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  1. In-game Changes and Fixes: - New Change Color Name Scroll added in the web shop. * You can change color just using other change color name. - Fixed Error that does not show in the private shop logs the real currency the item was sold. - Fixed Error Transfer awake to a 5 stated items causing to remove the 5 stats, now it will be keep. - Removed Lord Buff Stats until further notice. - Now you can be hunted in Farm Ticked PK Channels. - The RM PVE Damage was increased. - Fixed a Database error.
  2. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Changed Crackshooter Maximus set * 20% hp to 25% * 5% Parry to 7% Critical damage - Fix a Major Bug where the server does not send all the Items Information to other Character Banks causing loss of data. - Fixed Old Glow Scroll in all new models. - FFA minimum players now is 4 players. - Increased Buff Time Of Slayers - Now can exchange More quantity of items in the Collector Exchanger. - Now GMs Cant Kick You From the Game. - Now you can get 9999 Silver Heart Box in the Coupon Shop - Farm Areas - Now there will be 1 pk Channel Per Ticket - Every Pk Channel will have 30% more Drops (Penya/Souls). - This will be a war zone so the Weak Should Fear the Strong! - New Anti Pk - Anti Machine Measure (Farm Areas non pk Channels) - There will be a Safe Time in the Farm Areas Before you can get Pked. - You Will receive a Warning 10 Minutes Before this Time Run Out. - If you stay for more this time in the Farm Areas You will be Target as a Machine and Hunted By The Players. - To Reset Your Time you need to get out of the Farm Area. - When you Kill the Machines you will be able to get a New Tittle "Bot Hunter" 50 KILLS and "Bot Annihilator" 100 KILLS - You can Notice the Bot because it has a Black Skull - New Buy Back System - If you Delete Or Sell a Item by Mistake you will be able to recover it. - Every Item Recover Will have a cost of 10 Perin. - All the BuyBack Items will Disappear after every Server Restart, so claim your Items Shortly. - New Invasion System - During The day The dark Forces will Gather in a place in Madrigal. - Defeat the Enemy to Gain a Global Full Order Buff. - You Have 30 mins to kill all creatures, if you don't, you will lose~ - A Tutor can Vote to Open a Portal of the Dark Forces to start a Invasion. Prologic Trusted Democracy System - New Tutor System - Staff System. This system has been added to improve the participation and experience of the players * There will be some Permanent Tutors and 1 that will change every week with the vote of the players. * The tutor has the same power of every player but can start request for events and systems Like: - Invasion Portals - FFA - Guild Siege - World Orders - Lord Events * When a tutor make a event request there will be a global message asking for your vote. * You can vote with the command /yes or /no * If there is enough "yes" votes the event will be executed and if the "no" are more the event will be rejected. - New Lord Tutor System * Now you can be elected to become Lord with Tutor Powers. * Read the information in game about the system. * The lord Duration is 7 Days. * You cant not change your Penya Pledge so be wise. * The System has been restructured to avoid multiple votes of the same person. * You need to be Rebirth 10 to Vote or to be a candidate. * The lord will have the chance to earn a small amount of LP depending of the donations of the day * Earn the Trust of the Players and you can become Lord Multiple times. * If the Lord Become Toxic against the community it can be replaced with a new Election. 