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  1. From the 1st to the 31st of March, we are adding an additional 20% LP to all packages! We will also be holding a raffle at the end of the month where 3 winners will be picked at random. These winners will receive a bonus of 30% of the total amount of LP they donated during the month of March as well as a fashion model from the Wiki. The top donator for the month will also receive a fashion model of their choice. Fashion models selected can be ones that are not currently in game or on the store! For every 20 USD donated, 1 raffle entry will be registered. Therefore if you donate 40 USD in the month, you will be entered twice! Winners will be drawn at random on the 1st April. Thank you everyone!
  2. Hi Everyone! Over the past month, we have created and rolled out a series of large scale updates in a very short period of time. We appreciate this may have been a little overwhelming, however each update was designed to target specific areas of Prologic’s economy. These updates had to be done in rapid succession to ensure the player driven market wasn't negatively impacted for any lengthy duration. The final update we are rolling out today as part of the economic correction, is a complete overhaul to the Collectors system. Without going into all the economic data here, we are delighted to confirm that each update has been successful and we will now enter a period of much needed stability while the market reflects the changes. Collectors Update We are delighted to announce that we have implemented an entirely overhauled collectors system! This system on the surface looks and operates in the same way it did before, however we have totally re-written the code. The collector cycle time for a +5 collectors is now 30 seconds and the rewards have been simplified and improved. Collectors now drop the following 10 rewards: Red Chips Flyff N & U Silver Hearts Sunstones & Moonstones Gold Pill Evo Box Box Container Item Container We have implemented 3 new items into the game, these are as follows: Evo Box - Replacement to the old Trophy Box. Drops all premium consumables equally balanced as well as a low chance to drop Molten Potions Box Container - Replacement to all of the shard’s that dropped. This box now contains all of the Cloud, Bead, Magic, Pet Tamer, Lucky Bag and Lucky Box drops. In complete form, no shards! Item Container - Replacement for the rare drops. Contains Blessing of the Goddess, Gold Cards, Scroll of Holy, Batteries, Rarity Boosters, Dungeon Entry Tokens and even Roulette Spins! In-game Changes and Fixes: - Automatic party points on party creation. - Automatic Lord Events all day. - Added option to accumulate offline selling and offline collecting up to 10 days. - Fixed error of some items that cant be unlocked in the inventory.
  3. Prologic Flyff Shop Redesign & Launch After 5 years of faithful service, the original Prologic store has now been retired. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for a cleaner, smoother user experience as well as complete item reorganization. The UI is now far more responsive as well as more logical in regards to its layout and design: As part of this launch, we have also updated the description of over 1100 store items to more accurately reflect what they are and how they work in game: Thank you everyone for your support this year and we hope that you enjoy what we are working on for 2023! Enjoy
  4. Prologic Photo Competition Hi Everyone We are looking to refresh our marketing materials as our current images both on the voting sites and our website are now somewhat outdated. In line with our general approach, we would like to invite the community to help craft how new players see the server - using images from you! Any user image submitted we request it be with as little interface as possible. As a reminder, the UI can be hidden/shown using the * key. There are several categories of photos we are generally looking for, these being: General artistic photos of the server Dungeons and Bosses PVP Events Community Photos Market Photos Fashion & Gear Sets Any photos that are used as part of the marketing campaign will be rewarded with up to 600 Logic Points per photo, the categories in bold above rewarding the highest amounts! These will be for marketing, so will need to be high quality, both in their content as well as their resolution. Please post any photos for submission in reply to this thread. The closing date for submission is the 31st December 2022. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  5. In-game Donator Coin (LPC) and Vote Coin (VPC) We are delighted to announce that both LP and VP have now been integrated into the game as physical currencies. Meaning players are able to convert their LP and VP on the website into Donator Coins and Vote Coins respectively. These coins can also be converted and sent back to the website at any time. Both coins are tradable as well as the option to buy and sell has been added to the market vendor system: The old LP and VP system was rigid in that it was spendable only on the account that gained them. With the new system in place, users will be able to pool their LP and VP onto one account enabling easier purchasing and trading. There has also been a historic issue of availability of both of these currencies in game, we hope that as players are now able to offline market vendor them, this problem is alleviated. The new feature is available under the “Coin Management” tab within your website profile. See below for a short video tutorial on the new system: Note: Donator Coins and Vote Coins must be stored in your primary inventory (not extra bags or bank) when attempting to convert back to the website. Prologic Flyff Stability We keep our efforts to keep providing a smooth and fun experience, for that we need server stability. We have done a core code upgrade for our systems that will allow us host a lot more clients without the need of restarting the game server every x Days, now our server will be able to resist the heat for up to 40 days continuously without restarting. Enjoy!
