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    Prologic Photo Competition Hi Everyone We are looking to refresh our marketing materials as our current images both on the voting sites and our website are now somewhat outdated. In line with our general approach, we would like to invite the community to help craft how new players see the server - using images from you! Any user image submitted we request it be with as little interface as possible. As a reminder, the UI can be hidden/shown using the * key. There are several categories of photos we are generally looking for, these being: General artistic photos of the server Dungeons and Bosses PVP Events Community Photos Market Photos Fashion & Gear Sets Any photos that are used as part of the marketing campaign will be rewarded with up to 600 Logic Points per photo, the categories in bold above rewarding the highest amounts! These will be for marketing, so will need to be high quality, both in their content as well as their resolution. Please post any photos for submission in reply to this thread. The closing date for submission is the 31st December 2022. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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    **A plain-looking man sits down at a wooden desk, adjusts his little Wedge set model hat and picks uo a sheaf of papers, looks into a camera, at you** My Fellow Flyffers...I bid you greetings. As part of the requirements for Lord, I am supposed to put together a manifesto, or a statement of policy, a list of beliefs to convince you to vote for me, and this is what this is. I am aware that not many do this, and this is a shameful thing. Silence from leadership is similar to allowing criminals to do whatever they wish, because no one is around to say no. And so, here I am today to give a list of things that may or may not happen under my benign dictator...leadership. **Straightens papers in one hand, crosses fingers under the desk in plain sight with the other** One: I will volubly make it known how I feel about the ever increasing rate if price increases regarding red chip and load point prices. These make it hard for some of us to do business. While I don't mind making profits off of the red chips, the load points (lp) circumstance is getting out of control. This is not complaining. This is affirming every non-richs desire to eventually stop being poors. Two: There is a slackness when it comes to Invasions being started. I don't know about all of you, Fellow Flyffers, but i like a good Invasion. But do those possibly-corrupt-maybe-just-napping-a-lot-totally-not-lazy-at-all Tutors do them without being harassed, bothered and almost shaken around by their napping blankets? Not often, no. So If I am Lord, I will cause Invasions to happen whenever possible. I will also participate, because I am a greedy, self-serving tyrant. I mean beneficent leader who wants to take part in most things with you. But stay away from my loot. And I'll stay away from yours. Three: Just recently a newish person to the server was scammed by someone who thought they were slick. I have not found out their ingame name yet, but if I do, I will attempt to recruit an elite force responsible only to the Lord, possibly in perpetuity, to hunt down and punish scammers wherever they might hide. A hard-hitting, no nonsense, gritty, maybe edgy too if they look good enough, in your face take it like a man, team of experts who can handle the situations as they arise. You cannot hide, scammers, once this force is put together. Read my lips. We're gonna getcha. Four: While i was dictating this, I saw Actout's storage character win a Cloak of Honor from the Roulette Wheel, just recently added in the update. I am hereby confiscating this Cloak for my personal use...I mean, for his own good lest he go down the path of wickedness and corruption, and lose his immortal soul to the empty gods of overpriced lp sales and not giving me any roulette spin tokens, which is a crime in my sight. **An arm enters from the right side of the screen holding a small bag that might have been filled with something that looks like coins, it gets placed next to the papers with the hand with crossed fingers** Four A: Let it be known that Actout has temporarily put off punishment for his probably not all that big after all crimes, but let him go with a warning, not to let it happen again. We are watching you. *Stern scowl face* Five: I will attempt to be on at most times, but I do have to sleep, and eat like the rest of you. My hours are generally known, but for now they are USA Central time, from between 12-2pm to perhaps 4-5pm on three nights a week, then on towards the dawn and a few hours beyond whereupon I sleep. On days i do not go out, it's very likely that I will be on from the 12-2pm to...whenever I get aches from looking at the screen too much, with breaks to eat and eventually sleeping, normally around dawn for me. So I should be around for most things. If i am not, I am easily reachable via discord @Jaquio at most times. If you bother me while I sleep though, i might show my displeasure with the hit squad. I need my beauty coma....sleep. There is no Six. Thank you for taking the time to witness this perhaps not really mandatory lord candidacy manifesto, its word, not mine, and have a good night/day/whatever. **Uncrosses fingers, gives a wry smile at the camera, pointedly picks up the coin bag, and walks offscreen*
