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  4. From the 1st to the 31st of March, we are adding an additional 20% LP to all packages! We will also be holding a raffle at the end of the month where 3 winners will be picked at random. These winners will receive a bonus of 30% of the total amount of LP they donated during the month of March as well as a fashion model from the Wiki. The top donator for the month will also receive a fashion model of their choice. Fashion models selected can be ones that are not currently in game or on the store! For every 20 USD donated, 1 raffle entry will be registered. Therefore if you donate 40 USD in the month, you will be entered twice! Winners will be drawn at random on the 1st April. Thank you everyone!
  5. From the 1st to the 31st of March, we are adding an additional 20% LP to all packages! We will also be holding a raffle at the end of the month where 3 winners will be picked at random. These winners will receive a bonus of 30% of the total amount of LP they donated during the month of March as well as a fashion model from the Wiki. The top donator for the month will also receive a fashion model of their choice. Fashion models selected can be ones that are not currently in game or on the store! For every 20 USD donated, 1 raffle entry will be registered. Therefore if you donate 40 USD in the month, you will be entered twice! Winners will be drawn at random on the 1st April. Thank you everyone!
  6. Inventory Changes We have doubled the default inventory size to 84 slots for all players as well as added a sort button to the user interface! This is a great leap towards a better user experience, reducing the previous frustrations of limited inventory size and messy storage. This turned out to be far more complicated than we expected. Network Improvements When a new user enters visible range of another player, the server will only send 31 inventory slots instead of 73. This should dramatically improve latency for all players regardless of geographic location. Valentine's Update (better late than never!) Valentine's event has launched! We apologize for how late this is, we were due to release this at the start of February but opted to prioritize the inventory expansion feeling this would benefit players far more. Game Changes New players entering the server will now start in Flaris. This should be far less confusing for new players as the SM spawn was a legacy position. Roulette can now only be used in channel 1. Protips and Automatic Messages have been updated to more relevant and helpful information. Evo Burana Runes now have a 100% success rate and will never fail. Magic Mask stats error causing people to lose the bonuses when relogging has been fixed. This should now resolve all problems with this set. Removed resurrection ability from Guild Clash. Fixed a world crash error Thank you everyone and enjoy!
  7. Hi Everyone! We have successfully completed a resolution upgrade within the server allowing players to now play with enhanced resolutions up to a maximum of 4K: 3840 x 2160 (windowed) or 2K: 2560 x 1440 (Full-screen). Yes that's right, Full-screen has now been introduced to Prologic for all but 4K resolution! To upgrade your existing client, please head to the download page or download the patcher directly here, add this to your Prologic Flyff Client file and press "Replace". If you are a new player reading this, the upgrade will already be applied when you download the client. Once replaced, run the client as normal and select your resolution preference under the “Options” menu before launching the game. Thank you everyone, enjoy!
  8. Hi Everyone! Over the past month, we have created and rolled out a series of large scale updates in a very short period of time. We appreciate this may have been a little overwhelming, however each update was designed to target specific areas of Prologic’s economy. These updates had to be done in rapid succession to ensure the player driven market wasn't negatively impacted for any lengthy duration. The final update we are rolling out today as part of the economic correction, is a complete overhaul to the Collectors system. Without going into all the economic data here, we are delighted to confirm that each update has been successful and we will now enter a period of much needed stability while the market reflects the changes. Collectors Update We are delighted to announce that we have implemented an entirely overhauled collectors system! This system on the surface looks and operates in the same way it did before, however we have totally re-written the code. The collector cycle time for a +5 collectors is now 30 seconds and the rewards have been simplified and improved. Collectors now drop the following 10 rewards: Red Chips Flyff N & U Silver Hearts Sunstones & Moonstones Gold Pill Evo Box Box Container Item Container We have implemented 3 new items into the game, these are as follows: Evo Box - Replacement to the old Trophy Box. Drops all premium consumables equally balanced as well as a low chance to drop Molten Potions Box Container - Replacement to all of the shard’s that dropped. This box now contains all of the Cloud, Bead, Magic, Pet Tamer, Lucky Bag and Lucky Box drops. In complete form, no shards! Item Container - Replacement for the rare drops. Contains Blessing of the Goddess, Gold Cards, Scroll of Holy, Batteries, Rarity Boosters, Dungeon Entry Tokens and even Roulette Spins! In-game Changes and Fixes: - Automatic party points on party creation. - Automatic Lord Events all day. - Added option to accumulate offline selling and offline collecting up to 10 days. - Fixed error of some items that cant be unlocked in the inventory.
