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  1. Introducing: The Evolution Trials Dungeon Step into the depths of the Evolution Trials dungeon, where eight unique mini-bosses await with their own set of challenges and rewards. As you traverse through this perilous domain, engage in battles with these mini-bosses to seize the chance of obtaining class pet beads, available in durations of 3, 30, or 90 days. These beads can be affixed to your chosen pet, enhancing your abilities immensely. Additionally, keep an eye out for the chance to acquire miniature pet versions of the formidable bosses themselves. To attach a class bead to your pet, you'll need the rare Orb of Bonding, obtainable exclusively from the final boss. Once bonded, your pet will emit a distinct glow, signalling its connection to a class bead. Each mini-boss within the Evolution Trials dungeon boasts specific drop rates tailored to their class type. Whether you seek Templar Evolution beads or Arcanist Evolution beads, you'll find them from their respective bosses. Additionally, bosses also yield fragments, providing an alternative means for obtaining desired items in case of unfavourable RNG. Conquer the challenges of the dungeon and face the final boss for a chance to discover a special item. Its identity remains a mystery, waiting to be unveiled by daring adventurers like yourself. Outside of the dungeon awaits a vendor selling class beads in both 3-day and 30-day options, along with all boss pets. The vendor also provides a service to combine 10 identical 3-day beads into a single 30-day bead, ensuring the value of all bead drops and fostering a healthy, long-term market for beads of varying durations. For those interested in Monster Hunter challenges, each mini-boss encounter presents its own progression list, culminating in unique silver animated weapon skins and titles. These rewards are not locked to classes, allowing all to revel in their achievements. Furthermore, completing the monster hunter achievement for the final boss grants access to an exclusive new mount. Prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other in the Evolution Trials dungeon! New LP Store Pets Four new pets have been released on the LP store, offering exciting alternatives to the ever-popular Charmander. While the Charmander remains a reliable option with balanced stats suitable for all classes, these new companions serve as side-grades, excelling in specific gameplay styles. Whether you're seeking heightened ICD, PVE damage, Magic attack rates, or Attack rates, these new pets provide fresh strategies to enhance your character. Plus, we've also included them in the roulette tables for even more chances to acquire these fantastic companions for those who wish not to donate. Evo Pets Adjustments We've heard your feedback regarding the challenges of acquiring Evo pets due to their steep resource requirements. With the rollout of our latest pet-focused update, we've taken the opportunity to rebalance each Evo pet, offering significant improvements that even surpass their LP store counterparts. It's important to note that these revamped Evo pets are not available for purchase with LP, nor will they ever be. They represent the epitome of grind-to-win and free-to-play, serving as the best-in-slot pets for dedicated players. New Player Progression In response to feedback from our community regarding the need to enhance the new player experience, we've made some significant adjustments. Recognizing the sizable gap between not having PVE runes and obtaining them, we're addressing this issue head-on. The requirement for PVE damage has become paramount, yet the journey to acquire PVE runes and a +20 Baruna weapon can be daunting for newcomers. Therefore, to foster a more balanced and enjoyable progression path, we're introducing several key changes: Level 130 Reward: New players reaching level 130 will now receive a 1-day Torch to aid them on their journey. Ruby Farming in Savage Wilds: Prepare to delve into the Savage Wilds, where new rubies (PVE up to 20%) can be farmed. These rubies can be pierced into level 75, 80, or 95 Ultimate weapons, providing a significant boost to damage. Diamond Farming in Les Britannia S: Venture into Les Britannia S and unearth new diamonds (PVE up to 36%). These precious gems can be pierced into level 110 or 139 Ultimate weapons. We've heard your concerns about the formidable Beast Overlord Khan, and have adjusted his damage output to ensure that players of all classes can overcome this challenge with confidence. Additionally, to provide comprehensive support for both new and seasoned players alike, we'll be rolling out video guides covering all classes and main features in the coming months. We believe that these enhancements will not only streamline the new player experience but also contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of our community. We welcome all feedback in regards to new player progression and will be mindful more may need to be done over time. Other Gameplay Improvements Guild Clash Summoning Restriction: Friends can no longer be summoned during guild clashes. Enhanced Flying Follow Functionality: While flying, the follow function has been refined to prevent losing the target. Simply press 'Z' to smoothly follow a selected player. VIP Time as Pet Medicine: VIP time now serves as pet medicine, eliminating the need to feed pets. Why did we not do this years ago… Character Stats Window: Added Lucky-Box, PVE damage, PVP damage, PVE damage absorption, PVP damage absorption to the stat window. Bug Fixes Evo Rune Icon Issue: Resolved the issue where Evo Runes displayed incorrect icons when equipped in weapons. Blain Set and Jesis Set Stats: Fixed stats for the Blain Set and Jesis Set. Mask Model Change Error: Corrected the issue where both models were visible when changing from a regular mask to an animated mask. Teleportation Error: Addressed the occasional occurrence of players ending up in empty areas after teleporting outside of a dungeon. Invisible Players While Flying: Fixed the issue causing players to disappear while flying. Stuck in Empty Areas While Flying: Players will no longer become stuck in empty areas while flying. Thank you everyone!