1. Lord's power, authority and Responsibility (1) Govern the server Community and Keep the Peace (2) Gain 5% of the tax and a Random Number Of LP (Logic Points) For Every Donation. (3) Special commands for Lord (Tutor) (Check Forum or Discord For more info) (4) Custom items for Lord (Costume, Cloak, Pick-up Pet, Riding) 2. Ruling period : 1 weeks 3. How to be Lord (1) Condition of Lord candidate : Rebirth 10 (2) Get the highest votes - Only Rebirth 10 character are eligible to vote 4. Candidate entry and vote (1) Apply through 'Lords Candidate Bid' menu during the candidacy period. (At least 100 Million Penya) (2) Your bid must be within the top 10, and the top 10 users can issue their own pledge (3) Gain votes from users. (4) The highest votes will be Lord 5. Process * Every 1 weeks according to the ruling period of Lord (1) Friday (00:00) ~ Friday 23:59 UTC-5 <1Day> - candidacy starts - candidacy starts for only Rebirth 10 Players (2) Saturday (00:00) UTC-5 ~ Sunday 23:59 UTC-5 <2Days> - Confirm top 10 highest bid Lord candidates and announce it - Issuing manifesto - Rebirth 10 Players start voting (3) Monday midnight (00:00) UTC-5 - Vote finish - Winner become Lord and announcement Soon More Models and fashions, Stay Tuned! Start Your Lord Campaign Today! - Good Luck to Everyone
  3. New Dedicated server: We were having some lag and data loss issues, so i decide to get a better server to provide a better service, with this change we can have more stability in the short and long term in both Flyff server and web. In-game Changes and Fixes: Fixed some client/server bugs. Now if you kill a Pk you will get a teleport/safe zone block for 1 min. Lord System Disabled, i am working in a new system that will be available soon. Skill changes * Now Echoes of the Weary cooldown 9sec * Now Shield Bash has 100% probability to stun and 10sec cool-down. * Increased FM BUFF time x3 * Skill Stone hand now increase DCT by 10%. * Asalraalaikum damage increased by 10%. * Disabled Lord Summon/Teleport. Item changes * Skeleton Sword Knight now has 45% adoch instead of 35%. * Now Bhemeont knukcle give 5% DCT. * Now pet mp/fp awakes are the same as set, up to +500mp. Vote Shop * Feed for (S)class pet ( Auto Pet feed for 3 days just for (S)class pet. It is not available for A,B,C,D Class ) Work In progress: New Free For All War system with his rewards More Class and item Balance. New Lord Event System. New Bounty Hunter System. And More...
  4. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Fixed S Cards descriptions. - Fixed client crash when closing Guild Bank. Valentine event! Start the quest in the love npc Gather White day bouquet in the floor around madrigal Gather White day chocolate from all the creatures. Receive Angel Ticket to Exchange for more than 50 random custom models Enjoy!
  5. IMPROVEMENTS: Server Security improved New System Added to Allow Us to add New models more faster. Improved overall client load time and performance x2. Improved Client Stability. Dungeons Now reset every day at 12AM GMT-4. Changed Spirit Boom Psykeeper SFX effect to decrease the lag. NEW: Added 400 New weapon models soon available. (wiki prologic) Added 400 new fashion models soon available. (wiki prologic set) Now you can see the models in the Coupon Shop Added New Section Models in the Coupon Shop with new models and fashions g Added new Models in the ClockWork Trader Added Kuma Cloak to the Coupon Shop Added 13 New Character Animations WEB SHOP: Decreased all Prices for Flying and Running Mounts. Added New 20 Fashions in Fashions 2021 Category* CHANGES: Increased Eva Storm Pve Damage Arca. PVE Damage now benefits every class. Replaced MAX-FP awake in gauntlets for MAX-HP Screenshot_1692.png Proevent and automatic lord events now gives up to 100% exp and 100% drop Crackshooter Baruna Set 131 new stats. * dex 30 sta 50 atk + 15% hp 40% critical bonus 40% Decreased Stonehand Duration to 10 seconds and increased the chance of stun. Now you can use mounts in dungeons to speed up the farming, (The more Rebirths you have the more speed the mount has). FIXES Fixed Error Dark Illusion some times does not work. Fixed Client Error "Prologic Device Lost". Fixed Client crash problem related to linking more than 2 items in the chat. Fixed Problem when using Normal Armor as models that does not show in other clients. Fixed Ultimate Bloody Slayer that was 1 hand sword instead of 2 hand. Fixed R Cards Descriptions. Fixed error that restart rebirth souls if exceeds 2.147.483.647 Fixed Major Error that cause the real max Hp in your character and others characters to be miscalculated in the client. (In this image the real max hp is 462.003 but in other clients is 265.458 that is why