  9. Guess not. Okay.
  10. Is anything hapening with this?
  11. Dekane Mine and the Reforge Rarity System As per the lore teaser released earlier this week, we have launched a new novice to mid-player dungeon - the Dekane Mines! Access to this dungeon can be found through the V teleport interface. In order to receive drops, players must have at least 1 Gift Box (most easily achievable through the party skill “Gift Box”). Players will need to first fight 5 mini bosses and will be rewarded with Perin for their demise. Then you will be faced with the final boss, Evo Armis, who drops both Perin and a new material needed for the Reforge Rarity System; Astatine: Dekane Mines Boss Locations What does Astatine do? Well, we are delighted to announce we have finished the development of a new feature called “Reforging”. This feature allows players to reforge their weapons and shields to different rarity levels utilizing the newly discovered element Astatine, each level providing powerful bonus stats: To reforge your equipment, you will first need to run the once-forgotten Dekane Mine Dungeon for the new material. Astatine can then be used within the Reforge Equipment Rarity feature provided by BoBoChan: Each reforge attempt costs 200 Perin. Players are able to increase the likelihood of a higher rarity roll through the use of a Rarity Booster. These boosters are available to purchase in-game for RC or on the LP store. The bonus is small and as such is reflected in the cost. Utilization of a rarity booster is not a requirement to roll higher levels of rarity. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
  12. This is one of the best updates made in Prologic! Thanks Prologic team!
  13. **Walks back on screen while waving the sheaf of papers to get the attention back** Hey, yes there really is a Six. Six: Regarding corruption, if I do something that could be considered corruption, it is merely a matter of policy keeping, under Line Seven, which has yet to be written. For now, such things that happen or are caused to happen directly by me are by whim and desire, and are not corruption. they are merely 'having fun with assets'. **Walks off to go annoy people at the Roulette into giving me spins**
  14. **A plain-looking man sits down at a wooden desk, adjusts his little Wedge set model hat and picks uo a sheaf of papers, looks into a camera, at you** My Fellow Flyffers...I bid you greetings. As part of the requirements for Lord, I am supposed to put together a manifesto, or a statement of policy, a list of beliefs to convince you to vote for me, and this is what this is. I am aware that not many do this, and this is a shameful thing. Silence from leadership is similar to allowing criminals to do whatever they wish, because no one is around to say no. And so, here I am today to give a list of things that may or may not happen under my benign dictator...leadership. **Straightens papers in one hand, crosses fingers under the desk in plain sight with the other** One: I will volubly make it known how I feel about the ever increasing rate if price increases regarding red chip and load point prices. These make it hard for some of us to do business. While I don't mind making profits off of the red chips, the load points (lp) circumstance is getting out of control. This is not complaining. This is affirming every non-richs desire to eventually stop being poors. Two: There is a slackness when it comes to Invasions being started. I don't know about all of you, Fellow Flyffers, but i like a good Invasion. But do those possibly-corrupt-maybe-just-napping-a-lot-totally-not-lazy-at-all Tutors do them without being harassed, bothered and almost shaken around by their napping blankets? Not often, no. So If I am Lord, I will cause Invasions to happen whenever possible. I will also participate, because I am a greedy, self-serving tyrant. I mean beneficent leader who wants to take part in most things with you. But stay away from my loot. And I'll stay away from yours. Three: Just recently a newish person to the server was scammed by someone who thought they were slick. I have not found out their ingame name yet, but if I do, I will attempt to recruit an elite force responsible only to the Lord, possibly in perpetuity, to hunt down and punish scammers wherever they might hide. A hard-hitting, no nonsense, gritty, maybe edgy too if they look good enough, in your face take it like a man, team of experts who can handle the situations as they arise. You cannot hide, scammers, once this force is put together. Read my lips. We're gonna getcha. Four: While i was dictating this, I saw Actout's storage character win a Cloak of Honor from the Roulette Wheel, just recently added in the update. I am hereby confiscating this Cloak for my personal use...I mean, for his own good lest he go down the path of wickedness and corruption, and lose his immortal soul to the empty gods of overpriced lp sales and not giving me any roulette spin tokens, which is a crime in my sight. **An arm enters from the right side of the screen holding a small bag that might have been filled with something that looks like coins, it gets placed next to the papers with the hand with crossed fingers** Four A: Let it be known that Actout has temporarily put off punishment for his probably not all that big after all crimes, but let him go with a warning, not to let it happen again. We are watching you. *Stern scowl face* Five: I will attempt to be on at most times, but I do have to sleep, and eat like the rest of you. My hours are generally known, but for now they are USA Central time, from between 12-2pm to perhaps 4-5pm on three nights a week, then on towards the dawn and a few hours beyond whereupon I sleep. On days i do not go out, it's very likely that I will be on from the 12-2pm to...whenever I get aches from looking at the screen too much, with breaks to eat and eventually sleeping, normally around dawn for me. So I should be around for most things. If i am not, I am easily reachable via discord @Jaquio at most times. If you bother me while I sleep though, i might show my displeasure with the hit squad. I need my beauty coma....sleep. There is no Six. Thank you for taking the time to witness this perhaps not really mandatory lord candidacy manifesto, its word, not mine, and have a good night/day/whatever. **Uncrosses fingers, gives a wry smile at the camera, pointedly picks up the coin bag, and walks offscreen*