  2. Prologic 2023 Recap and a Glimpse into 2024: A Year of Evolution and Excitement Reflecting on 2023, Prologic witnessed unprecedented transformations, setting a new pace for updates. The Evo 2.0 update, expanding into the Mars Dungeon, introduced challenging content and unique bonuses to gear sets, providing players with fresh strategic avenues. The Lucky Drop System added an element of surprise to rewards, complementing PVE rebalances that enhanced fairness and engagement. This is just a glimpse of the innovations we introduced. Beyond gameplay enhancements, Prologic prioritised player experience by fortifying bot protection and incorporating Asia routes for smoother connections. As we embark on 2024, anticipate a continued evolution and unwavering commitment to dynamic gameplay, responsive updates, and community engagement. Taking this opportunity, we're excited to offer you a sneak peek into what we are currently working on: Pets Pets Pets! Pet Fusion Evolution: The pet system is undergoing a transformation with Pet Fusion Evolution. Have you ever wanted to blend the strengths of your pets without compromising their unique appearances? This planned revamp will allow you to merge pets, combining their bonuses while preserving the distinctive charm of your primary pet. It's a fusion of function and aesthetics. What do you think about this innovative approach to pets? Class-Pet-Specific Dungeon Dive: We're crafting a brand-new dungeon experience, specifically tailored for each class. Imagine encountering pets with unique boss models and stats designed to complement your character's strengths. This goes beyond visuals; these pets bring specific advantages to your gameplay and are obtainable from only this dungeon. Following the success of the Evo Mars Dungeon, be prepared for additional mechanics introduced to bosses within this new dungeon. You will soon be able to explore the revamped dungeon and unlock rare pets and bonding materials through the Lucky Drop system. Running low on materials for your pet bonding adventures? We will also be making these materials available in the store, and here's the exciting part – they're also part of the roulette, meaning you can score them with your free daily spins. We'd love to hear your feedback on this approach to obtaining materials as it allows us to balance F2P with server costs. Alternative Store Pets to Charmander: While Charmander has been a steadfast companion, we recognize the desire for diversity. We're introducing alternative pets to the store, offering a different flavour without overshadowing Charmander. These pets are side grades, providing alternative perks for those seeking a fresh companion. On a personal note, these will not be Pokémon related… Pet Rebalance for Enhanced Value: In our ongoing commitment to player satisfaction, a select few non-store pets, which have proven to be underwhelming for their costs, will undergo rebalancing. These adjustments aim to ensure that the time investment required to acquire these pets in-game aligns with their overall effectiveness. We're dedicated to enhancing the value of your in-game experience, and these pet rebalances are a step towards achieving that goal. Your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions hold tremendous value in shaping the future of Prologic. While we have additional large-scale updates in the pipeline, we're holding off on the details for now. Stay tuned for upcoming news on the ongoing development of the pets rework. Your continued engagement is vital to our shared journey in enhancing Prologic. Thank you everyone!
  3. VIP Feature: Prologic Shop Finder! We are excited to introduce the brand-new feature: Shop Finder, exclusively available to VIP members! With the Shop Finder, players can now easily search across all vendors within one user interface. This highly requested feature aims to revolutionize the buying and selling experience in Prologic. The benefits of Shop Finder are numerous. For buyers, it encourages competitive pricing, allowing you to find the best deals on the items you need. No longer will you have to check every vendor individually, as the Shop Finder consolidates all offerings in one place. This streamlines the buying process, making it more efficient and convenient. For savvy sellers, the Shop Finder offers an opportunity to spot gaps in the market and adjust their prices accordingly. This opens up new possibilities for traders to optimize their business strategies and stay ahead in the market. Additionally, the Shop Finder is a game-changer for new players who often find it challenging to understand the market prices when they join. With this feature, they can easily check rates without the stress of missing out on potential deals. This will empower new players to make informed decisions and navigate the marketplace confidently. Moreover, the Shop Finder will also help to minimize the chances of falling victim to price gouging scammers, ensuring a safer and more transparent trading environment for all players. We believe this enhancement will foster a more welcoming and inclusive community, making Prologic a better place for everyone to thrive. We believe that the introduction of the Shop Finder will significantly enhance the overall marketplace experience for our VIP members. We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to improve our services for a better gameplay experience. VIP members can access the feature via the Prologic Systems menu: Happy shopping! QOL: Drop Log Animations We have made significant improvements to the drop log visual animations on the left of the screen. Not only does it look better now, but it's also much easier to identify the items you've just collected. This enhancement should provide a more seamless and enjoyable looting experience for all players. QOL: Button Design As part of our on-going efforts to refresh the game experience, we have made improvements to the design of multiple buttons within several UIs. While this may seem like a small change, it plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetics and usability of the game.
