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  1. Im not sure about people's gears in siege, but im gonna go ahead and bet that they don't come close to Burberry's. But yeah, if any of those chars have gears as maxed as his, then nerf away. Also, where is the nerf Cracks, buff mages section? Cracks are basically the long-ranged high hit rate blades with DI. Mages are just screwed.
  2. Congratulations to the winners!!~~ Please contact me to get your prizes!
  3. ¿Qué te gusta de este servidor? ¿Qué mejora o recomendación te gustaria ver en un futuro? ¿Cual es tu clase favorita? ¿por qué? ¿Qué clase odias más? ¿por qué? Comenzaré, me gusta este servidor porque es fácil comenzar. Otros servidores hacen que sea tan difícil para los noobs ponerse en marcha. Me gustaría ver una mejora en los cosméticos: 3 sé que mejorará, pero eso es lo que estoy buscando: D Mi clase favorita es Seraph porque los buffs son increíbles. La clase que más odio es "Force Master" porque ... "no counterplay"
  4. What do you like about this server? What ONE improvement or recommendation do you wanna see ? What is your favorite class? why? What class do you hate the most? why? Ill start , I like this server because it's easy to get started. Other servers make it so hard for noobs to get going. I would like to see an improvement in cosmetics :3 i know it'll get better but thats what im loking forward to My favorite class is Seraph because buffs are awesome. The class i hate the most is the Force Master cuz.. "no counterplay"
  5. Hello Prologic Flyffers~~!!! To encourage the use of our awesome forums for communication, sharing ideas, and to make Prologic Flyff an even better server, Jello and I are hosting The Quest for Awesome Event! This is a 4-step event that will all take place here in the forums!! If you participate, you can win one of the following prizes: 1st place: Any cloak from the Donate Shop 2nd place: 20perins 3rd place: 15perins 4th place: 10perins 5th place: 1k Red Chips 6th place: 5x R Amps 7th place: 2 winners of 500 Stone of Balance each 8th place : 2k Silver hearts 9th place: 3 winners of 2pcs random V15 jewelry How do you win? Non Winners will be given a consolation prize by the GMs How to win?: Make sure to follow the steps in order!! Step 1: Respond to this post by posting a meme, and your in-game name. Make sure the meme is funny :3 step 2: Post an introduction about yourself in the Introductions section of the forum! Talk about yourself :3 We are interested~ Step 3: Wait for my Part 2 post and respond to that. Step 4: Wait for Jello's Part 3 post and respond to that. Anyone who tries to cheat by using 2 different accounts will be disqualified. This is also posted in Spanish in the Spanish section of the forum. Please only respond to either English or Spanish post. We look forward to seeing your posts!!!