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  1. I think the pve vote buff dmge is still not working
  2. As you can see on the first image my HP is 25442/48439 The number of Fish Soup is 791 I use 2 Fish Soup but my HP did not restore I also use healing skills but nothing happen. Another problem is I don't know yet how this happens. I'm still testing and trying to find out what trigger this bug.
  3. I'm not sure if its bug or it really is the max penya limit but the current penya limit of inventory is 2,147,483,647... ive been farming for couple of hours when i realized that my penya is stuck at 2,147,483,647. I know that I can just convert it to Perin so I just want to confirm if its just the penya limit of inventory or a bug.
  4. I have more than 50% Dec Cool Time but my merkaba's CD is still the same (3 secs) when it should decrease by half.