  4. Introducing the Monster Hunter System We're excited to introduce a new feature that adds a dimension to your PVE experience - the Monster Hunting system expansion (accessable via Prologic Systems). This addition brings a fresh layer of challenge and rewards, cantered around hunting down creatures in some of the most popular dungeons. Targeted Dungeons Progressive Reward Scaling In this initial phase, we're focusing on dungeons that hold a special place in your journeys: Dekane Mine, Clockworks, Contaminated, Maximus, Aminus, and Cursed Aminus. The rewards you'll earn from the Monster Hunting system are directly tied to the dungeon's difficulty and your expected encounters. For instance, newer players will find valuable rewards like Perin, Mounts, and Pickup Pets in Dekane Mine, while the more seasoned adventurers tackling Aminus can unlock exclusive fashion items, permanent PVE stat boosts, and LP. As you engage in the Monster Hunting system, you'll earn rewards based on the number of kills you achieve. These rewards scale as you reach higher kill milestones, ranging from 25 kills up to a maximum of 1000 kills. Reaching a substantial number of kills not only secures valuable in-game rewards but also unlocks exclusive titles that showcase your dedication. Feedback-Driven Development We're keen on refining this system to provide the best possible experience. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the rewards and milestones. As we continue to fine-tune and enhance the Monster Hunting system, we're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions to ensure its success. Easier Guild Integration: Guild Finder In our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience, we're delighted to introduce the Guild Finder – a seamless addition that simplifies the process of joining guilds. We understand the importance of camaraderie and the bonds forged within a guild, and with this new feature, connecting with like-minded adventurers has never been easier. Guild Finder: Joining Without Boundaries Gone are the days of waiting for an invitation to a guild! With the Guild Finder, players now have the autonomy to explore and join guilds that align with their interests and playstyle. Whether you're a solo explorer seeking companionship or a dedicated team player looking for a community, the Guild Finder opens up a realm of possibilities. Discover, assess, and become part of a guild that resonates with your aspirations. Empowering Guild Masters Guild Masters, we understand that each guild has its unique dynamics and preferences. As a Guild Master, you have the flexibility to choose how new members join your ranks. The Guild Finder comes with an option that allows Guild Masters to turn off the "join without invitation" feature. This means you can maintain the traditional invitation-based approach if it best suits your guild's ethos. Forge New Bonds, Shape New Legends The Guild Finder isn't just a tool; it's an opportunity to forge connections that will define your journey. Expand your horizons, share experiences, and embark on epic adventures alongside fellow guild members. Engage in collaborative gameplay, conquer dungeons, and achieve feats that echo through the ages. As we roll out this Guild Finder feature, we eagerly anticipate the connections you'll make and the stories you'll write together. Your feedback continues to be invaluable, so please let us know your thoughts as we refine and enhance this system to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your guild interactions. Addressing Bot Activity: Introducing Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command We've heard your concerns about bot activity within the farming areas, and we're taking proactive steps to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Introducing the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command, a tool designed to empower vigilant players and curtail suspicious bot behaviour. We value your commitment to creating a vibrant and bot-free gaming environment. Your participation in the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command not only safeguards the integrity of the server but also makes the community stronger. Together, we can maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. Bot Hunter Rank 5+: Vigilance Rewarded For those who have earned the Bot Hunter rank of 5 or higher, we're entrusting you with the responsibility to help police our farm areas. Your keen eye and dedication to maintaining a bot-free environment will now play a crucial role in ensuring everyone's gameplay remains unaffected. Every day, as a Bot Hunter, you'll have access to a valuable tool - the /bothunterask command. If you spot a player exhibiting behavior that raises suspicion, simply use this command followed by the player's name. This action will trigger an automated math question, aimed at distinguishing between genuine players and potential bots. We have limited its usage to 3 times per day initially to prevent abuse, if we receive no reports, we will increase its limits. To amplify the impact of bot bans, we're introducing a new dynamic. A successful bot ban will be recorded as a PVP kill, granting the Bot Hunter the standard Perin/EC/RC rewards associated with a PVP flag. This enhancement rewards your efforts in curbing bot activity while aligning with our commitment to fair play. Zero Tolerance for Bot Activity A correct response within the set time will prove the player's legitimacy. However, failure to respond accurately will result in an automatic farm ban lasting one day. For repeated offenses, this ban can escalate up to a maximum of 7 days including permanent server bans. Randomized Checks: Uncovering Suspicious Activity In addition to the interactive checks, our system will conduct random and periodic automated checks on users engaged in farming activities. This ensures a continuous effort to maintain a level playing field and discourage bot-related behavior. These check methods will remain undisclosed to thwart potential bot users from devising countermeasures. Recent Fixes & Improvements: Resolved issue where Penya was erroneously consumed during awake attempts for certain items (e.g., new shields). Corrected displayed prices for fashion items in the awake window. Fixed Molten Potion duration problem for items like FLY-FOR-FUN and loss of duration upon relogin. Addressed Molten Potion issue causing some items to not appear in the Item Duration Window. Extrabags now remain active with premium time, regardless of extrabag time. Enhanced game latency for smoother gameplay. Rectified speed synchronization problem, eliminating character mispositioning and visual glitches (e.g., long-range attacks). Fixed major position bug affecting players and creatures across all clients, leading to better position synchronization in farm zones, guild sieges, and more. Added restriction to bot hunter global messages when a player is flying. Thank you for being part of our community. Happy hunting, adventurers!
  5. Rolling Events Starting this Saturday, we're excited to introduce Rolling Events in Prologic! To kick things off, we're launching an event that boosts all income sources, including Perin, Penya, EC, and RC. Originally planned to run for just 24 hours, we've decided to extend the event for the entire weekend. This will give you more time to take advantage of the increased rewards and earnings. Join us in making this inaugural Rolling Event a memorable one! Infinity Seasonal Event With the arrival of this update, we bid farewell to the Valentine's Event and introduce the Infinity Event. As you continue your monster-slaying quests throughout the vast lands of Madrigal, keep an eye out for Infinity Gems. These rare gems have a chance to drop from defeated monsters. The Infinity Gems hold great value as they can be exchanged for exclusive rewards. Visit the exchanger located in Flaris and discover the wonders that await those who possess the Infinity Gems. Monster Element Types We've heard your feedback and understand that some players may not be aware of the elemental strengths and weaknesses of the monsters they encounter. To address this, we've made an important addition. You will now notice two simple icons displayed next to each monster and boss. These icons provide a quick visual representation of their elemental attributes. Knowing the elemental strengths and weaknesses of the monsters you face will help you choose the most effective weapon elements and strategies. We hope this enhancement will assist both new and experienced players in optimising their gameplay and making informed decisions. Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!