  15. Hi Everyone, We are delighted to kick 2023 off with something rather special. Over the past few weeks, we have been busy creating a new in-game feature; Prologic Roulette! We have also managed to launch the long-awaited higher-tiered piercing cards! Summary of Update: Prologic Roulette release Roulette Vendor Backdated bonuses to Jan 1st onwards donators Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” X & 12% Pierce Cards in LP store S & 8% Pierce Cards in LP store Free 6-hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Collectors - Development Update Prologic Roulette The roulette system contains over 350 prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points! It was incredibly important to us that regardless of if you donate, everyone has the opportunity to access LP store items. As such, this feature is available for Logic Points (LP), Vote Points (VP), and Voting Site rewards. As more items are introduced into the store, we will periodically update the wheel with these prizes. Prizes range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. A complete list of prizes will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Normal Roulette Spins (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP and VP Store Roulette Vendor Free spins for donation packages 1 Free spin every time you vote at GT100 Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins (Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP Store Roulette Vendor Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins have a higher likelihood of rolling Rare and Epic rewards. We have designed them this way as they are purchasable via the Roulette Vendor, meaning if you have bad luck, you can guarantee a better prize through its purchase! Prologic Roulette can be found in Flaris near the bank, or via the “Prologic Roulette” teleport in the teleport interface (V). Roulette Vendor If you are unhappy with your prize, you will also be able to convert it straight into “Roulette Tokens”! Roulette Tokens can be used at the Roulette Vendor in Flaris to purchase some of the most powerful LP store items in the game, including Stats Fashion, Pets, Cards, and more. Roulette Tokens are untradable to ensure economic balance, however, the items purchased from the vendor are tradable. A complete list of vendor items will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Back-Dated Donation Packages Any player that has donated since the 1st of January 2023 for a package that now qualifies for free spins will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount within 24 hours, please check your mail. It was our intention to have this launched on the 1st of January and feel it is only right to give players what is (unknowingly) owed. Owed spins can be claimed from the store page within the Account Information area: Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” We have over 68 different premium consumable buff’s within Prologic and many players carry them all with them. We now have options for players to use instead; the “Molten Potion”. This buff is available in a 1-hour and 3-hour option, it contains all of these consumables within one item! These items are available through the LP store, VP Store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. X and 12% Pierce Cards New X and 12% Pierce Cards have been added to both the EVO Rune store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. These cards are extremely powerful giving bonuses above and beyond that of the usual cards. The card details are as follows: Fire Card X 15 Strength 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Water Card X 15 Intelligence 4% Decreased Cast Time 2% PVE Damage Electric Card X 15 Dexterity 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Land Card X 15 Stamina 4% HP Volcano Card 12% 12% Increased HP 3% PVE Damage Absorb Ocean Card 12% 12% Increased MP 3% PVE Damage Lightning Card 12% 12% Increased Attack 3% PVE Damage Earthquake Card 12% 12% Increased Defence 3% PVE Damage Absorb S and 8% Pierce Cards We have received a lot of player feedback over the past few months regarding adding these to the store. As such, you have asked, and we have listened! They are now available to purchase for LP under the Piercing Cards category. Free 6-Hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Selling via vendors has been made free for up to 6 hours to all users! This is a permanent change and hope that it helps everyone sell more wares! We have also added longer-duration vendors to the Perin store as detailed below: Item Cost 1 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 50 Perin 3 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 120 Perin 7 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 240 Perin Offline Collectors - Development Update We know many are patiently awaiting the release of offline collectors, so we thought it best to give you an update! Right now, we have the option to release this feature in its current state. However, the rewards being given by the collectors are in our eyes… lacking. There are only so many Hat Boxes a player can want. Therefore, we have taken the decision to delay this feature while we totally rewrite the base code as well as completely redesigning the reward system. With this redesign, we will be able to add far more interesting rewards to collecting. This is incredibly important to us as we have some amazing features and systems planned for the future and need to ensure the collector system stays relevant in regards to drop and profitability for players as the server expands. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