  6. Hello! I want to thank everybody for your constant support and positivity. We have built a strong foundation, and thanks to this support we are able to keep delivering exciting new features! Below sets out some of (but not all!!) the features that will be rolling out in the next few weeks. In-game Donator Coin (LP) and Vote Coin (VC) We are delighted to announce that both LP and VP will be integrated into the game as physical currencies. Meaning players are able to convert their LP and VP on the website into Donator Coins and Vote Coins respectively. These coins can also be converted and sent back to the website at any time: Both coins will be tradable as well as the option to buy and sell has been added to the market vendor system: The current LP and VP system is rigid in that it is spendable only on the account that gained them. It is our hope that this change enables players greater access to both coins as well as the ability to offline buy and sell with these currencies. Premium Consumable Buff ProLogic has grown to include 77 different types of premium consumables. This gradual increase has caused many players to struggle with inventory management, storage and hours lost sourcing items. Therefore, we will be introducing the Premium Buff! This powerful buff grants you all 77 premium consumables available within Prologic for a duration of either 10 or 30 days! No more will you need to juggle different item timers or realize mid-run you have run out of activation… We’ve all been there. The buff will also be contained under hidden icons, so no more lists of buffs clogging the screen! This buff will be available for purchase within the LP store and is not intended as a replacement for the current consumables within the game. These will still be present, usable, and as valid as ever (as long as you don't have the buff running!). This is just an alternative option that we hope will provide some players with a level of convenience and better quality of life. Offline Collector An issue we have heard over the years is that players are unable to run multiple clients for long durations with regard to collectors. Well, we have heard you and are aiming to fix that! We are delighted to announce an offline collector system is being developed allowing players to continue their collections much like how the offline vendor system works. We hope that this item will level the playing field for those users who are unable to dedicate their machines to this lucrative activity. Further details on the availability of this item will be released in due course as the development of the feature continues. PVE Rework - Phase 1: Lucky Drop As part of the upcoming PVE rework, the way dungeon drops occur is being improved. At current, dungeons such as max, evo, and contaminated drop tokens or fragments in consistent numbers. When you walk into a dungeon you typically know exactly how much you're getting and how long it's going to take to save up for a specific item from the trader. Now, not only will you be receiving those rewards you are all used to, but there is a chance that you will trigger a Lucky Drop. A Lucky Drop is exactly that, a low chance of receiving either additional materials, card fragments, runes, or even weapons and accessories. So next time you walk into Aminus, perhaps you will be walking out with an Evo Ancient rune… or maybe even an Evo Curtana Sword. These drops will be rare in nature and as a result, a server-wide message will go out congratulating the player on the drop. The Lucky Drop system is planned to be enabled within the following dungeons: Clockwork Maximus Contaminated Cursed Aminus Aminus PVE Rework - Phase 1: Instance Reset Tokens A convenience item will be introduced alongside the existing dungeon entry tokens that will allow a player to reset all daily entry attempts. We appreciate that not all players are able to game every day and hope that this will enable those who have limited time a more enjoyable, less restricting experience. Further details on the availability of this item will be released in due course as the development of the feature continues. Automatic Party Points Currently, tutors have the power to grant parties level 40 with 10k party points. This is extremely helpful for PVE players who wish to jump straight into dungeons