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  1. Starting on Prologic Flyff Hi guys. I’m making this guide for newbies who are playing on Prologic FlyFF, or even just FlyFF in general, for the first time. Assumption here is you are extremely new to the game or up have a few knowledge on FlyFF in general. This will also be useful especially for those players who do not know anyone in the game and have no clue how to start or have no friends yet that will help you with some gears/resources. Ofcourse, the community is quite friendly and I’m sure you will make friends sooner than you think 😊 Before we start, please do read some guides here on the forum. There are quite a lot of useful guides here that are very detailed and can easily be followed. I suggest looking into these guides below if you are extremely new: Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! Leveling guide What to do after I reach level 150? However, if you would like a guide with more personal view, here is the guide for you So let’s start. You have to start with making your Farmer. You can always jump into your favorite class, but I recommend starting with your farmer first just so you can transition easily into the game. For now, the goal is to level up to 150 so you can start farming for resources like Perins and Red Chips for early money. Personally, you do not need end gears at the moment because it can be quite overwhelming if you focus on upgrading them and maxing them. Once you made your first character, open your inventory and double click on your Prologic Starter Pack You will get a couple of items like prems, some food for HP and your starter Set. Make sure to use all of them for faster progress into leveling to 150. You can delete the blinkwings and the Set that is not for your gender to free up some space. You can also delete the equipments you don’t need. You will also get a free looter pet (7 days). It’s speed will be slow but you can speed it up via the two options below: Vote Buff Vote for our server daily. Gray means it is inactive while Blue means it is active. There are certain levels to Vote buff with increasing benefits such as increased PVE Damage, Increased Penya and Exp Rate, Pet Speed etc. You will not get pet speed benefit until your vote buff is at Level 8 (voted 8 times). This buff will be activated when you vote on GTOP100 via our Website Prologic Premium Scroll There are a couple of benefits to using this scroll. You can get one as a reward when you reach a certain level. You will get some more as you do your rebirths. You can purchase from Players via the markets in Saint Morning. When you are fully geared, you can hunt these in Contaminated dungeon. For now it better to use the free scrolls you get and farm perins so you can buy them from players. It costs cheap so don’t worry about farming too long to be able to buy them. Once equipped, you can type in /buff to get the max level buffs up to Seraph Buffs and Force Master Buffs (excluding Geburah Tipreth). You will also have a faster looter pet speed We are now ready to level up. Your leveling route should look like this Level 1 to 15: Flaris Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1 Level 60 to 121H: Forsaken Tower Level 121H to 150L: Dark Traseia Level 1 to 15: Flaris Lets start by getting to level 1 to 15 Make sure you join a party with Red Scroll and Skills for more drops and higher damage. Press hotkey U and select Party Finder Select the party that you want to join, preferrable the ones with the icons below present so you get the party Skill benefits Kill some mobs until you get to level 15. Once done, a window should ask you to select your first class. Now the reason I made this guide is to add a personal view on progressing. That is why I am suggesting that you select assist for now as this is the easiest class to level up to 150. We’ll get to the 2nd and 3rd jobs later. For now select Assist. Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning Put all your stats to STR as you will mainly be auto attacking mobs until you get your AOE Skill. Don’t worry about stats as they will reset when you change classes. Put all to STR until level 60. Now that you have changed your Job, its time to level to 45. Head over to saint morning by pressing Hotkey V and select Saint Morning and then click Go. Kill some more mobs until you reach level 45. It shouldn’t take Long. Once level 45, we are now ready to head over to Darkon1 Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1 Kill some more mobs until you reach level 60. Once you are level 60, another window will prompt you to select your second class. Select Ring Master. You primary AOE Skill will be the Merkaba skill. This scales highly with your INT Stats so put all your stats into INT for greater damage. You will not get this skill until level 80 so just level up by auto attacking mobs. You will get a couple gears. You will get a set and a couple of bless posters. These bless posters are for you to be able to use Ring Master/Seraph Skills. Level 60 to121H: Forsaken Tower Before heading here, make sure to also buy from an NPC a stick. Any stick is fine even the cheapest one is fine for now. You will also receive scroll of amplifications. Equip all