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  1. hmm i mean aside from the flyforfun cards i think all the others are quite obtainable, pride of victory and cotton candy drop quite a lot i'd say add flyforfun cards in rc shop but have to make sure not to confuse newer players then with the letters and such ^^" and balloons could be included in vote shop?
  2. heyo ^^ from the perspective of a normal player, i dont really do pvp much so im not really into the whole limiting the consumables as such, there are more people like me who only do pve such as bosses etc. we also require a constant use of consumable or "dopas". also regarding the siege reward im somewhat conflicted, cause yes i agree that gold coins have no current value, but the best option would be to make items worth gold coins not change the rewards to rc, currently a lot of players make money based off selling rc so i think it will affect the markets alot o-o (sorry to come off as a nerd xD). regarding the reward per player, its not a good idea to have the same reward for everyone, yes it will encourage more people to join but for all the wrong reasons, if you set up siege with everyone getting the same rewards people will abuse the system, include multiple accounts just to get the rewards (idk if ya get wut i mean x.x). but all in all im grateful for you bringing this all up :3 thanks