  6. Prologic Client v2.0.1 – Significant CPU Optimisations We are thrilled to announce the release of Prologic Client version 2.0.1, which introduces substantial improvements to CPU performance when running minimised clients. Our main focus in this update was to optimise the client's resource usage, specifically targeting CPU requirements. As a result, we have managed to reduce CPU draw by up to 50%, offering a more efficient experience for players. One of the significant benefits of these CPU improvements is the enhanced performance for players who actively play a client with other clients minimised in the background. When running multiple instances of the Prologic Client, such as having one client as the main focus while others are running in the background, the reduced CPU requirements have a direct positive impact. Players will notice a smoother overall performance, with reduced CPU strain allowing for more resources to be allocated to the active client. This means a more responsive gameplay experience, even when multiple instances are running simultaneously. Furthermore, these optimisations enable players to engage in other activities alongside their primary client without compromising performance. Whether you're running additional clients for farming, monitoring the in-game market, or simply collecting, the minimized clients will now have a significantly reduced CPU draw. This allows for a more seamless multitasking experience, where players can efficiently manage multiple aspects of their gameplay without sacrificing performance. By reducing the CPU requirements of minimised clients, we have opened up new possibilities for players who enjoy maximising their in-game efficiency. Whether you're a dedicated multiboxer or someone who enjoys running multiple clients for various purposes, the improved performance of the Prologic Client v2.0.1 will elevate your gameplay experience to new heights. Roulette Event: Increased Epic Reward Probability! As part of the summer sale, from now until July 16th, we will be hosting a special limited-time event in our roulette feature. During this event, the probability of landing the highest tier of reward, known as the Epic Reward, will be increased by 50% for normal, vote, and lucky spins. Please note that while we intend to run this event until July 16th, we will be monitoring its usage closely to ensure market stability. In case of excessive usage, we reserve the right to end the event ahead of schedule to ensure market stability. We would like to emphasise that this is a trial event, and we value your feedback. Let us know what you think about this event and whether you would like to see more of these type of events mixed in with the content-based events we are developing. Join us during this limited time and try your luck with the enhanced chances of winning Epic Rewards. We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!
  7. Great work mate!
  8. Balance Update and New Shields: We have implemented a balance update aimed at enhancing gameplay for classes that lack shields. As part of this update, we are introducing three new shields in to Behemoth: the Crackshooter Shield, Harlequin Shield, and Arcanist Shield. Furthermore, we have added Evo versions of these shields in the Cursed Animus. The Evo Crackshooter Shield, Evo Harlequin Shield, and Evo Arcanist Shield. Please note that for these new shields and their Evo counterparts, only the shield's stats and BoBo rarity will apply. Awakening or adding piercing cards to these shields is not possible, as we have made this decision for balancing purposes. However, rest assured that we will continue releasing additional stats as needed to maintain class equilibrium. Evo Seraph Shield Enhancement and Evo Oracle Adjustment: Among the new enhancements, we have introduced the Evo Seraph Shield, a formidable shield that grants an additional 10% melee block, bolstering your defences and providing greater survivability in battle. Additionally, the Evo Oracle has also undergone a change. The previous 35% decrease in casting time has been replaced with a 10% increase in attack damage. These adjustments aim to refine the class's playstyle and ensure a fair balance of abilities. Clockwork Lucky Drop and Rewards Rebalancing: As a result of the community vote, we have reevaluated the rewards of the Clockwork dungeon as well as launched the Lucky Drop system. The dungeon has been rebalanced to address player feedback and improve the overall experience. One notable change includes a significant reduction in the number of S card fragments. In their place, we have added more valuable rewards such as S cards, R card fragments, and even whole R cards to the different rarity tables. Players will have a better opportunity to obtain higher-tier cards and enhance their character strength. This change aims to make the Clockwork dungeon more enticing and rewarding for all participants. With the rebalancing of the Clockwork dungeon, we aim to bring it back into relevance within Pologic. The adjustments made to the rewards and rarity tables ensure that both new and old players can progress and enjoy the dungeon's challenges while maintaining a fair gear progression. We appreciate the community's input, as it has helped shape these changes for a better gaming experience. New Asia Route: We are delighted to share some exciting news with our Asia-based players. We have launched an new Asia route to further improve connectivity to Prologic for players in their region based on feedback received from V1. We understand how crucial a stable and responsive connection is for your gameplay, and we are doubling down on our efforts to provide the best possible experience for our Asia-based players. Automatic Invasions: We have some great news to share with you all. We've now introduced a new feature that I'm sure you'll find quite useful. We have implemented automatic invasions into the game, scheduled to occur every 3 hours! This means you no longer have to depend solely on staff availability to enjoy invasions. Now, the system will handle the generation of invasions, ensuring a more consistent and accessible experience for all players. Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!