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    **Walks back on screen while waving the sheaf of papers to get the attention back** Hey, yes there really is a Six. Six: Regarding corruption, if I do something that could be considered corruption, it is merely a matter of policy keeping, under Line Seven, which has yet to be written. For now, such things that happen or are caused to happen directly by me are by whim and desire, and are not corruption. they are merely 'having fun with assets'. **Walks off to go annoy people at the Roulette into giving me spins**
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    Hi Everyone, We are delighted to kick 2023 off with something rather special. Over the past few weeks, we have been busy creating a new in-game feature; Prologic Roulette! We have also managed to launch the long-awaited higher-tiered piercing cards! Summary of Update: Prologic Roulette release Roulette Vendor Backdated bonuses to Jan 1st onwards donators Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” X & 12% Pierce Cards in LP store S & 8% Pierce Cards in LP store Free 6-hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Collectors - Development Update Prologic Roulette The roulette system contains over 350 prizes, all from the Prologic store. Players are able to spin the wheel to receive prizes up to the value of 2000 Logic Points! It was incredibly important to us that regardless of if you donate, everyone has the opportunity to access LP store items. As such, this feature is available for Logic Points (LP), Vote Points (VP), and Voting Site rewards. As more items are introduced into the store, we will periodically update the wheel with these prizes. Prizes range from Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic. A complete list of prizes will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Normal Roulette Spins (Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP and VP Store Roulette Vendor Free spins for donation packages 1 Free spin every time you vote at GT100 Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins (Uncommon, Rare and Epic rewards) can be obtained through: Purchasing at the LP Store Roulette Vendor Events and Giveaways Lucky Roulette Spins have a higher likelihood of rolling Rare and Epic rewards. We have designed them this way as they are purchasable via the Roulette Vendor, meaning if you have bad luck, you can guarantee a better prize through its purchase! Prologic Roulette can be found in Flaris near the bank, or via the “Prologic Roulette” teleport in the teleport interface (V). Roulette Vendor If you are unhappy with your prize, you will also be able to convert it straight into “Roulette Tokens”! Roulette Tokens can be used at the Roulette Vendor in Flaris to purchase some of the most powerful LP store items in the game, including Stats Fashion, Pets, Cards, and more. Roulette Tokens are untradable to ensure economic balance, however, the items purchased from the vendor are tradable. A complete list of vendor items will be maintained here: Prologic Roulette Rewards List. Back-Dated Donation Packages Any player that has donated since the 1st of January 2023 for a package that now qualifies for free spins will have their accounts credited with the appropriate amount within 24 hours, please check your mail. It was our intention to have this launched on the 1st of January and feel it is only right to give players what is (unknowingly) owed. Owed spins can be claimed from the store page within the Account Information area: Premium Consumable Buff - The “Molten Potion” We have over 68 different premium consumable buff’s within Prologic and many players carry them all with them. We now have options for players to use instead; the “Molten Potion”. This buff is available in a 1-hour and 3-hour option, it contains all of these consumables within one item! These items are available through the LP store, VP Store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. X and 12% Pierce Cards New X and 12% Pierce Cards have been added to both the EVO Rune store, Prologic Roulette, and the Roulette Vendor. These cards are extremely powerful giving bonuses above and beyond that of the usual cards. The card details are as follows: Fire Card X 15 Strength 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Water Card X 15 Intelligence 