of them (you can stack 5 of them at the same time) to boost your exp gain. Go to flaris and head to the NPC Below. Enter the first Option B1 so you can start leveling up. Make sure you are also equipping your looter pet here. Press Hotkey U and press pet filter. I suggest to uncheck the following below so your pet will pick them up. Loot all the weapons and sell them in NPC for money so you can buy tickets for farm sites easily. Start killing mobs. If you feel like the exp rate is slow, you can move on to the next level by going back to flaris and going back to the Forsaken Tower NPC and selecting the net option. There is an information on the monster levels in each floors so you can use them as reference. You will level up here until you are level 121. Level up your skills up until the requirement of the next skill. Don’t worry about maxing them out for now as you will be able to max all of them once you do your rebirths. By level 80, you should already have your Merkaba skill. Equip a stick and put the Merkaba Skill in your action slot and just use it as you level up. By Level 105, you should receive a Legendary Golden Stick and a free Level 105 Set. Equip all them. This will be enough as you get to level 150. By level 121 a window will prompt that will ask you to be a Master. Click Go! And this will revert your level to Level 60 but you will be Level 60 Master. Repeat above steps until you reach level 121H again. Once you are level 121H you are ready to head to Dark Traseia Level 121H to150L: Dark Traseia To get to Dark Traseia, Head over to Flaris and find Premium (IS) buy a Dark Traseia ticket and double click it. GO through the mobs and level up to level 139. Once you reach level 139, you need to head to the North East of the map. There is a portal there that will take you to the Final Leveling Mobs. Head over there and kill mobs until you are Level 150 L When you get to level 130, a window will prompt to ask you to do a final job change to Seraph, click go and this will be you final Job Change. *Will insert screenshot here* Congratulations! You are now at the Max Level! You are ready to start farming in the Perin Farm Site. The reason I suggested to go with Seraph Class is because of the high scaling of Merkaba skill to INT Stats. Start by farming here until you get enough perins to start buying your Baruna Gears for your seraph or for your favorite class. For now, this will be your main source of income as you build your PVE Farmer for dungeons. While farming in the perin site, you can start getting awakes for your equipments. Check out this guide below if you want to know more about Awaking System and getting your Awakes. Act's Awakening Guide
  2. First of all, I just want you guys to know that the end game weapons are the baruna and evobaruna weapons which is upgraded until +20 and has available sockets for baruna and evobaruna runes. The scroll used to upgrade it is the Ultimate Blessing of Baruna (UBB). Kindly take note that this is different with the one being sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach. UBB drops from colosseum clockworks which is a mid-level dungeon that is not recommended to be ran by new players. With this, what you might want to do is start by upgrading an ultimate weapon and put pve diamonds on it. Highest stated ultimate weapons are the skeletons which can be obtain from General Razgul. I do not recommend going there and killing it but instead you can check out SM vendors or buy from other players since they do not cost much (5-10p is the usual prices of clean) First and foremost, do not forget to use prologic premium scroll when upgrading: This scroll dramatically increases the success chances in upgrading. In upgrading your ultimate weapon, you need the XProtect which is sold by [Jewel Manager] Peach and Shining Oricalkum which you can get from farming tickets. This is where you put your upgraded ultimate weapon for the pve% diamonds stats: If you do not get a pve% stat, you need to remove it via bobochan: Kindly take note that you can only remove the most recent diamond so it is a must that you always remove the diamond if it is not a pve% stat. Do this until you have full pve% diamonds on your ultimate weapon. Next will be where can you get those precious diamonds to put pve% stat in your ultimate. There are two easy ways. First is to go to Forsaken Tower B5 and kill some masquerpets until you find a level 120 weapon: Safe upgrade it to bobochan until +10: Go to [Jewel Manager] Peach and put it on create jewels. This will give you 30 pieces of diamonds. The other one is for you to loot some bloody weapons from this red meteonyker (Vulcano) and +10 it instead of the ones that drop from forsaken tower. Bloody weapons give 50 pieces diamonds instead of 30 when it is upgraded to +10. It is up to you if you want your ultimate weapon to serve as just for farming tickets or be your starting weapon in running some low and middle level dungeons. A farming ticket weapon will look like this: You might want to maximize your speed to 230% (the cap) and DCT to 100% (the cap, only applicable to assist and magician jobs) to farm faster. Or you can go for the higher damage stats which will serve as your starting weapon before you get to upgrade your baruna weapon: Hope this helps you guys who are starting in our server! Regards, KaningPusa