  9. Lucky Drop Update We have some exciting news regarding the PVE rework. As part of this rework, we have now implemented the new Lucky Drop system that will improve the way dungeon drops occur. Currently, dungeons such as Maximus, Evo, and Contaminated drop tokens or fragments in consistent numbers, but the new Lucky Drop system will provide a chance for players to trigger additional drops such as larger fragment amounts, runes, weapons, and accessories. Item drops will be rare and server-wide messages will be sent out congratulating players who receive them. This new system will reward each player in the dungeon with loot that goes straight to their inventory, which will be categorised as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Players will have a chance to obtain a reward from one of these categories when they kill a boss. The Lucky Drop system is a direct buff to the amount of drops in these dungeons, with some dungeons such as Evo providing far more materials on average over time, that’s not including the chance at a whole item! Players without Gift Box will only be able to receive Common loot (Dekane Mine requires a minimum of Gift Box 1), while those with higher Gift Boxes will have access to better rewards, up to Legendary items such as a whole Evo weapon. The maximum Gift Box is 4+ to ensure no single class is limited as some classes currently can only run 1 ancient weapon. We have rolled out the system to specific dungeons first: Cursed Aminus, Aminus, Maximus, and Dekane Mine. We will monitor player engagement and make any necessary changes before implementing it in other dungeons. We also want to ensure the drop tables are accurate and proportional, and that there are no bugs or ways to abuse the system. To ensure fairness and prevent abuse, there are MAC limits in place (maximum 2 characters per player) with a total of 5 players in a party receiving loot. Characters must be actively fighting the boss to trigger Lucky Drop. We believe that this new Lucky Drop system will encourage players to work together and make group gameplay more rewarding. It also adds variety and excitement to the game, making it more engaging for players. We have not changed the difficulty of dungeons to ensure that solo farmers are not punished by this change. With the implementation of the new Lucky Drop system, we are aware that the economy of Prologic will experience a change as a greater volume of Perin and items will enter the game. However, this change to the Lucky Drop system is fundamental to improving the player experience, as it incentivises group gameplay and creates a more exciting and rewarding dungeon experience. We understand that it may have an impact on the economy, but we believe that it will ultimately be a positive change as it allows us to release more challenging and desirable content for players to strive towards. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy what is set to be one of the most fundamental PVE rework changes Prologic has ever seen. Other Updates Guild Siege player synchronization has been improved, resulting in a smoother and more stable experience. Players can now combine identical buff items from the RC trader, collection area, and drop items. Power scrolls can now be used in the extra bags, providing more flexibility and convenience to players. Bot Hunter titles have been restored to their original state. Thank you everyone!
  10. PVE Rebalance for Select Classes We are excited to announce a rebalance of PVE for several classes. This update is aimed at providing a more enjoyable experience for players in PVE content, while also ensuring that each class is balanced and effective in its role. Slayer is now the powerhouse it always should have been. With faster and harder hits, it's a glass cannon that deals eye-watering damage. We have also updated the master skill to display the 50% increased PVE damage accurately. We recommend using it to maximize damage output. Harlequin is now an extremely strong 1v1 boss hunter. Each hit deals a lot of damage, making it a fantastic bossing class. This is a significant change for Harlequin, and we believe it will provide a more enjoyable experience for players. Crackshot has received a general damage increase, balanced by the fact that it has an effective ranged AOE. This will make it more effective in PVE, particularly in group scenarios. Mentalist has received a significant buff to its power. It's now a class worth considering for PVE content, in addition to its usefulness in PVP. We were aware that the AOE was bugged for this class, we have now corrected this issue. Templar and Force Master have not received any changes. These classes are already extremely powerful in PVE due to their ability to both deal damage and tank it. We feel they are already in a good place and don't require any further adjustments. Seraph has also not received any changes. This class is unique in that it should be a primary buffing class. However, due to the availability of buffs throughout the game, it no longer has a defined role. It is currently being used for tanking and AOE farming, which doesn't feel right for this class. We are looking into how we can bring back Seraph to its core gameplay mechanic and revitalize this class (without taking away from what it can already do). We don't believe that a damage increase is the right solution for this support class. Overall, we believe these changes will provide a more enjoyable and balanced experience for our players in PVE content. We are committed to continuously improving and balancing our game, and we appreciate your feedback and support. To that end, we understand that balancing is an ongoing process and want to hear from players if they feel a class is over or under performing. PVE DPS Dummy We have made some changes to the PVE DPS Dummy in Flaris to improve the accuracy of DPS testing. The dummy now has infinite HP and higher PVE Defense, so players can switch between gear and items to see which combination provides the best results. It's important to note that the DPS meter takes time to ramp up, so spending a bit of time testing to get an accurate average is recommended. We hope this change will provide a better testing environment and help players fine-tune their builds for maximum effectiveness. Free For ALL (FFA) Rewards We have now implemented Event Coin (EC) rewards into the Free For All (FFA) game mode. This will not only incentivise the game mode and encourage more players to participate, but it also provides another way for players to earn this valuable currency. The rewards for the top four players will be significant: > 1st Place: 300 EC > 2nd Place: 200 EC > 3rd Place: 150 EC > 4th Place 100 EC All others: 5 EC We hope that this will add more excitement and competition to the FFA game mode and look forward to seeing the results. Server Security We have successfully improved the security of our server to prevent the type of security breaches that have forced other servers to close recently in the Flyff community. Server security is of utmost importance and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that Prologic is well protected from any potential threats. While other servers have been forced to shut down due to security breaches, we are happy to report that our efforts to patch any vulnerabilities have been successful, and our players can continue to enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience. We will continue to monitor our security protocols to ensure that our players' data remains protected at all times. Quality of Life Updates Auto-Fill - We have also made an change to the upgrade system in the game. By default, when upgrading, players will now be able to refill all the slots with the necessary upgrade material just by clicking on it. This will save players from the hassle of manually adding the material to each slot, making the upgrade process much smoother and faster. Penya to inventory - We have made some adjustments to the game's economy by changing the way Penya is acquired. Now, when killing creatures, the Penya will go directly to your inventory, making it much easier to manage your earnings and no longer stressing about your pet speed. To balance this change, the Perin farm area has been adjusted accordingly. Private Shops - We have made a change to the way private shops work in the game. Now, when opening a private shop, the chat window will only open when you click the chat button. This will prevent the window from opening automatically and interrupting your gameplay, allowing you to focus on managing your shop and selling items. Remove Buffs - We have added a new feature that allows players to remove Buff Items and balloons. Now, you can right-click on the item or buff in the 'Item Duration' window (J key) and choose the option to remove it. This will save you time and make it much more convenient to manage your inventory and buffs during gameplay: Thank you everyone!