4% Decreased Cast Time 2% PVE Damage Electric Card X 15 Dexterity 4% Increased Critical Damage 2% PVE Damage Land Card X 15 Stamina 4% HP Volcano Card 12% 12% Increased HP 3% PVE Damage Absorb Ocean Card 12% 12% Increased MP 3% PVE Damage Lightning Card 12% 12% Increased Attack 3% PVE Damage Earthquake Card 12% 12% Increased Defence 3% PVE Damage Absorb S and 8% Pierce Cards We have received a lot of player feedback over the past few months regarding adding these to the store. As such, you have asked, and we have listened! They are now available to purchase for LP under the Piercing Cards category. Free 6-Hour Offline-Selling (Vendors update) Offline Selling via vendors has been made free for up to 6 hours to all users! This is a permanent change and hope that it helps everyone sell more wares! We have also added longer-duration vendors to the Perin store as detailed below: Item Cost 1 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 50 Perin 3 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 120 Perin 7 Day Offline-Selling (Vendors) 240 Perin Offline Collectors - Development Update We know many are patiently awaiting the release of offline collectors, so we thought it best to give you an update! Right now, we have the option to release this feature in its current state. However, the rewards being given by the collectors are in our eyes… lacking. There are only so many Hat Boxes a player can want. Therefore, we have taken the decision to delay this feature while we totally rewrite the base code as well as completely redesigning the reward system. With this redesign, we will be able to add far more interesting rewards to collecting. This is incredibly important to us as we have some amazing features and systems planned for the future and need to ensure the collector system stays relevant in regards to drop and profitability for players as the server expands. Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!
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    Hi all, I started playing Prologic last year, but never had the chance to introduce myself to the community. So my in-game name has always the word Slushy in, don't ask me where that name comes from 😅 If you see a Slushy acccount in-game, don't hessitate to say "Hi!". I'm from Belgium, so GMT+1 (wich is -8h compared to PHT), wich makes it pretty hard to attend on guild siege (is at 3am and 3pm for me, but i will be there sometimes). I'm working as a Security Team Leading Officer (wich simply means i'm responsable for a big group Security Officers). I started playing FLyFF in December 2004, so it's officially my 18th year anniversary this month. Cookies and champagne on my account! 🍾 18 years ... meaning FLyFF is part of my life for over 60% of my existance. I've met alot of people, but i also lost some good friends, wich i played with for years. FLyFF Experience ⚔️⚔️⚔️ If you're new to the game, please don't be shy and contact me for a quick guide throught the game and all it's facets. With all this being said, i wish you all a plaisant stay and time and most important a happy new year with a good health. Slushy 🤗
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    Hey guys. This is a guide to help you make your perfect pet. A perfect pet means that the level is 1/3/5/7/9. Having a perfect pet will greatly boost your damage/HP depending on the pet that you have equipped. For Raised Pet effects, you may refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos. First of all, go to the Pet Filter by pressing Hotkey U and uncheck Egg and Quest Item. This will allow your pet to loot eggs and quest items. Your Quest Items can be converted to Pet Feed via the Pet Tamer. Click on Feedbag and place your Quest Item and press Okay. You will see your Feed bags in your inventory. Next is hatching the egg. There are multiple ways to hatch eggs. First is via the Pet Feed you just converted. You need 4 to 5 stacks of 9999 Pet Feed to completely hatch it. The other way is via the Egg hatcher which can be bought for 10 LP or farmed in the collecting area. Hatching eggs via pet feed is the best and cost-friendly way as Quest Items are not hard to farm. Equip the egg that you want to hatch and double click on either the Pet Feed or the Egg Hatcher to get the EXP to 99.99%. Once EXP is maxed, talk to the Pet Tamer and Click okay on the quest. This will hatch your egg to a random Pet. Repeat the steps until you hatch your preferred pet. Now for the exciting part, leveling up your pets. As I mentioned, a perfect pet has a level of 1/3/5/7/9. Make sure your Premium scroll (VIP) is activated as this makes pets earn more EXP. Also purchase Medicine (B) from Pet Tamer to ensure that your pet does not die even if you leave it on. If you equip the Pet Medicine B while your VIP scroll is activated, it will run for 20 minutes. You can stack a couple of them so make sure to equip