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  1. Yes there is the drops only in the bosses.
  2. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Dungeon for the Maximus Jewelry has been balanced. Added New Maximus Trader Npc, You will be able to exchange the Maximus Gem in this npc. Now The Voter Buff will give you 50% more gems drop in some dungeons like the Maximus Jewelry Dungeon.
  3. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Added 25% hp to the level 125 set baruna FORCEMASTER. New change for all jobs, you need pve runes or diamonds in order to get the best damage vs mobs. Fixed entrance to the rb 6 are in the VIP channel. Now automatic x4 lord buff will also cast 100% drop rate. Keep Enjoying our beloved server If you have any report please let us know, we will keep updating during the following months bringing more amazing new content. Congratulations to the winners of the last siege 31/01/2020
  4. This Error was fixed. Thanks for the report
  5. Optimized client to improve stability. Added new twitch streamer tittle and icon. If you want to get it just need to do some stream of Flyff Prologic. Fixed problem that mentalist cant deal damage to bosses in dungeon. Added new behemon knuckle with adoch. New dungeon added. New Maximus Jewelry available in the new dungeon.
  6. Prologic Thread.png

  7. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed problem that remove the premium from some players. Now you can open shops in Flaris. Fixed problem that remove upgrade from weapons in the afk vendors. The siege has been moved 1 hour later.
  8. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed some client crashes. Now you cant un-equip items in the guild siege or ffa. * You can change equip during wait time when you die. * This was included to help balance all the classes. Increased block of templar. Now psy aether grasp does not have cooldown and has increased range. Added new models soon in the shop. Added winter flaris theme Winter In Game Event And New Models Collect Snow Flake from creatures and Snow Fairy from the floor around the world. Exchange for items in flaris 00 Enjoy!
  9. New Damage measurer that include last damage pve and total damage on pve kill. PVE damage balance. * All the damages will in crease base in a stat of every class(This is to avoid people with al most no stats having the same damage as full players.). * Slayer Aditionc Critical Damage * Harlequin Aditionc Critical Damage * Psy INT * Arcanist INT * ForceMaster Aditionc Critical Damage * Seraph INT * Templar Additional Critical Damage * Crackshooter Additional Critical Damage Now Billposter aoe damage increase by str. Now you can only open the shops in the market place to avoid lag in the city. Server moved to a new location to improve ping overall. Increased Client Memory capacity to decrease client crashes. Prologic Classic Halloween event - 3 New Npc are located now in flaris - Click the first npc to get your first quest - after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q' -Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world. - after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest! - You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie with stats - You can exchange your tokens in the NPC Brooks - The hunter Box contains two sets with low change and buff items! Enjoy!
  10. If you want to donate via GCASH sent it to the number 09155518804. Price Table 500 PHP = 625lp 1300 PHP = 1625lp + 325lp Bonus 2600 PHP = 3250lp + 725lp Bonus 5300 PHP = 6500lp + 1600lp Bonus 7900PHP = 9750lp + 2400lp Bonus 10200PHP = 12500lp + 4500lp Bonus Report all the payments to [email protected] or the admin https://www.facebook.com/yoshi.mitzu21
  11. Moved shield from the rc shop to the event coin shop. Fixed old glow in some yoyo models Fixed old glow in some swords models Implemented event Team war TDM, TOWER DEFENSE, CAPTURE THE FLAG every hour. * Winning team will receive 50 event coin + 10 if have voter buff. * 20 event coin for participating. Now you can enter any dungeons does not matter the max level. Fixed problem with dark illusion that gets removed before the timer is out. added 250mb to the client memory limit to avoid crashes. Increased ForceMaster aoe damage. Fixed bug that was making people die more than 1 time in the siege and FFA. Increased server memory to avoid world crashes after sometime online. Bug that don't allow to register to ffa until re-login fixed. Increased Mentalist shield from 5% hp to 20% hp.