  3. Guide Contents: Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Equipment Piercing 0/4 and 0/10 Elemental Upgrades Change Element Type Jewels and Runes Bonus Stats We will be focusing this guide around Baruna items as upgrading lesser equipment is not really needed due to the abundance of these items in the game. For our examples, we will be using a Baruna Bileire Suit and a Baruna Curtana weapon. They both are classed as “Clean” meaning no upgrades are present on them. Clean gear usually sells for around 20-30 Perin each in SM, while weapons vary depending on the class. Equipment Upgrading 0 to +20 Regular equipment can be upgraded to +10 while a Baruna item can be upgraded to +20. To upgrade we will need plenty of Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s. Stones of Balance can be bought from Peach along with being found from various mob loot drops. Ultimate Blessing of Baruna’s can be bought from the store, or found in the AFK collectors area. Be aware that upgrading Baruna weapons can be quite costly for a new player. You are able to use Scrolls of Smelting to increase the chance of success up to +10 should you have collected any of these during your playtime. We will be using the “Safe Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with both of the Stones of Balance and Ultimate Blessing Stones, once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired upgrade target, or reach +20. 57 Attempts to +10, 228 total attempts to +20 68 Attempts to +10, 205 total attempts to +20 Upgrading a Baruna weapon to +20 unlocks 8 rune slots, we will discuss these later in the guide. Piercing Suits, Weapons, and Shields are the only items that are able to be pierced. The following are the types of cards available and where they can be pierced: Suits can be pierced up to a maximum of 4 times, while weapons and shields can be pierced 10 times. To pierce our items we will be using the “Safe Piercing” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with moonstones (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of GProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: Continue this process until you run out of materials, hit your desired pierce target, or reach 0/4 or 0/10. 47 Attempts to 0/4 the suit. 93 Attempts to 0/10 the weapon. Next, we will attach our cards by double-clicking on the card, then clicking on the item. For the suit, we are placing 4x 10% Earthquake cards to give us 40% more defense, and we are placing 10x Land Card (s) into our weapon for 80 STA and 10% HP. Elemental Upgrades Suits, Weapons and Shields are the only items that are able to be upgraded with an element using element cards. These items can be upgraded with an element to a maximum of +20. With each higher level providing a greater glow on the weapon along with a bonus to damage or reduction based on the enemy you are fighting. To element upgrade our items we will be using the “Safe Element Upgrade” option available with BoBoChan, found at the blacksmith area. Add your item to upgrade into the top box and fill the slots with your desired element card (PVE mob drops) and Scrolls of SProtect (bought from Peach), once done, click start: For our examples, we will be upgrading both our suit and our weapon with Generator Cards (Electric). 415 Attempts to +20 the weapon. 490 Attempts to +20 the suit. Change Element Type You are able to change the element in your equipment by using a Scroll of Element Change, on sale at the Red Chip Trader for 250 Red Chips. To use this scroll, active it, place your item into the slot, and select the new element. We are going to change our suit from Electric to Wind: Jewels and Runes Once a weapon has been upgraded as per the first part of this guide, jewel slots will be unlocked. The maximum number of Jewel slots for a Baruna weapon is 8 and is achieved once the weapon reaches +20. In these slots you can put Jewels (only use Diamonds), or even better, Runes. Runes can be incredibly cheap, or very expensive, depending on what type you would like. Runes come in 3 types: Attributes, % PVE Damage Increase and % PVP Damage Increase. For our example, I have purchased the runes from a player vendor in SM how has farmed them from dungeons. The runes I will be adding are % PVP Damage Runes. To add the rune, simply double click the rune and click the weapon. We were lucky, none of them failed… yes they can fail and you lose the rune! Bonus Stats You are able to add bonus stats onto equipment by using attribute scrolls (Scroll of Strength, Scroll of Stamina etc.) available from the Event Shop. These scrolls will add a bonus attribute to your item ranging from 1 to 4. These scrolls cost 100 Event Coins each and the roll is random. This upgrade is a costly luxury and is only really chased by players who have little else to upgrade and want to min/max their builds. To add the bonus stat, simply double-click the scroll and click the item. Each attempt will overwrite the existing bonus; we were lucky and landed a +3 on the suit! The End Result! The last step is to sort the awakes out, more information on how awakes work can be found in my Awakes Guide Here.