  11. From the 1st to the 31st of March, we are adding an additional 20% LP to all packages! We will also be holding a raffle at the end of the month where 3 winners will be picked at random. These winners will receive a bonus of 30% of the total amount of LP they donated during the month of March as well as a fashion model from the Wiki. The top donator for the month will also receive a fashion model of their choice. Fashion models selected can be ones that are not currently in game or on the store! For every 20 USD donated, 1 raffle entry will be registered. Therefore if you donate 40 USD in the month, you will be entered twice! Winners will be drawn at random on the 1st April. Thank you everyone!
  12. Inventory Changes We have doubled the default inventory size to 84 slots for all players as well as added a sort button to the user interface! This is a great leap towards a better user experience, reducing the previous frustrations of limited inventory size and messy storage. This turned out to be far more complicated than we expected. Network Improvements When a new user enters visible range of another player, the server will only send 31 inventory slots instead of 73. This should dramatically improve latency for all players regardless of geographic location. Valentine's Update (better late than never!) Valentine's event has launched! We apologize for how late this is, we were due to release this at the start of February but opted to prioritize the inventory expansion feeling this would benefit players far more. Game Changes New players entering the server will now start in Flaris. This should be far less confusing for new players as the SM spawn was a legacy position. Roulette can now only be used in channel 1. Protips and Automatic Messages have been updated to more relevant and helpful information. Evo Burana Runes now have a 100% success rate and will never fail. Magic Mask stats error causing people to lose the bonuses when relogging has been fixed. This should now resolve all problems with this set. Removed resurrection ability from Guild Clash. Fixed a world crash error Thank you everyone and enjoy!
  13. Hi Everyone! We have successfully completed a resolution upgrade within the server allowing players to now play with enhanced resolutions up to a maximum of 4K: 3840 x 2160 (windowed) or 2K: 2560 x 1440 (Full-screen). Yes that's right, Full-screen has now been introduced to Prologic for all but 4K resolution! To upgrade your existing client, please head to the download page or download the patcher directly here, add this to your Prologic Flyff Client file and press "Replace". If you are a new player reading this, the upgrade will already be applied when you download the client. Once replaced, run the client as normal and select your resolution preference under the “Options” menu before launching the game. Thank you everyone, enjoy!
  14. Dekane Mine and the Reforge Rarity System As per the lore teaser released earlier this week, we have launched a new novice to mid-player dungeon - the Dekane Mines! Access to this dungeon can be found through the V teleport interface. In order to receive drops, players must have at least 1 Gift Box (most easily achievable through the party skill “Gift Box”). Players will need to first fight 5 mini bosses and will be rewarded with Perin for their demise. Then you will be faced with the final boss, Evo Armis, who drops both Perin and a new material needed for the Reforge Rarity System; Astatine: Dekane Mines Boss Locations What does Astatine do? Well, we are delighted to announce we have finished the development of a new feature called “Reforging”. This feature allows players to reforge their weapons and shields to different rarity levels utilizing the newly discovered element Astatine, each level providing powerful bonus stats: To reforge your equipment, you will first need to run the once-forgotten Dekane Mine Dungeon for the new material. Astatine can then be used within the Reforge Equipment Rarity feature provided by BoBoChan: Each reforge attempt costs 200 Perin. Players are able to increase the likelihood of a higher rarity roll through the use of a Rarity Booster. These boosters are available to purchase in-game for RC or on the LP store. The bonus is small and as such is reflected in the cost. Utilization of a rarity booster is not a requirement to roll higher levels of rarity. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
  15. Hi Everyone, We are delighted to kick 2023 off with something rather special. Over the past few weeks, we have been busy creating a new in-game feature; Prologic Roulette! We have also managed to launch the long-awaited higher-tiered piercing cards! Summary of Update: Prologic Roulette release Roulette Vendor Backdated bonuses to Jan 1st onwards donators Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” X & 12% Pierce Cards in LP store S & 8% Pierce Cards in LP store Free 6-hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Collectors - Development Update Prologic Roulette The roulette system contains over 350 prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points! It was incredibly important to us that regardless of if you donate, everyone has the opportunity to access LP store items. As such, this feature is available for Logic Points (LP), Vote Points (VP), and Voting Site rewards. As more items are introduced into the store, we will periodically update the wheel with these prizes. Prizes range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. A complete list of prizes will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Normal Roulette Spins (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP and VP Store Roulette Vendor Free spins for donation packages 1 Free spin every time you vote at GT100 Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins (Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP Store Roulette Vendor Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins have a higher likelihood of rolling Rare and Epic rewards. We have designed them this way as they are purchasable via the Roulette Vendor, meaning if you have bad luck, you can guarantee a better prize through its purchase! Prologic Roulette can be found in Flaris near the bank, or via the “Prologic Roulette” teleport in the teleport interface (V). Roulette Vendor If you are unhappy with your prize, you will also be able to convert it straight into “Roulette Tokens”! Roulette Tokens can be used at the Roulette Vendor in Flaris to purchase some of the most powerful LP store items in the game, including Stats Fashion, Pets, Cards, and more. Roulette Tokens are untradable to ensure economic balance, however, the items purchased from the vendor are tradable. A complete list of vendor items will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Back-Dated Donation Packages Any player