  12. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed problem in the awake transfer system that does not allow to transfer to items with +1 +2 stats Now when combining fashions the fashions will not get destroyed instead there will be a cost in perins for every combination. increased buff time of jester skills and ranger skills. Fixed problem with double information sent to users causing DC or crash. Added Scroll of Resurrection to the Vote Shop. The new rebirth farm area is PK now. Increased damage of Spectral Javelin from Arcanist. Decreased pvp damage absorb for Templar Axe to 7%. Decreased block rate of creatures. Increased Jester pve damage. Increased Ranger pve damage. Improved server security. Removed a crash error from the server. Now mounts will have a base increase speed of 100. Added a new queue system for the guild siege * After the first fight there will be a limit of user of the same guild that can be in the siege arena. * When a member of the guild die the next available member will enter in the arena. Added permanent mounts to the web shop. New Afk Shop System * With this method of selling you can sell while you are online or offline. * A difference with the offline vending you will not receive RC reward per hour while you are offline. * This shop will stay active until the period is finished or all the items are sold. * Even if the server restart the shops will stay online. * You can remove the shop in the icon in the top of the screen. * Be aware when you sell items while you are offline the items will be sent to your mail so check your mail periodically to avoid losing items. Do not hesitate and report if there is something wrong with the update. This is the first part of the update, we will be releasing a new dungeon and new jewelry in the next days.
  13. Fixed problem with the pk system, that make you pk when using some skills. Added FLY AND FOR Event coupons for new users. Fixed Guild Siege and ffa stuck bug. Fixed problem with skills like stun and invisible that does not last the correct time. Now the client will not freeze when you move the client in window mode. Fixed problem that don't update the stats when changing the pet level. Implemented old psykeeper walk animation. Fixed error with Grilled Eel that does not allow you to recover all hp when using restate. now the day/nigh option will update automatically without the need of client restart. Now you only need to have VoterBuff to have all the teleporter unlocked. The old flaris is back The lover messenger is back with some more Models.
  14. Prologic Flyff Contest! (Win a 20$ gift card + Donation Points)! DEADLINE : July 15, 2019 NOTE: YOU WILL NEED YOUR REFERRAL LINK LOGIN IN OUR WEB http://www.prologicflyff.com/ Requirement : Facebook account should not be dummy account or have at least 5 months old Facebook Account with at least 300 Friends Rules Step 1 : Like and Follow Official Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/prologicflyff/ Step 2: Join our Prologic Market Shop https://www.facebook.com/groups/1976740845742467/ Step 4 : LIKE AND SHARE and tag 5 friends IN THE SHARE (Much better if he or she is Playing Flyff) https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2338184659841109 Step 5 : Comment on this link you in game name + a small message https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2338184659841109 HOW TO WIN You need to share your referral link to your friends or in groups for example The more you share the more chance you have of winning. You can share in any social media or platform. 4. You can check the numbers of valid referrals you have in your referral page. REWARDS The top 1 of the referral rank in the deadline will receive a 20$ gift card of his choice + 1000LP DEADLINE : July 15, 2019 Top 2 and 3 of the Rank will receive 600 LP EXTRA PARTICIPANTS We will be giving away in a raffle PRIZE : 15 WINNERS 120 set any of choice 125 set any of choice 130 set any of choice 1 Baruna Weapon (Any of Choice) 1 Skeleton Weapon ( Any of Choice) 1 vampire Weapon Weapon ( Any of Choice) 10k Red Chips 1kpcs Event Coin 2k Letters of Choice 1 set of accessories (Defender's Set, Adept's Set, Marksman's Set, Champion's Set) 5 PCS VIP 10 Days All the others participants that don't receive rewards will receive 500 VOTE POINTS + 100 EC ATTENTION YOU CAN NOT PARTICIPATE WITH 2 DIFFERENT ACCOUNT, IF WE FIND YOU ARE DOING IT YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED
  15. New Female Fashions Added in the Web Shop Model/Fashion Bundle (F) Category New Male Fashions Added in the Web Shop Model/Fashion Bundle (M) Category Soon Some will be available in the vote shop
  16. In-game Changes and Fixes: Improved client stability. Added new tittles * Super Player (Requirement : Rebirth 10) * VIP (Requirement : Premium Time) * Voter (Requirement : Voter Buff) * Top Voter (Requirement : 16 Consecutive votes) * Super Voter (Requirement : 25+ Consecutive votes) Now the SuperGm can launch 1 x4 exp event a day. Fixed FFA map to avoid people hiding in structures. New Online buff system "From 30 to 50 Online = Pve + 2%, penya rate + 10%, rebirth souls rate +10%" "From 50 to 80 Online = Pve + 3%, penya rate + 20%, rebirth souls rate +20%" "From 80 to 100 Online = Pve + 4%, penya rate + 30%, rebirth souls rate +30%" "From 100 to 130 Online = Pve + 5%, penya rate + 40%, rebirth souls rate +40%" "150+ Online = Pve + 3%, penya rate + 50%, rebirth souls rate +50%"
  17. In-game Changes and Fixes: Improved Awake command to avoid double awake commands. Now you can trade awakened fashions in the premium channel. Improved Client performance. Fixed problem with the item tansy in sets 125 baruna. Skill DISENCHANT, Sleep, Shield Strike, backstab now has less chance of stun. Moved teleport in the ffa to avoid freeze in the entrance. Fixed problem that don't allow you to attack your characters. Implemented SuperGm Limiter to prevent the Super Gms from giving so many items or spawning so many creatures during the day. * All the limiter are set up be me Apollos * SuperGms cant decide nor have the power to change the limit so if you have any complain about the limits you need to report it to me. * There is a limit that prevent a user from winning more than 2 times from the same GM in a day.