there is a red gap) GM STAFF CHANGES: We implemented an anti corruption system to give You the trust and transparency that you deserve, we know that the corruption is a big concern for our community so we keep working in this matter. Anti-Corruption System has been expanded: * Now GMs cant trade items to normal accounts outside events. * Now GMs Have a limit of rewards they can give to a player in one day (Limited by mac and IP). * Now GMs Have a limit of items rewards they can give in one day. * Now GMs can create mobs and bosses for events more often. * Now GMs can do multiple orders but they have a daily limit. * Now every time you trade a GM the GM will be able to see your ip/mac. (This is to avoid users from cheating in events or freebies.) * All the GM rules are enforced by the server, so no GM can bypass those limits without exception. We are working in major systems and improvements to the game so stay tuned, for now HAVE FUN! Thanks for Playing with US
  6. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: - Added Mecha M Set in the website - Now you can trade and sell Pet Collectors with awakes - Added Corn to the Rc Trader - Now you can recover Card from Shield With the recover card scroll. - Fixed Problem that sometimes the webshop does not send the item but take the lp/vp from your account. - Increased pve damage of Arcanist Skill Eva Storm - Farm area Update, while in the farm areas you need to keep moving or your aoe will have a reduced area. - Items drops in the floor duration decreased from 3 mins to 1 min to avoid item overflow. - Now when you have a Ticket in Use and you try to activate the same ticket the system will show a message with the location of the Ticket to avoid confusion. - Now you can change Forcegem model with shield. - Now you can delete "Quest Items" when you move it to the dumpster in your inventory. - Now the pets will auto-hide when you try to use flying or walking mount. - Increased the A pieces Drops from the Fita Box Have Fun And a Happy New Year
  7. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed problem in the awake transfer system that does not allow to transfer to items with +1 +2 stats Now when combining fashions the fashions will not get destroyed instead there will be a cost in perins for every combination. increased buff time of jester skills and ranger skills. Fixed problem with double information sent to users causing DC or crash. Added Scroll of Resurrection to the Vote Shop. The new rebirth farm area is PK now. Increased damage of Spectral Javelin from Arcanist. Decreased pvp damage absorb for Templar Axe to 7%. Decreased block rate of creatures. Increased Jester pve damage. Increased Ranger pve damage. Improved server security. Removed a crash error from the server. Now mounts will have a base increase speed of 100. Added a new queue system for the guild siege * After the first fight there will be a limit of user of the same guild that can be in the siege arena. * When a member of the guild die the next available member will enter in the arena. Added permanent mounts to the web shop. New Afk Shop System * With this method of selling you can sell while you are online or offline. * A difference with the offline vending you will not receive RC reward per hour while you are offline. * This shop will stay active until the period is finished or all the items are sold. * Even if the server restart the shops will stay online. * You can remove the shop in the icon in the top of the screen. * Be aware when you sell items while you are offline the items will be sent to your mail so check your mail periodically to avoid losing items. Do not hesitate and report if there is something wrong with the update. This is the first part of the update, we will be releasing a new dungeon and new jewelry in the next days.
  8. Changes and Fixes: Added new options to easy access to the systems in the Prologic CP Increased buff time Fast shot for rangers. A bug related to the ice arrow fixed and increased the decrease speed effect. Decreased the block of all normal and captain creatures level 126+. Fix some crash in the server and client. Fix an important security error.
