joining guilds. We understand the importance of camaraderie and the bonds forged within a guild, and with this new feature, connecting with like-minded adventurers has never been easier. Guild Finder: Joining Without Boundaries Gone are the days of waiting for an invitation to a guild! With the Guild Finder, players now have the autonomy to explore and join guilds that align with their interests and playstyle. Whether you're a solo explorer seeking companionship or a dedicated team player looking for a community, the Guild Finder opens up a realm of possibilities. Discover, assess, and become part of a guild that resonates with your aspirations. Empowering Guild Masters Guild Masters, we understand that each guild has its unique dynamics and preferences. As a Guild Master, you have the flexibility to choose how new members join your ranks. The Guild Finder comes with an option that allows Guild Masters to turn off the "join without invitation" feature. This means you can maintain the traditional invitation-based approach if it best suits your guild's ethos. Forge New Bonds, Shape New Legends The Guild Finder isn't just a tool; it's an opportunity to forge connections that will define your journey. Expand your horizons, share experiences, and embark on epic adventures alongside fellow guild members. Engage in collaborative gameplay, conquer dungeons, and achieve feats that echo through the ages. As we roll out this Guild Finder feature, we eagerly anticipate the connections you'll make and the stories you'll write together. Your feedback continues to be invaluable, so please let us know your thoughts as we refine and enhance this system to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your guild interactions. Addressing Bot Activity: Introducing Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command We've heard your concerns about bot activity within the farming areas, and we're taking proactive steps to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Introducing the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command, a tool designed to empower vigilant players and curtail suspicious bot behaviour. We value your commitment to creating a vibrant and bot-free gaming environment. Your participation in the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command not only safeguards the integrity of the server but also makes the community stronger. Together, we can maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Bot Hunter Rank 5+: Vigilance Rewarded For those who have earned the Bot Hunter rank of 5 or higher, we're entrusting you with the responsibility to help police our farm areas. Your keen eye and dedication to maintaining a bot-free environment will now play a crucial role in ensuring everyone's gameplay remains unaffected. Every day, as a Bot Hunter, you'll have access to a valuable tool - the /bothunterask command. If you spot a player exhibiting behavior that raises suspicion, simply use this command followed by the player's name. This action will trigger an automated math question, aimed at distinguishing between genuine players and potential bots. We have limited its usage to 3 times per day initially to prevent abuse, if we receive no reports, we will increase its limits. To amplify the impact of bot bans, we're introducing a new dynamic. A successful bot ban will be recorded as a PVP kill, granting the Bot Hunter the standard Perin/EC/RC rewards associated with a PVP flag. This enhancement rewards your efforts in curbing bot activity while aligning with our commitment to fair play. Zero Tolerance for Bot Activity A correct response within the set time will prove the player's legitimacy. However, failure to respond accurately will result in an automatic farm ban lasting one day. For repeated offenses, this ban can escalate up to a maximum of 7 days including permanent server bans. Randomized Checks: Uncovering Suspicious Activity In addition to the interactive checks, our system will conduct random and periodic automated checks on users engaged in farming activities. This ensures a continuous effort to maintain a level playing field and discourage bot-related behavior. These check methods will remain undisclosed to thwart potential bot users from devising countermeasures. Recent Fixes & Improvements: Resolved issue where Penya was erroneously consumed during awake attempts for certain items (e.g., new shields). Corrected displayed prices for fashion items in the awake window. Fixed Molten Potion duration problem for items like FLY-FOR-FUN and loss of duration upon relogin. Addressed Molten Potion issue causing some items to not appear in the Item Duration Window. Extrabags now remain active with premium time, regardless of extrabag time. Enhanced game latency for smoother gameplay. Rectified speed synchronization problem, eliminating character mispositioning and visual glitches (e.g., long-range attacks). Fixed major position bug affecting players and creatures across all clients, leading to better position synchronization in farm zones, guild sieges, and more. Added restriction to bot hunter global messages when a player is flying. Thank you for being part of our community. Happy hunting, adventurers!
  20. * Client Changes and Fixes - Fixed crash error from the Friendship (B) item. - Fixed error from Friendship (B) that does not allow to recall friend after closing the window. - Now the effect "Block All" will be reflected in the Information window. - Private Shops Tittles have been centered. - Improved global buff display (Please Patch your clients) - Fixed minimap icons that does not show properly. Enjoy!
  21. VIP Feature: Prologic Shop Finder! We are excited to introduce the brand-new feature: Shop Finder, exclusively available to VIP members! With the Shop Finder, players can now easily search across all vendors within one user interface. This highly requested feature aims to revolutionize the buying and selling experience in Prologic. The benefits of Shop Finder are numerous. For buyers, it encourages competitive pricing, allowing you to find the best deals on the items you need. No longer will you have to check every vendor individually, as the Shop Finder consolidates all offerings in one place. This streamlines the buying process, making it more efficient and convenient. For savvy sellers, the Shop Finder offers an opportunity to spot gaps in the market and adjust their prices accordingly. This opens up new possibilities for traders to optimize their business strategies and stay ahead in the market. Additionally, the Shop Finder is a game-changer for new players who often find it challenging to understand the market prices when they join. With this feature, they can easily check rates without the stress of missing out on potential deals. This will empower new players to make informed decisions and navigate the marketplace confidently. Moreover, the Shop Finder will also help to minimize the chances of falling victim to price gouging scammers, ensuring a safer and more transparent trading environment for all players. We believe this enhancement will foster a more welcoming and inclusive community, making Prologic a better place for everyone to thrive. We believe that the introduction of the Shop Finder will significantly enhance the overall marketplace experience for our VIP members. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to improve our services for a better gameplay experience. VIP members can access the feature via the Prologic Systems menu: Happy shopping! QOL: Drop Log Animations We have made significant improvements to the drop log visual animations on the left of the screen. Not only does it look better now, but it's also much easier to identify the items you've just collected. This enhancement should provide a more seamless and enjoyable looting experience for all players. QOL: Button Design As part of our on-going efforts to refresh the game experience, we have made improvements to the design of multiple buttons within several UIs. While this may seem like a small change, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and usability of the game.