without the laborious chore of leveling a party for the group skills. However, if tutors are not available or online, then this is something that has to be done manually. Therefore, we are planning to implement a system to automatically level parties on creation as well as provide these points without the need for tutor intervention! Automatic Lords Buff Similarly to party leveling, tutors are able to grant this extremely powerful, server-wide buff every 4 hours. A tutor must manually activate this buff once it has expired, often leading to periods of minutes to hours when Lords Buff is active - we know how frustrating this is. Therefore, we are planning to implement a system to automatically place this buff every hour to ensure that players never need to worry about the timer again! More Exciting News to Come, as always, more power to everyone! Enjoy
  7. Real Money Trading (RMT) - Rules Clarification As the majority of the community is probably aware, the stance on the sale of in-game items for real world currency has been tolerated, albeit against the terms of service of the server. However, there has been an incident which has now forced us to reclarify our stance. This incident, if left unchecked, would have resulted in a considerable negative impact on the server economy. Fortunately it was caught and disrupted ahead of any lasting damage. Therefore, for the health of the server we have decided that a stronger stance needs to be taken against RMT practices. Effective immediately, the sale of goods, perin or services for real world currency is a bannable offence. It is a shame we have had to go down this route, but we hope that the long term implications result in a healthier, better developed server with greater content, accessibility of items and player count. This next year we will reach the amazing milestone of 5 years running without rest, we keep working hard and improving to provide the best memorable Flyff experience, so if we want to stay strong for more years and stay having fun we need to have a good stability or there will be no longer Prologic Flyff. Thanks you everyone for you amazing support in this Journey. Keep Having Fun!
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  12. In-game Changes and Fixes: - We moved to a new hosting to improve the stability and long term support. - New Premium Command Buff /buff (Premium Required). - New Almighty Dragon Magic Mask (Web Shop Required COH) (Soon in the website) * SET EFEC (2/2) * ALL STAT +25 * INCREASED MAGIC DMG +15% * PVE DAMAGE 20% * LUCKY BOX +1 * INCREASED HP 20% * ELEMENT MASTERY 8% - New Brutal Priest (PVE) (Soon in the website) * ALL STAT +25 * PVE DAMAGE 20% * INCREASED ATK 10% * INCREASED HP 10% * INCREASED PENYA DROP RATE 5% * INCREASED SOULS DROP RATE 5% - New Cheer Effect * Increase Penya drop rate 5% * Increase Exp Rate 50% - FFA Changed * Max Life Decreased to 5 * Top 1 will receive 50 + Voter Buff Bonus * Top 2 will receive 30 + Voter Buff Bonus * Top 3 will receive 20 + Voter Buff Bonus * Top 4 will receive 10 + Voter Buff Bonu * Everyone else will receive 5 + Voter Buff Bonus - Guild Siege Changes * Max Life is 10 * Max Line Up 8 - New Perin Trader (Soon Many Items to Buy) - New Dungeon Entries Scrolls Christmas is here at Prologic Flyff! Thanks for being part of the Prologic Flyff Family and have a lovely end of year ENJOY
  13. Prologic Flyff Evo Update In-game Changes and Fixes: - Improved Server Response time! - Fixed a bug that cause the server to restart every 10-15 days. - Fixed bug that hide your pet when killing a boss like red meteonyker. - Now Guild Kingping can remove users from guild (Only can Remove Captains and below ranks). - Now you can see the name of your character in the flyff window. - Fixed problem from the multi-language system that does not show the emoticons to other users with different language client. - Removed duplicated fashions from the Event Shop and added new fashions. - Now the pet buff and pet stats status window will not auto open in FFA, Guild Siege and Guild Clash to avoid windows overflow. - Now Clockwork Dungeon Requires Rebirth 10+ to enter - Increased max guild size to 120; - Decreased the level buff of Mokoko Super buff to level 16, level 8 and level 4 to increase the value of a seraph partner. - Now your Buy Back