a lot because you will need to leave your pet on for a couple of hours especially during the final stages. To start leveling up your pet, equip your pet and leave it on for some time. Pet EXP is gained through time. So by leaving it on, your pet will earn EXP until it is ready to rank up. Each pet starts at Lvl 1 Rank D. Once your Pet EXP is maxed, a small window will pop out which says, Bring your Pet to the Pet Tamer. Click Okay and talk to the pet Tamer to rank your pet up. Once ranked up, your pet is now Class C. the level will either be Lvl 1/1 to 1/3, 3 being the max level. If your pet level is not Lvl 1/3, don’t worry yet as this can still change. Leave your pet on again for a couple of hours until EXP is maxed and ready to rank up to Class B. Repeat the steps above to finally rank up your pet. Once Your pet is Rank B, the Level will be between 1 to 5. You now have a chance to correct your pet levels. You will need Red Chips( can be farmed by going AFK, collecting area, or Red Chips Ticket). Go to the Red Chip merchant and buy Chance of the Pet Tamer for 50 Red Chips each. To use this, equip your pet and double click on the Chance of the Pet Tamer a window will pop out, press start to begin rolling for the levels. Repeat this step until you max out the level on the left. Once the left is maxed out (Lvl 3), you can now leave your pet on to get it ready to rank up to Class A. Once your pet is Class A. Repeat the Chance of the Pet Tamer step to max out the level on the left window (Lvl 5). Once maxed, do the same process to rank your pet up to Class S. You’re almost done! Now that your pet is Class S (Max level for pets), your pet Level should already look like 1/3/5/x/x (x means any level). Now repeat the Chance of the Pet tamer step once more to max out the Lv. A side to Lvl 7. Once this is done, your pet level will look like 1/3/5/7/x. For the last section, you need to max out the final level of your pet (Lvl 9). For this, go back to the Red Chip merchant and buy Blessing of the Pet Tamer for 80 RC. You will need a couple of these because this is the hardest part in making a perfect pet. Equip your Class S Pet with 1/3/5/7/x level and double click the Blessing of the Pet Tamer. This will revert your Pet’s current Class to Class A with max EXP. Go back to the Pet Tamer and accept his quest, since your pet is already a Class A with max EXP, you will be able to immediately rank your pet up to Class S again. If you rank up but the final level is still not Lvl 9, repeat the Blessing of the Pet Tamer step until you get that sweet Lvl 9. Once complete, your Pet should be a Class S with Lvl 1/3/5/7/9. Congratulations! You now have a perfect pet. You can sell this for 500 to 600 Perins (or more, depending on the market. Law of demand and supply ) or Awake it and use it personally 😊. Now that you have the knowledge to perfecting raised pets, you can now offer your pet tamer services to other players and earn your perins so you can buy your items. Be sure to check the other guides made by other players. They will surely help your FLYFF Journey! Hope this guide helps!
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    As A professional Fashion Expert O_o. I strive for Fashion Is Everything for me. First Impression would Say wow you look Strong(Even though im not). Someone said this on Tiktok (NO ONE WILL SAY WOW YOU LOOK UGLY YOURE STRONG).U realized that you're broke. You don't have that much money. Well not to worry. These are my Fashion Suggestions For Male and Female and Weapon Models All Fashions are Found in Flaris NPC's. Male Fashions Found in Fashion Male(Near the Flying Sign with Arrows) Darth Vader(Set), Shower Set Fashions Found in Coupon Shop(Silver Hearts): Warlord M(Set), Bushido Yukata Set 2010 (Set) Female Fashions Found in Coupon Shop (Silver Hearts): Flower Fairie Set, Forest Fairie Set, Traditional Chile Set, Traditional Native American Set, Warlord Set Kung Fu hair(Hat), Sul Bim Dress (Suit), Sul Bin Gloves, Sul Bim Shoes Found In Fashion Female NPC(Near The Flying Sign With Arrows) Nurse Set Dressed Up Hat, Red Dress Suit, Red Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Sinbad Veil, Green Dress Suit, Green Dress Gloves, Dress Girl Shoes Weapon Models Found in Coupon Shop (FLY Pieces) (Bow) Bow of Echoes Nemo's Fury Bloody Bow (1 Hand Sword) Vorpal Blade (2 hand Sword) Leviathan (Stick) Song of Sirens (Staff) Bloody Staff Conch Stave (Yoyo) Typhoon (Wand) Archduke Wand of Apparition
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    Hey guys, Jermaine here. You'd usually see me afk in flaris near the red chip merchant Hopefully we can everyone can share guides & tips in the forum so newbies and returnees can find quick and informative guides accesible. This is a newbie-friendly server and I think good guides will definitely help new players stay and enjoy the game. I'll try to post some soon!