that has donated since the 1st of January 2023 for a package that now qualifies for free spins will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount within 24 hours, please check your mail. It was our intention to have this launched on the 1st of January and feel it is only right to give players what is (unknowingly) owed. Owed spins can be claimed from the store page within the Account Information area: Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” We have over 68 different premium consumable buff’s within Prologic and many players carry them all with them. We now have options for players to use instead; the “Molten Potion”. This buff is available in a 1-hour and 3-hour option, it contains all of these consumables within one item! These items are available through the LP store, VP Store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. X and 12% Pierce Cards New X and 12% Pierce Cards have been added to both the EVO Rune store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. These cards are extremely powerful giving bonuses above and beyond that of the usual cards. The card details are as follows: Fire Card X 15 Strength 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Water Card X 15 Intelligence 4% Decreased Cast Time 2% PVE Damage Electric Card X 15 Dexterity 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Land Card X 15 Stamina 4% HP Volcano Card 12% 12% Increased HP 3% PVE Damage Absorb Ocean Card 12% 12% Increased MP 3% PVE Damage Lightning Card 12% 12% Increased Attack 3% PVE Damage Earthquake Card 12% 12% Increased Defence 3% PVE Damage Absorb S and 8% Pierce Cards We have received a lot of player feedback over the past few months regarding adding these to the store. As such, you have asked, and we have listened! They are now available to purchase for LP under the Piercing Cards category. Free 6-Hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Selling via vendors has been made free for up to 6 hours to all users! This is a permanent change and hope that it helps everyone sell more wares! We have also added longer-duration vendors to the Perin store as detailed below: Item Cost 1 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 50 Perin 3 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 120 Perin 7 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 240 Perin Offline Collectors - Development Update We know many are patiently awaiting the release of offline collectors, so we thought it best to give you an update! Right now, we have the option to release this feature in its current state. However, the rewards being given by the collectors are in our eyes… lacking. There are only so many Hat Boxes a player can want. Therefore, we have taken the decision to delay this feature while we totally rewrite the base code as well as completely redesigning the reward system. With this redesign, we will be able to add far more interesting rewards to collecting. This is incredibly important to us as we have some amazing features and systems planned for the future and need to ensure the collector system stays relevant in regards to drop and profitability for players as the server expands. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
  16. Prologic Roulette Rewards List The roulette system contains hundreds of prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points. As we continue to develop the server, we will add and/or remove prizes to the wheel to ensure it is as enjoyable as possible. The below list will be updated each time the wheel changes, so players know exactly what they are able to win at any given time. Name Amount Rarity 15 Days Scroll of Party Skill 1 Common 25 LP Flask / Potion 20 Common Bead Slot Key 1 Common Blessing of Goddess 50 Common Christmas Cake 20 Common Concoction of Profuse Bleeding 10 Common Item Transy (A) 10 Common Item Transy (B) 10 Common Molten Potion - 1 Hour 1 Common Power Scroll 25 Common Pride of Victory 10 Common Prologic Off-line Selling 3 day 1 Common Revert Transmutation Scroll 5 Common Scroll of Acquisition 5 Common Scroll of Change Pet Name 1 Common Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 50 Common Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 75 Common Scroll of Unbinding 1 Common Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 200 Common Blessing of Goddess 125 Uncommon Chance of the Pet Tamer 5 Uncommon Molten Potion - 3 Hour 1 Uncommon Prologic Off-line Selling 7 day 1 Uncommon Scroll of Amplification R 5 Uncommon Scroll of Holy 50 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 70 Uncommon Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 125 Uncommon Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) 200 Uncommon Scroll of Reflect 1 Uncommon Scroll of Unbinding 3 Uncommon Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 500 Uncommon Awake Transfer Material 2 Rare Blessing of Goddess 250 Rare Extra Spins 4 Rare Logic Points 150 Rare Molten Potion - 3 Hour 3 Rare Prologic Rebirth Soul Boost 100% 1 Rare Random 200 LP Fashion 1 Rare Random 200 LP Flying Mount 1 Rare Random 200 LP Name Colour 1 Rare Random 200 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Rare Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation 250 Rare Scroll of Reflect 2 Rare Scroll of Reflect 3 Rare Silver Battery 1 Rare Ultimate Blessing of Baruna 1000 Rare VIP Scroll 10 Days 1 Rare Animated Weapon Skin 1 Epic Aura Orb 1 Epic Brutal Set 1 Epic Charmander 1 Epic Cloak of Honor 1 Epic Extra Spins 7 Epic Extra Spins 5 Epic Gold Battery 1 Epic King's Almighty Dragon Mask 1 Epic Logic Points 300 Epic Logic Points 450 Epic Magic Mask Dragon Almighty 1 Epic PVE Brutal Set 1 Epic Random 12% Cards 1 Epic Random 225 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 250 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 300 LP Fashion 1 Epic Random 300 LP Flying Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Mount 1 Epic Random 300 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 350-300 LP Weapon Skin 1 Epic Random 375 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 400 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 400 LP Stats Cloak 1 Epic Random 450 LP Stats Fashion Set 1 Epic Random 500 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random 525 LP Buff Pet 1 Epic Random X Cards 1 Epic VIP Scroll 30 Days 1 Epic