  16. Prologic Roulette Rewards List The roulette system contains hundreds of prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points. As we continue to develop the server, we will add and/or remove prizes to the wheel to ensure it is as enjoyable as possible. The below list will be updated each time the wheel changes, so players know exactly what they are able to win at any given time. Name Amount Rarity 15 Days Scroll of Party Skill 1 Common 25 LP Flask / Potion 20 Common Bead Slot Key 1 Common Blessing of Goddess 50 Common Christmas Cake 20 Common Concoction of Profuse Bleeding 10 Common Item Transy (A) 10 Common Item Transy (B) 10 Common Molten Potion - 1 Hour 1 Common Power Scroll 25 Common Pride of Victory 10 Common Prologic Off-line Selling 3 day 1 Common Revert Transmutation Scroll 5 Common Scroll of Acquisition 5 Common Scroll of Change Pet Name 1 Common Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 50 Common Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 75 Common Scroll of Unbinding 1 Common Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 200 Common Blessing of Goddess 125 Uncommon Chance of the Pet Tamer 5 Uncommon Molten Potion - 3 Hour 1 Uncommon Prologic Off-line Selling 7 day 1 Uncommon Scroll of Amplification R 5 Uncommon Scroll of Holy 50 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 70 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 125 Uncommon Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 200 Uncommon Scroll of Reflect 1 Uncommon Scroll of Unbinding 3 Uncommon Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 500 Uncommon Awake Transfer Material 2 Rare Blessing of Goddess 250 Rare Extra Spins 4 Rare Logic Points 150 Rare Molten Potion - 3 Hour 3 Rare Prologic Rebirth Soul Boost 100% 1 Rare Random 200 LP Fashion 1 Rare Random 200 LP Flying Mount 1 Rare Random 200 LP Name Colour 1 Rare Random 200 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Rare Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 250 Rare Scroll of Reflect 2 Rare Scroll of Reflect 3 Rare Silver Battery 1 Rare Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 1000 Rare VIP Scroll 10 Days 1 Rare Animated Weapon Skin 1 Epic Aura Orb 1 Epic Brutal Set 1 Epic Charmander 1 Epic Cloak of Honor 1 Epic Extra Spins 7 Epic Extra Spins 5 Epic Gold Battery 1 Epic King's Almighty Dragon Mask 1 Epic Logic Points 300 Epic Logic Points 450 Epic Magic Mask Dragon Almighty 1 Epic PVE Brutal Set 1 Epic Random 12% Cards 1 Epic Random 225 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 250 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Fashion 1 Epic Random 300 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 350-300 LP Weapon Skin 1 Epic Random 375 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 400 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 400 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 450 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 500 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 525 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random X Cards 1 Epic VIP Scroll 30 Days 1 Epic
  17. Hi all, I started playing Prologic last year, but never had the chance to introduce myself to the community. So my in-game name has always the word Slushy in, don't ask me where that name comes from 😅 If you see a Slushy acccount in-game, don't hessitate to say "Hi!". I'm from Belgium, so GMT+1 (wich is -8h compared to PHT), wich makes it pretty hard to attend on guild siege (is at 3am and 3pm for me, but i will be there sometimes). I'm working as a Security Team Leading Officer (wich simply means i'm responsable for a big group Security Officers). I started playing FLyFF in December 2004, so it's officially my 18th year anniversary this month. Cookies and champagne on my account! 🍾 18 years ... meaning FLyFF is part of my life for over 60% of my existance. I've met alot of people, but i also lost some good friends, wich i played with for years. FLyFF Experience ⚔️⚔️⚔️ If you're new to the game, please don't be shy and contact me for a quick guide throught the game and all it's facets. With all this being said, i wish you all a plaisant stay and time and most important a happy new year with a good health. Slushy 🤗
  18. Prologic Flyff Shop Redesign & Launch After 5 years of faithful service, the original Prologic store has now been retired. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for a cleaner, smoother user experience as well as complete item reorganization. The UI is now far more responsive as well as more logical in regards to its layout and design: As part of this launch, we have also updated the description of over 1100 store items to more accurately reflect what they are and how they work in game: Thank you everyone for your support this year and we hope that you enjoy what we are working on for 2023! Enjoy
  19. Hope i get amidamaru cloak 😭 thats only my dream
  20. Still a newbie
  21. IGN AlgodonDeAzucar Love Prologic Flyff
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