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    Guide Contents: Awakening Equipment and Weapons Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes Awakening Equipment and Weapons Using the /Awake command will bring up an interface that will allow you to awaken armor, weapons, and shields at a cost of 1.3M Penya per roll. An awake can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 lines. The possible awakes are: When rolling for awakes the best case scenario is 3 max roll or 2 max roll and 1 near max role of 3 identical stats, however it is very rare. Therefore we will be focusing on what is known as the “Normal” Awake. For this type of awake, you are ideally looking for 2 identical max stats and 1 additional stat. This additional stat does not matter, but it is important that there are 3 lines to the awake. For example, a pair of boots has rolled +500 HP / + 500 HP / +200 FP. We can see from the chart above that we have hit 2x max rolls on HP. The next step is to use a Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation which can be bought from the store for LP/VP as well as other players: This scroll will allow us to reroll one of the 3 awakenings on our item, for our example, we will be selecting FP: We will roll until we hit the maximum for HP achievable via the scroll. It is important to remember that these scrolls do NOT go all the way to max, and have an upper limit to what can be rolled. For convenience, I have highlighted these maximums in the awakening table in orange. Congratulations, you have now created a “Normal” Awake. Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes You are also able to buy and sell awakes by transferring them onto and off of items. This is a simple process, however, it is costly. The price of transferring an awake is 250 Perin plus the cost of the Awake Transfer Material (250 LP or around 200~ Perin). To transfer the awake you will need the item with the awake on, the item to receive the awake, 1 Awake Transfer Material, and 250 Perin. The item to receive the awake must have no awakes on it, if it does, use a Scroll of Revision on it (available from Peach at the blacksmith area). To start the awake transfer, click Menu > Prologic Systems > Awake Transfer Follow the UI - simple!
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    If you reached level 150, I am assuming you can kill ticket mobs so this guide will start with that assumption. If not, please refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos First, you might want to know that there is a command /awake: It allows you to awake just by clicking ok without having to buy scrolls but rather some penya as payment: You might also want to visit RC shop trader for the premiums that allow unlimited FP or MP (costs 40rc each) You will have this free ticket perin farming when you reach a certain level (automatically inserted in inventory, if none, kindly check mailbox). Since you are already level 150, I am sure it will be available to you. With the information above, you can go farming perins to buy your baruna gears (check other guides on what baruna gears are best for your job). You might want to buy one at a time from sm vendors (costs around 10-30p each part): Once you got one part, go use the command /awake to awake while you are grinding perins. You might want to also put it on an F slot for more convenience: The goal is to have a 3 line options with 2 identical max stats (you can refer to the guides for the max stats for your information): Do this until you have those 3-line options with 2 identical max stats on all your baruna gears (weapons, shield if any, and armors). I will be posting another guide on how to max your baruna gears and obtain all the remaining end gears. Hope this guide helps you! Regards, KaningPusa
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    Hi all active prologic players in forum. I want to help you all in our server. Please do reply here what topics you want me to create. Thanks!
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    This is one of the best updates made in Prologic! Thanks Prologic team!