  17. Guide Contents: Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Equipment Piercing 0/4 and 0/10 Elemental Upgrades Change Element Type Jewels and Runes Bonus Stats We will be focusing this guide around Baruna items as upgrading lesser equipment is not really needed due to the abundance of these items in the game. For our examples, we will be using a Baruna Bileire Suit and a Baruna Curtana weapon. They both are classed as “Clean” meaning no upgrades are present on them. Clean gear usually sells for around 20-30 Perin each in SM, while weapons vary depending on the class. Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Regular equipment can be upgraded to +10 while a Baruna item can be upgraded to +20. To upgrade we will need plenty of Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s. Stones of Balance can be bought from Peach along with being found from various mob loot drops. Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s can be bought from the store, or found in the AFK collectors area. Be aware that upgrading Baruna weapons can be quite costly for a new player. You are able to use Scrolls of Smelting to increase the chance of success up to +10 should you have collected any of these during your playtime. We will be using the “Safe Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with both of the Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing Stones, once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired upgrade target, or reach +20. 57 Attempts to +10, 228 total attempts to +20 68 Attempts to +10, 205 total attempts to +20 Upgrading a Baruna weapon to +20 unlocks 8 rune slots, we will discuss these later in the guide. Piercing Suits, Weapons, and Shields are the only items that are able to be pierced. The following are the types of cards available and where they can be pierced: Suits can be pierced up to a maximum of 4 times, while weapons and shields can be pierced 10 times. To pierce our items we will be using the “Safe Piercing” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with moonstones (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of GProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired pierce target, or reach 0/4 or 0/10. 47 Attempts to 0/4 the suit. 93 Attempts to 0/10 the weapon. Next, we will attach our cards by double-clicking on the card, then clicking on the item. For the suit, we are placing 4x 10% Earthquake cards to give us 40% more defense, and we are placing 10x Land Card (s) into our weapon for 80 STA and 10% HP. Elemental Upgrades Suits, Weapons and Shields are the only items that are able to be upgraded with an element using element cards. These items can be upgraded with an element to a maximum of +20. With each higher level providing a greater glow on the weapon along with a bonus to damage or reduction based on the enemy you are fighting. To element upgrade our items we will be using the “Safe Element Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with your desired element card (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of SProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: For our examples, we will be upgrading both our suit and our weapon with Generator Cards (Electric). 415 Attempts to +20 the weapon. 490 Attempts to +20 the suit. Change Element Type You are able to change the element in your equipment by using a Scroll of Element Change, on sale at the Red Chip Trader for 250 Red Chips. To use this scroll, active it, place your item into the slot, and select the new element. We are going to change our suit from Electric to Wind: Jewels and Runes Once a weapon has been upgraded as per the first part of this guide, jewel slots will be unlocked. The maximum number of Jewel slots for a Baruna weapon is 8 and is achieved once the weapon reaches +20. In these slots you can put Jewels (only use Diamonds), or even better, Runes. Runes can be incredibly cheap, or very expensive, depending on what type you would like. Runes come in 3 types: Attributes, % PVE Damage Increase and % PVP Damage Increase. For our example, I have purchased the runes from a player vendor in SM how has farmed them from dungeons. The runes I will be adding are % PVP Damage Runes. To add the rune, simply double click the rune and click the weapon. We were lucky, none of them failed… yes they can fail and you lose the rune! Bonus Stats You are able to add bonus stats onto equipment by using attribute scrolls (Scroll of Strength, Scroll of Stamina etc.) available from the Event Shop. These scrolls will add a bonus attribute to your item ranging from 1 to 4. These scrolls cost 100 Event Coins each and the roll is random. This upgrade is a costly luxury and is only really chased by players who have little else to upgrade and want to min/max their builds. To add the bonus stat, simply double-click the scroll and click the item. Each attempt will overwrite the existing bonus; we were lucky and landed a +3 on the suit! The End Result! The last step is to sort the awakes out, more information on how awakes work can be found in my Awakes Guide Here.
  18. Guide Contents: Awakening Equipment and Weapons Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes Awakening Equipment and Weapons Using the /Awake command will bring up an interface that will allow you to awaken armor, weapons, and shields at a cost of 1.3M Penya per roll. An awake can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 lines. The possible awakes are: When rolling for awakes the best case scenario is 3 max roll or 2 max roll and 1 near max role of 3 identical stats, however it is very rare. Therefore we will be focusing on what is known as the “Normal” Awake. For this type of awake, you are ideally looking for 2 identical max stats and 1 additional stat. This additional stat does not matter, but it is important that there are 3 lines to the awake. For example, a pair of boots has rolled +500 HP / + 500 HP / +200 FP. We can see from the chart above that we have hit 2x max rolls on HP. The next step is to use a Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation which can be bought from the store for LP/VP as well as other players: This scroll will allow us to reroll one of the 3 awakenings on our item, for our example, we will be selecting FP: We will roll until we hit the maximum for HP achievable via the scroll. It is important to remember that these scrolls do NOT go all the way to max, and have an upper limit to what can be rolled. For convenience, I have highlighted these maximums in the awakening table in orange. Congratulations, you have now created a “Normal” Awake. Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes You are also able to buy and sell awakes by transferring them onto and off of items. This is a simple process, however, it is costly. The price of transferring an awake is 250 Perin plus the cost of the Awake Transfer Material (250 LP or around 200~ Perin). To transfer the awake you will need the item with the awake on, the item to receive the awake, 1 Awake Transfer Material, and 250 Perin. The item to receive the awake must have no awakes on it, if it does, use a Scroll of Revision on it (available from Peach at the blacksmith area). To start the awake transfer, click Menu > Prologic Systems > Awake Transfer Follow the UI - simple!
  19. I hadn't realised! Thank you, I have updated it to reflect this.