  9. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Now you can stack Scroll of Party Growth up to 9000 party points. Fixed Bug of the Dps Meter. All the shops in Flaris are now Npc to decrease the lag in the city. Improved Model Change| * Now you can combine fashions and armor to change the models. Improved Model Viewer * Now You can check the models from item Packs . * Now you can Check Models in items exchangers. Balance System For the Forcemaster Critical Build * Decreased Hit Rate of Forcemaster Critical Build. * Increased Block Rate Removed Posion From the Penya strike and increased damage of the skill. * Still the more str you have the more is the damage you will have. Unlocked New Build Harlequin Critical * Added new Dementia Critical Drop in the Behemoth boss * Increased critical bonus in the 125 baruna set. New Scroll Of Low Augmentation system. * This Scroll has been added as a new way to make awakes. * This is not a replacement of the classic awake system or transfer awake. * There is a limit of max stats you can get from this scroll with a higher chance than normal awake scroll. Max (INT-STA-STR-DEX): 22 Max Critical Damage: 15 Max CRT/DCT/SPEED: 8 * Available in Both Vote Shop and Donator Shop Winter event has finished. Prologic Valentine Event is back New CW Mortal Dungeon with amazing rewards in Flaris! Have fun!
  10. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: * New Slayer 131 set effect * (50sta - 30%HP -15%Crit chance - 15% ICD) * Fixed Siege bug, only people that join and finish the siege will receive rewards. * Added New scroll to recover the last card of a item * Fixed problem client shows shadow of the pet when invisible. * Added 9999 redchip box to the rc trader. * FFA Change, now you CANT late join to avoid people cheating at the end. * Now you can use and stack beads in the extra bags. * Added Cloak of honor yo the web shop * Base stat : 20% speed * Set Effect Almighty Dragon King's Mask (PVE) Required: ALL STAT +25, ADOCH +25, PVE +20%, DROP X2 * Increased Amount of Channels of Peri and Souls Farming areas. * Decreased BP aoe in PVP areas, increased all jobs AOES in ticket farm areas. Christmas event is here with amazing rewards The Prologic Flyff Team Wish you a Happy Christmas!
  11. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: * New Security System Avoid hacks increasing awakes. * Fixed Problem People get attacked from outside the Siege Arena (Visual Bug). * Fixed Problem You cant Click Event Shop in Saint Morning * Fixed Pvp Matchs, now you can do skills damage and kill towers. * Fixed Invisible text Pvp match windows v15 interface. * Fixed Problem mobs stuck in all the areas. * Now you can sell stacks of items for more penya than the limit, (ex: 2000 UBB for 15m) * The total price will be show as perins. * If the total price is mayor than 2.1b penya you will pay in perin. * Now you can stack Grilled Ell up to 2 hours. * Now You can sell and trade fashions in private shop. * Now Pve mask give more pve damage on all jobs. * New Build Unlocked Ranger Skills! * Now all ranger skills will deal more damage in base of dex and pvp damage. * Set 131 New Stats: (30 DEX - 30 STA - 35% HP - 40% Crit DMG - 20% Range Bow.) * We are balancing this new build so all the feedback will be much appreciated. * Halloween event is back * Collect Zombie box and exchange your zombie parts for amazing rewards! Prologic Classic Halloween event - 3 New Npc are located now in flaris - Click the first npc to get your first quest - after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q' -Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world. - after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest! - You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie with stats Enjoy more Adventures in your Favorite Flyff Prologic!
  12. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: An error that was causing the server to crash every 3 days has been fixed. Improved World Server Stability Fixed error from the last update that was allowing players to join with 2 character to the FFA. Fixed problem that shows people from the ticket areas in the arena score. Fixed some client disconnections. Now a GM can open FFA AGAIN. Extra Client Changes Fixes and updates: Added a new feature to avoid clients crashes while Hunting Bosses Fixed Templar Animation while wielding 1 hand weapons. Soon More Updates! Stay Tuned!