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    Prologic Flyff Shop Redesign & Launch After 5 years of faithful service, the original Prologic store has now been retired. It has been rebuilt from the ground up for a cleaner, smoother user experience as well as complete item reorganization. The UI is now far more responsive as well as more logical in regards to its layout and design: As part of this launch, we have also updated the description of over 1100 store items to more accurately reflect what they are and how they work in game: Thank you everyone for your support this year and we hope that you enjoy what we are working on for 2023! Enjoy
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    Hope i get amidamaru cloak 😭 thats only my dream
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    IGN AlgodonDeAzucar Love Prologic Flyff
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    IGN xDevil Guild Master InvictuS Prologic Flyff
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    Added the originals as per Actout request!
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    Thank you for the guide. This is very helpful!
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    Flower Fairie Set-(Head Optional) Traditional Chile Set (Shoes Optional) Traditional Native American Set( Head Optional ) Warlord Set Kung Fu Hair, Sum Bim Dress, Sul Bim Gloves, Sul Bim Shoes
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    Guide Contents: Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Equipment Piercing 0/4 and 0/10 Elemental Upgrades Change Element Type Jewels and Runes Bonus Stats We will be focusing this guide around Baruna items as upgrading lesser equipment is not really needed due to the abundance of these items in the game. For our examples, we will be using a Baruna Bileire Suit and a Baruna Curtana weapon. They both are classed as “Clean” meaning no upgrades are present on them. Clean gear usually sells for around 20-30 Perin each in SM, while weapons vary depending on the class. Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Regular equipment can be upgraded to +10 while a Baruna item can be upgraded to +20. To upgrade we will need plenty of Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s. Stones of Balance can be bought from Peach along with being found from various mob loot drops. Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s can be bought from the store, or found in the AFK collectors area. Be aware that upgrading Baruna weapons can be quite costly for a new player. You are able to use Scrolls of Smelting to increase the chance of success up to +10 should you have collected any of these during your playtime. We will be using the “Safe Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with both of the Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing Stones, once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired upgrade target, or reach +20. 57 Attempts to +10, 228 total attempts to +20 68 Attempts to +10, 205 total attempts to +20 Upgrading a Baruna weapon to +20 unlocks 8 rune slots, we will discuss these later in the guide. Piercing Suits, Weapons, and Shields are the only items that are able to be pierced. The following are the types of cards available and where they can be pierced: Suits can be pierced up to a maximum of 4 times, while weapons and shields can be pierced 10 times. To pierce our items we will be using the “Safe Piercing” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with moonstones (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of GProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired pierce target, or reach 0/4 or 0/10. 47 Attempts to 0/4 the suit. 93 Attempts to 0/10 the weapon. Next, we will attach our cards by double-clicking on the card, then clicking on the item. For the suit, we are placing 4x 10% Earthquake cards to give us 40% more defense, and we are placing 10x Land Card (s) into our weapon for 80 STA and 10% HP. Elemental Upgrades Suits, Weapons and Shields are the only items that are able to be upgraded with an element using element cards. These items can be upgraded with an element to a maximum of +20. With each higher level providing a greater glow on the weapon along with a bonus to damage or reduction based on the enemy you are fighting. To element upgrade our items we will be using the “Safe Element Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with your desired element card (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of SProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: For our examples, we will be upgrading both our suit and our weapon with Generator Cards (Electric). 415 Attempts to +20 the weapon. 490 Attempts to +20 the suit. Change Element Type You are able to change the element in your equipment by using a Scroll of Element Change, on sale at the Red Chip Trader for 250 Red Chips. To use this scroll, active it, place your item into the slot, and select the new element. We are going to change our suit from Electric to Wind: Jewels and Runes Once a weapon has been upgraded as per the first part of this guide, jewel slots will be unlocked. The maximum number of Jewel slots for a Baruna weapon is 8 and is achieved once the weapon reaches +20. In these slots you can put Jewels (only use Diamonds), or even better, Runes. Runes can be incredibly cheap, or very expensive, depending on what type you would like. Runes come in 3 types: Attributes, % PVE Damage Increase and % PVP Damage Increase. For our example, I have purchased the runes from a player vendor in SM how has farmed them from dungeons. The runes I will be adding are % PVP Damage Runes. To add the rune, simply double click the rune and click the weapon. We were lucky, none of them failed… yes they can fail and you lose the rune! Bonus Stats You are able to add bonus stats onto equipment by using attribute scrolls (Scroll of Strength, Scroll of Stamina etc.) available from the Event Shop. These scrolls will add a bonus attribute to your item ranging from 1 to 4. These scrolls cost 100 Event Coins each and the roll is random. This upgrade is a costly luxury and is only really chased by players who have little else to upgrade and want to min/max their builds. To add the bonus stat, simply double-click the scroll and click the item. Each attempt will overwrite the existing bonus; we were lucky and landed a +3 on the suit! The End Result! The last step is to sort the awakes out, more information on how awakes work can be found in my Awakes Guide Here.