  22. Hi Guys! Here is a quick short guide for your reference if ever you are wondering about the classes for PVE Slayers - Glass cannon: High Damage but Low HP Templar - Balance of HP Def and Damage: good for overall without a separate tank Harlequin - a little lower damage than slayers but the skill dark illusion makes up for it as you can use it to escape or for safety Crackshooter - same as Harlequins, damage is a little lower than Harleqiuins but good block rate Forcemasters - Great AOE Farmer, good DPS too but needs a little more improvement, but overall its a good AOE Farmer + can be used in duingeons Mentalist - decent flat damage as DPS since its magic damage. Great class if you like casters Arcanist - Best overall AOE Farmer/caster. Great as a starter when you farm in perin and rc sites. Damage is also good in dungeons especially if you like being a caster. AOE skill is very usefull in the end-game dungeons. Best Event Coin Farmer Seraph - Although not a DPS, its a great class to start with for newbies especially if youre new to the game. Their AOE Skill scales high on the Int and makes perin and RC farming easier for you until you can make your arcanist/FM as main AOE Farmer. 100% would suggest this if youre new to flyff itself or even if you have some experience.
  23. Can I add some event, I recommended that you can add Slay the boss/Giant in madrigal and rewards them Random EC/RC/PERIN. <3
  24. Rolling Events Starting this Saturday, we're excited to introduce Rolling Events in Prologic! To kick things off, we're launching an event that boosts all income sources, including Perin, Penya, EC, and RC. Originally planned to run for just 24 hours, we've decided to extend the event for the entire weekend. This will give you more time to take advantage of the increased rewards and earnings. Join us in making this inaugural Rolling Event a memorable one! Infinity Seasonal Event With the arrival of this update, we bid farewell to the Valentine's Event and introduce the Infinity Event. As you continue your monster-slaying quests throughout the vast lands of Madrigal, keep an eye out for Infinity Gems. These rare gems have a chance to drop from defeated monsters. The Infinity Gems hold great value as they can be exchanged for exclusive rewards. Visit the exchanger located in Flaris and discover the wonders that await those who possess the Infinity Gems. Monster Element Types We've heard your feedback and understand that some players may not be aware of the elemental strengths and weaknesses of the monsters they encounter. To address this, we've made an important addition. You will now notice two simple icons displayed next to each monster and boss. These icons provide a quick visual representation of their elemental attributes. Knowing the elemental strengths and weaknesses of the monsters you face will help you choose the most effective weapon elements and strategies. We hope this enhancement will assist both new and experienced players in optimising their gameplay and making informed decisions. Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!
  25. Prologic Client v2.0.1 – Significant CPU Optimisations We are thrilled to announce the release of Prologic Client version 2.0.1, which introduces substantial improvements to CPU performance when running minimised clients. Our main focus in this update was to optimise the client's resource usage, specifically targeting CPU requirements. As a result, we have managed to reduce CPU draw by up to 50%, offering a more efficient experience for players. One of the significant benefits of these CPU improvements is the enhanced performance for players who actively play a client with other clients minimised in the background. When running multiple instances of the Prologic Client, such as having one client as the main focus while others are running in the background, the reduced CPU requirements have a direct positive impact. Players will notice a smoother overall performance, with reduced CPU strain allowing for more resources to be allocated to the active client. This means a more responsive gameplay experience, even when multiple instances are running simultaneously. Furthermore, these optimisations enable players to engage in other activities alongside their primary client without compromising performance. Whether you're running additional clients for farming, monitoring the in-game market, or simply collecting, the minimized clients will now have a significantly reduced CPU draw. This allows for a more seamless multitasking experience, where players can efficiently manage multiple aspects of their gameplay without sacrificing performance. By reducing the CPU requirements of minimised clients, we have opened up new possibilities for players who enjoy maximising their in-game efficiency. Whether you're a dedicated multiboxer or someone who enjoys running multiple clients for various purposes, the improved performance of the Prologic Client v2.0.1 will elevate your gameplay experience to new heights. Roulette Event: Increased Epic Reward Probability! As part of the summer sale, from now until July 16th, we will be hosting a special limited-time event in our roulette feature. During this event, the probability of landing the highest tier of reward, known as the Epic Reward, will be increased by 50% for normal, vote, and lucky spins. Please note that while we intend to run this event until July 16th, we will be monitoring its usage closely to ensure market stability. In case of excessive usage, we reserve the right to end the event ahead of schedule to ensure market stability. We would like to emphasise that this is a trial event, and we value your feedback. Let us know what you think about this event and whether you would like to see more of these type of events mixed in with the content-based events we are developing. Join us during this limited time and try your luck with the enhanced chances of winning Epic Rewards. We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!
  26. Hello, everyone! It's been a few days since I joned the server and I've been solo playing since then! I was going around the forum and decided to introduce myself and ask a few questions: What happens in between rebirths, besides going back and forth from 60M to 150? Are those level up rewards the only thing you earn? I started as an Arcanist, is there a way to solo raid a dungeon? Or do I need to get with a Guild or Party to do that? Why is EVERYTHING so expensive? I hope someone sees things and wanna help out! I'm Nayuta, that's my in-game name. Feel free to mail me, message me or add me whenever you feel like it. I could use a friend and some companions to fool around and do some dungeons! Have fun, everyone! <3
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