  13. Fixed problem with the pk system, that make you pk when using some skills. Added FLY AND FOR Event coupons for new users. Fixed Guild Siege and ffa stuck bug. Fixed problem with skills like stun and invisible that does not last the correct time. Now the client will not freeze when you move the client in window mode. Fixed problem that don't update the stats when changing the pet level. Implemented old psykeeper walk animation. Fixed error with Grilled Eel that does not allow you to recover all hp when using restate. now the day/nigh option will update automatically without the need of client restart. Now you only need to have VoterBuff to have all the teleporter unlocked. The old flaris is back The lover messenger is back with some more Models.
  14. New Damage measurer that include last damage pve and total damage on pve kill. PVE damage balance. * All the damages will in crease base in a stat of every class(This is to avoid people with al most no stats having the same damage as full players.). * Slayer Aditionc Critical Damage * Harlequin Aditionc Critical Damage * Psy INT * Arcanist INT * ForceMaster Aditionc Critical Damage * Seraph INT * Templar Additional Critical Damage * Crackshooter Additional Critical Damage Now Billposter aoe damage increase by str. Now you can only open the shops in the market place to avoid lag in the city. Server moved to a new location to improve ping overall. Increased Client Memory capacity to decrease client crashes. Prologic Classic Halloween event - 3 New Npc are located now in flaris - Click the first npc to get your first quest - after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q' -Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world. - after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest! - You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie with stats - You can exchange your tokens in the NPC Brooks - The hunter Box contains two sets with low change and buff items! Enjoy!
  15. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed problem cant awake pet if other pet is out. Fixed glitch in siege and in other areas where players get stuck out of the arena, including creatures in dungeons. Siege Ranking Divided by Every class Added New Perin Per Hour Monitor Added 40 new logos for guilds We Have a New Host, we are moving in this update the server to a new and more powerful host to improve the ping and overall experience of all the users, thanks you for the support! Soon More Updates and changes!
  16. In-game Changes and Fixes: Improved client stability. Added new tittles * Super Player (Requirement : Rebirth 10) * VIP (Requirement : Premium Time) * Voter (Requirement : Voter Buff) * Top Voter (Requirement : 16 Consecutive votes) * Super Voter (Requirement : 25+ Consecutive votes) Now the SuperGm can launch 1 x4 exp event a day. Fixed FFA map to avoid people hiding in structures. New Online buff system "From 30 to 50 Online = Pve + 2%, penya rate + 10%, rebirth souls rate +10%" "From 50 to 80 Online = Pve + 3%, penya rate + 20%, rebirth souls rate +20%" "From 80 to 100 Online = Pve + 4%, penya rate + 30%, rebirth souls rate +30%" "From 100 to 130 Online = Pve + 5%, penya rate + 40%, rebirth souls rate +40%" "150+ Online = Pve + 3%, penya rate + 50%, rebirth souls rate +50%"
  17. In-game Changes and Fixes: Now if jester or ranger is invisible their pet will be invisible. Added all the 125 baruna sets to the coupon shop. Now you can sent PK skills only if you already are pk or the target is pk or if you have the 'Automatic P.K Mode' enabled. Now Perins will be converted automatically if you have the max penya. Now new users will receive a 105 set and 105 weapon at level 105. Fixed a bug with the guild furniture that decrease the stat when installing. Speed sync between the client has been improved. Client Security and stability improved. Introduced Jump Stat in the scroll of velocity. Fixed problem with missing stats from the clients while teleport with the pet out. (This was only a visual problem the stats in the server was always correct) Added new ffa map. Improved client performance. Added 2 options to the mail, get all items to get the items and gold from all mails received, and delete