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    First of all, I just want you guys to know that the end game weapons are the baruna and evobaruna weapons which is upgraded until +20 and has available sockets for baruna and evobaruna runes. The scroll used to upgrade it is the Ultimate Blessing of Baruna (UBB). Kindly take note that this is different with the one being sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach. UBB drops from colosseum clockworks which is a mid-level dungeon that is not recommended to be ran by new players. With this, what you might want to do is start by upgrading an ultimate weapon and put pve diamonds on it. Highest stated ultimate weapons are the skeletons which can be obtain from General Razgul. I do not recommend going there and killing it but instead you can check out SM vendors or buy from other players since they do not cost much (5-10p is the usual prices of clean) First and foremost, do not forget to use prologic premium scroll when upgrading: This scroll dramatically increases the success chances in upgrading. In upgrading your ultimate weapon, you need the XProtect which is sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach and Shining Oricalkum which you can get from farming tickets. This is where you put your upgraded ultimate weapon for the pve% diamonds stats: If you do not get a pve% stat, you need to remove it via bobochan: Kindly take note that you can only remove the most recent diamond so it is a must that you always remove the diamond if it is not a pve% stat. Do this until you have full pve% diamonds on your ultimate weapon. Next will be where can you get those precious diamonds to put pve% stat in your ultimate. There are two easy ways. First is to go to Forsaken Tower B5 and kill some masquerpets until you find a level 120 weapon: Safe upgrade it to bobochan until +10: Go to [Jewel Manager] Peach and put it on create jewels. This will give you 30 pieces of diamonds. The other one is for you to loot some bloody weapons from this red meteonyker (Vulcano) and +10 it instead of the ones that drop from forsaken tower. Bloody weapons give 50 pieces diamonds instead of 30 when it is upgraded to +10. It is up to you if you want your ultimate weapon to serve as just for farming tickets or be your starting weapon in running some low and middle level dungeons. A farming ticket weapon will look like this: You might want to maximize your speed to 230% (the cap) and DCT to 100% (the cap, only applicable to assist and magician jobs) to farm faster. Or you can go for the higher damage stats which will serve as your starting weapon before you get to upgrade your baruna weapon: Hope this helps you guys who are starting in our server! Regards, KaningPusa
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    I hadn't realised! Thank you, I have updated it to reflect this.
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    Nice guide! Lots of newbies asking about awakes. This will help!
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    In-game Changes and Fixes: - Added Evo Critical Cloak to the Gold Trader - Decreased HP Reduction in the Slayer hero skill Ultimate Defense. Tutor Changes: - Increased Daily FFA per tutor to 25. - Increased max perin per trade to 100. - Increased max EC per trade to 250. - Increased Daily Siege per tutor to 10. - Increased FFA Lifes to 15. - Added 4 F and 4 M new sets to the Event Shop. - Added Weapon Models to the Wafor RC Merchant. - Re-organized the Red Chip Trader Shop. - Removed Valentine Event. - Added Infinity Event!+ Changes made By Cyborg and Apollos