Storage and Awake storage will be removed after 2 day if you don't login in this period. - Fixed Guild Logos in the Guild Window tab. - New item added to the web shop "Prologic Evo Material" now required to craft some evo items. Bounty Hunter System - Profession * Now when a bot is killed will drop some of his Ec, Perin and Red Chip. (Including extra bags!) * Will drop 20% if the hunter has not tittle. * Will drop 30% if the hunter is a 'Bot Hunter'. * Will drop 50% if the hunter is a 'Bot Annihilator'. * You know when you are hunted when you have a black skull in your Head! New Event Coin Farm Area - Azria (Rebirth 10 Required) - Increased Damage - Limit 1 EC Per kill - Balanced EC Trader prices acordingly -Skills Changes * Decreased cooldown of Priest's Grasp to 9 seconds (Seraph) * Increased duration of Knucle Master buff (Forcemaster) * Increased duration of Asmodeus buff (Forcemaster) Improved NPCs shop interface. Added new High Quality Models that will be distributed thru the game and webshop. * Added 70+ Animated Masks. * Added 110+ Hats. * Added 80+ masks * Added 280+ cloaks. * Added 30+ fashions. * Added 90+ weapons. (search:Prologic Axe 1h (17, Prologic Axe 2h (17, Prologic Sword 1h (17, Prologic Sword 2h (17, Prologic Bow (17, Prologic Knuckle (17, Prologic Knuckle (18 , Prologic Shield (18, Prologic Staff (18, Prologic Stick (18 , Prologic Wand (18, Prologic Yoyo (18 ) Added Logins Storage Model Change Improve * Now you can add 1h Sword model to 2h Sword model and vice versa. * Now you can add 1h Axe model to 2h Axe model and vice versa. * Now you can add Axe Model To Sword Model and vice versa. Halloween event is back with some new rewards! New Prologic Guild Clash System * Register in the npc in flaris * You need at least rebirth 10 to join. * Up to 6 guilds can now battle in the Prologic Guild Clash arena. * The Lords and Tutors can open this event with the command /tutorclash or /tclash * New Shop for the Guild Clash System * Dominate the enemy team and claim your rewards! (Warcoin) New Guild Siege Ranking Seasons * There will be 4 seasons a year, season 1 from January to March, Season 2 From April to June, Season 3 From July to September Season 4 from October to December * There will be an Overall rank New Evo Baruna Weapons can be farmed at Ancient Dungeon (Rebirth 10+ Required) *All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased * Added Evo Baruna Weapons. * Evo Baruna Exchange New Evo Baruna Runes can be farmed at Vampire Dungeon (Rebirth 10+ Required) * All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased * PVP and PVE up to 50% * Stats Up to 140 * Evo Baruna Runes Exchange Updated Sanpress Master for the New Dark Molten Exchange to farm super exclusive models (Rebirth 10+ Required) - Gather all the required materials to exchange for exclusive models. - You can farm the IQs in the Sanpress master dungeon. - All creatures damage, level and HP has been increased Decreaved Price Requirement for cards farms exchange from 1200 to 800. Improved Teleporter Interface * Added All the current available dungeons * Now you can check the drops pressing the info button Shutout to all the team of Tutors and helpers and most precisely to all players that keep supporting us over the years, without all your help there will be no Prologic Flyff so Thanks you. We are working steadily to provide you the best Flyff Experience I hope you enjoy your stay. Kind Regards Apollos
  14. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Added Evo Critical Cloak to the Gold Trader - Decreased HP Reduction in the Slayer hero skill Ultimate Defense. Tutor Changes: - Increased Daily FFA per tutor to 25. - Increased max perin per trade to 100. - Increased max EC per trade to 250. - Increased Daily Siege per tutor to 10. - Increased FFA Lifes to 15. - Added 4 F and 4 M new sets to the Event Shop. - Added Weapon Models to the Wafor RC Merchant. - Re-organized the Red Chip Trader Shop. - Removed Valentine Event. - Added Infinity Event!+ Changes made By Cyborg and Apollos
  15. In-game Changes and Fixes: Max Guild Siege LU is 6 Max Siege lives has been increased. Balanced the Farm exchange prices. (There is a 10% chance of failure and you will receive back 600 orbs) Increased aoe range in the RC Farm area. Added Bot Hunter System in the RC Farm area.