all mails to remove all empty mails. New equip anti spam limitation, now you can change only up to 3 part of equips in Guild siege/FFA or if you are PKing (This limitation does not longer apply in other stances) Now templar can do aoe with sword and axe. Harlequin Balance changes (All the changes are subject to future balances) * Added poison damage to Penya strike (HOP) that increase in base of the str and pvp damage of the character. * increased Base damage for pandemonium skill. * Now the skill Counterattack has a 80% chance of stun Added new Rebirth Farm areas for rebirth 6 and Rebirth 8 you can find the tickets in the Premium Npc
  18. In-game Changes and Fixes: Fixed New sets change model problems including the sleep event set. Fixed various client crashes. Added 1 more channel to dark traseia. Fixed Various server crashes. Removed from the Guild Siege reward formula the number of Guilds applied. Improved TCP connection in the server. Fixed hats models that don't allow to transmute. Fixed Sticks that don't allow transmute. Fixed Problem with ticket areas that you die in channel 2+ and the server teleport the character to channel 1. Grilled Eel time increased to 30 min. Fixed Path to the Isle of Dreams. Fixed problem that make people get pk with reflect. Added Braaaains Zombie collector pet +10% hp + 10 sta to the Event Shop, Billposter Skill Disenchant now will stun instead of removing all the buffs. Now you need to make at least 1 point in guild siege in order to receive reward. Now Guild Master and defender will not add more points on kills in the guild siege. Now in the User Panel you can see the rebirth stats bonus. Major in-login crash problem has been fixed. Crash Linked with sfx effects has been fixed. Released Rebirth 10 * Stats: - * From Rebirth 5 to 10 PvP Damage Absorption. - * Hp % * Reward: - * Event Coins. - * Buff Items. - * Mounts Weapon stats change: * Ancient knuckle stat - *Increased Attack +30% - *Critical Chance+25% - *Increased Critical Damage +60% *Bloody Staff - * MAGIC DAMAGE +40% - * DCT + 20% - * PVP Damage +15% Baruna Weapons Stats Change (All those changes may be subject to modifications to improve the balance) * All weapons level has been change to lvl 142. * Curtana - * Increased Attack +10% - * Critical Chance +42% - * Increased Critical Damage +50% * Dragon Rain - * HP + 40% - * Increase attack +35% - * Increased Critical Damage +60% * Harbinger - * HP + 30% - * Increase attack +25% - * Damage absorption +15% * Oracle - (Now is one handed) - * INT + 120 - * Casting Time + 30% - * hp + 35% * Dementia - * HP +25% - * Increase Attack +65% - * str+45 * K Fang - * Increase Attack +20% - * Increased Critical Damage +40% - * hp + 30% * Roika Stave - * DCT +20% - * Magic Attack +75% - * Hp +20% For the next update we are preparing the new Farm/Pvp Zone event and more balances and fixes. Thanks you for playing Prologic Flyff
  19. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Dungeon for the Maximus Jewelry has been balanced. Added New Maximus Trader Npc, You will be able to exchange the Maximus Gem in this npc. Now The Voter Buff will give you 50% more gems drop in some dungeons like the Maximus Jewelry Dungeon.
  20. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed regression from last update, now all dungeons have 10 entries. Fixed midas cost bug. Now Only Apollos can check the ip of all characters in the game. * If you Have any report please contact directly at the email [email protected] Now the souls and gold farm areas are free pk zones like arena. * This only apply to users with 60 hours or more playing Prologic Flyff. Added New Scroll of Recover Awake * This Scroll can recover the last 10 awakes you made in a item only after this update. * The last 10 awakes you make in a item will be stored in a list. * The list will be wiped in every server restart so make sure to recover the awake soon. * You can buy this scroll from the RedChip trader for 3000 RC. More Updates Soon
  21. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Fixed problem that remove the premium from some players. Now you can open shops in Flaris. Fixed problem that remove upgrade from weapons in the afk vendors. The siege has been moved 1 hour later.