  18. New Cloaks Added in the Web Shop Model/Cloak Category (And voteshop) New Animated Masks in the Web Shop Model/Mask Category
  19. New Pets Added in the Web Shop Pet Category Also New Voter Pet Shop Category Tomorrow more web shop updates!
  20. We Implemented a new system to be able to sell or buy Vote points in our web (soon also for Logic Points) Here is a quick guide of how to use 1. How to Place A new Offer 2. How to Buy And Sell 3. How to Claim Sold Points
  21. In-game Changes and Fixes: Now if jester or ranger is invisible their pet will be invisible. Added all the 125 baruna sets to the coupon shop. Now you can sent PK skills only if you already are pk or the target is pk or if you have the 'Automatic P.K Mode' enabled. Now Perins will be converted automatically if you have the max penya. Now new users will receive a 105 set and 105 weapon at level 105. Fixed a bug with the guild furniture that decrease the stat when installing. Speed sync between the client has been improved. Client Security and stability improved. Introduced Jump Stat in the scroll of velocity. Fixed problem with missing stats from the clients while teleport with the pet out. (This was only a visual problem the stats in the server was always correct) Added new ffa map. Improved client performance. Added 2 options to the mail, get all items to get the items and gold from all mails received, and delete all mails to remove all empty mails. New equip anti spam limitation, now you can change only up to 3 part of equips in Guild siege/FFA or if you are PKing (This limitation does not longer apply in other stances) Now templar can do aoe with sword and axe. Harlequin Balance changes (All the changes are subject to future balances) * Added poison damage to Penya strike (HOP) that increase in base of the str and pvp damage of the character. * increased Base damage for pandemonium skill. * Now the skill Counterattack has a 80% chance of stun Added new Rebirth Farm areas for rebirth 6 and Rebirth 8 you can find the tickets in the Premium Npc
  22. For the next update that will be soon is planned a revision for Harlequin so it can be in the level of the others jobs, thanks you for reaching us
  23. Thanks you for the report Harle i gonna fix this problem soon.
  24. In-game Changes and Fixes: Improved system security. Server crash problem fixed. Expanded block rate system balancer to improve the balance of every class. We did some changes to mitigate the position bugs during combats, we will wait for feedback to see how is working. grilled bug fixed. Now Mokoko will appear in the premium channel too. New "Recover Model Scroll" added to the RC Shop, with this scroll you can recover a transmuted mode. Moved down the Colosseum timer to be able to see debuff in bosses. Fixed problem with action slot that get freeze. Now if you have voter buff active you will gain 35% more rebirth souls. Fixed command /ignore you should not see any message from any person from your /ignorelist * To ignore a person just do the command /ignore name * To unignore just do the command /unignore name * To see your ignore list just do the command /ignorelist Increased damage of magician skill Strongwind Baby kargo event extended * Now the baby kargo can spawn in any spawn in madrigal * Now you will receive 15 event coins + 10 for having voter buff. * The event will be launch every 2 hours. * You will have 5 mins to kill the baby kargo until it disappear. * Protip: Search the creature name in google to find where may be the baby kargo or just Search in the flyff MAP (M) . Infinity Event! Find Infinity gems around madrigal exchange the infinity gems for rewards in the Infinity exchanger in flaris Soon a lot of new models in game and in the shop stay tuned