  22. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: Improved Security of the server Fixed a World Crash Error. Now you can trade Fashions with awakes in any channel. Increased PVE Damage to 20% of the Almighty Dragon King's Mask Psy Max Reflect Decreased from 100% to 80% Removed Guild Rejoin Time. Added Post Box In collectiona areas/ Fixed Arcanist error loss of stat when unequip shield. Added new system to balance the jobs in real time, including base stats and skills. Skills Quality Of Life Changes * Now Slayer has more AOE damage with the skill Cross of Blood and the area of damage has been increased. * Now Templar has more AOE damage with the skill Maelstrom Strike and the area of damage has been increased. * Now ForceMaster has more AOE damage with the skill Bgvur Tialbold and the area of damage has been increased. Now Saint Morning is the main city to decrease lag during events (Siege, FFA, etc) * You can Only Place Private Shops in Saint Morning * All new players will login in Saint Morning * Placed all important Npcs all over Saint Morning too. * New Saint Teleport Area Guild Siege Changes * Max Players per guilds has been decreased to 7 * Max life has been increased to 14. * Fixed error that dont allow players to join the siege arena even when others players die. * New Guild Siege limit, you can only join 1 character per PC this is to avoid siege feeders. New Awake command Windows * Now you can do /awake more easily in the new awake window New World Wars * We added S/8% and R/10% cards to the game. * You can Get S cards and 8% pieces from the following bosses: - Razgul, Basilisk, Chief, Tuttle King, Bhemoth, Kalgas, Ibles Puppet, Mortal ClockWork, Kheldor - You need to Kill Razgul, Basilisk, Chief Keokuk in order to get World Wars Token (Monster Hp Increased to 2.1B and level 151). - The world Wars Token will be contested as those areas will be PVP Enforced. * You Cant Teleport in those areas, you need to run out of those pvp areas. * You can Exchange Card Pieces in the Prologic Card Exchanger in Flaris or Saint Morning More Updates Soon, as for now WIN WIN WIN!
  23. New Cloaks Added in the Web Shop Model/Cloak Category (And voteshop) New Animated Masks in the Web Shop Model/Mask Category
  24. In-game Changes Fixes and updates: - Fixed time of macaroons now is 30 mins. - Fixed server crash error related to trades. - Fixed Server Crash error related to gms spawning some creatures. - Fixed error that does not allow to move items to bank with second click. - Decreased the level of the first 3 bosses in the maximus dungeon. - Increased Blade Hero skill to 30 seconds. - Now in the ffa will be hide the raised pet, collector pet, flying mask and animated mask. - Now the ffa will give automatic rewards to the top 4 winners, 300/200/150/100 EC (No GM Should give Rewards for this event from now). * The FFA Starts every 3 hours from 6:30 am to 00:30 am UTC-04:00 - Secret Room Now is Every Day at 11:00 am UTC-04:00 (11:00 pm Philippine), you will get a lot of money just farming in the secret room, taxes will only apply every Sunday at 00:00 UTC-04:00. * Increased hp of every creature in the secret room. - New faces available for Flyff Prologic * You Need the Prologic Change Face in order to use any of those faces. * You can buy Prologic Change Face in the event shop. - Added 10 new guild logos * You need to buy Prologic Change Guild Logos in the Event Shop . - Added 43 new fashions. * Created New Fashions Category in the Event Shop * Added new fashion in the website with the top stats.(Soon Available) * Added new models in thewebsite.(Soon Available) - Added arena scored system for now only to show off (We will add more features later.) Double Kill etc sounds added Soon More Updates! Have Fun! (You Can Report Any Problem to the e-mail [email protected])
  25. In-game Changes and Fixes: Improved Awake command to avoid double awake commands. Now you can trade awakened fashions in the premium channel. Improved Client performance. Fixed problem with the item tansy in sets 125 baruna. Skill DISENCHANT, Sleep, Shield Strike, backstab now has less chance of stun. Moved teleport in the ffa to avoid freeze in the entrance. Fixed problem that don't allow you to attack your characters. Implemented SuperGm Limiter to prevent the Super Gms from giving so many items or spawning so many creatures during the day. * All the limiter are set up be me Apollos * SuperGms cant decide nor have the power to change the limit so if you have any complain about the limits you need to report it to me. * There is a limit that prevent a user from winning more than 2 times from the same GM in a day.