  4. Guide Contents: Awakening Equipment and Weapons Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes Awakening Equipment and Weapons Using the /Awake command will bring up an interface that will allow you to awaken armor, weapons, and shields at a cost of 1.3M Penya per roll. An awake can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 lines. The possible awakes are: When rolling for awakes the best case scenario is 3 max roll or 2 max roll and 1 near max role of 3 identical stats, however it is very rare. Therefore we will be focusing on what is known as the “Normal” Awake. For this type of awake, you are ideally looking for 2 identical max stats and 1 additional stat. This additional stat does not matter, but it is important that there are 3 lines to the awake. For example, a pair of boots has rolled +500 HP / + 500 HP / +200 FP. We can see from the chart above that we have hit 2x max rolls on HP. The next step is to use a Scroll of Low Awakening Augmentation which can be bought from the store for LP/VP as well as other players: This scroll will allow us to reroll one of the 3 awakenings on our item, for our example, we will be selecting FP: We will roll until we hit the maximum for HP achievable via the scroll. It is important to remember that these scrolls do NOT go all the way to max, and have an upper limit to what can be rolled. For convenience, I have highlighted these maximums in the awakening table in orange. Congratulations, you have now created a “Normal” Awake. Transferring Equipment and Weapon Awakes You are also able to buy and sell awakes by transferring them onto and off of items. This is a simple process, however, it is costly. The price of transferring an awake is 250 Perin plus the cost of the Awake Transfer Material (250 LP or around 200~ Perin). To transfer the awake you will need the item with the awake on, the item to receive the awake, 1 Awake Transfer Material, and 250 Perin. The item to receive the awake must have no awakes on it, if it does, use a Scroll of Revision on it (available from Peach at the blacksmith area). To start the awake transfer, click Menu > Prologic Systems > Awake Transfer Follow the UI - simple!
  5. If you reached level 150, I am assuming you can kill ticket mobs so this guide will start with that assumption. If not, please refer to Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend! by Apollos First, you might want to know that there is a command /awake: It allows you to awake just by clicking ok without having to buy scrolls but rather some penya as payment: You might also want to visit RC shop trader for the premiums that allow unlimited FP or MP (costs 40rc each) You will have this free ticket perin farming when you reach a certain level (automatically inserted in inventory, if none, kindly check mailbox). Since you are already level 150, I am sure it will be available to you. With the information above, you can go farming perins to buy your baruna gears (check other guides on what baruna gears are best for your job). You might want to buy one at a time from sm vendors (costs around 10-30p each part): Once you got one part, go use the command /awake to awake while you are grinding perins. You might want to also put it on an F slot for more convenience: The goal is to have a 3 line options with 2 identical max stats (you can refer to the guides for the max stats for your information): Do this until you have those 3-line options with 2 identical max stats on all your baruna gears (weapons, shield if any, and armors). I will be posting another guide on how to max your baruna gears and obtain all the remaining end gears. Hope this guide helps you! Regards, KaningPusa
  6. Flyff Prologic Tips And Tricks Come and play for free https://www.prologicflyff.com Introduction: Hello everyone, I am an old player, here to provide you a guide to make it easier on how to play Prologic Flyff. If you are new to flyff in general, you can find the key bindings under the option section (click start at the bottom left of your screen) in order for you to know how to open up inventory, party and etc. Classes/Change Job: First job is at level 15, second job at lvl 60, third job at lvl 130. Leveling Area/Map: Flaris (lvl 1-15) Saint Morning (lvl 15-40’s) Darkon 1 (lvl 40’s to 60) Tower Manager (lvl 60-110s or 120) Dark Traseia (lvl 120-150) Also, you can press M to open the map. Find the Aibatt monster icon located at the top right and click it to show you the monsters found in that map along with their levels. You can also follow our Leveling Guide for simple steps. Here Stats: Always go pure str for any melee type classes as well as yoyo jesters. Dex for ranger class and int for mage class or ringmasters. The reason for this is so you can maximize your damage output to leveling or boss hunting. PvP/Siege stats, I recommend going full STA because hp is very important. You don’t want to die right away because your HP is low. Premium buffs/buffer: In order to be able to level up and grind faster, you need premium item buffs because they can give you a specific stat to power up your character such as atk %, hp %, stat increase, speed increase, and etc. These prems can be dropped from the monsters you kill, so make sure you use a looting pet and uncheck “Quest Items” that way your pet can loot them. The FITA prems can be obtained from the collecting area and the letter A from the Red Chips Shop. Scroll of Amplification: This scroll gives you experience boost to level up your character and can stack up to 5 times giving a bonus of 250% exp. Can be purchased from Vaelish (Premium seller) or be obtained from vote point shop at the Prologic Flyff Website. As well as the tickets for different map, stat reset, and etc. There are plenty of buff pangs that gives you buffs, but mokoko gives the best buffs. It is recommended to always have buffs on whether you are farming, leveling or boss hunting. Pets: Looting pets can be bought from the Pet tamer in Flaris, they also have options as to which items you wish not to pick up (Press U then click pet filter) Stat pets: Unicorn = hp Griffin = def Tiger = str Lion = sta Rabbit = dex Fox = int Collecting: You can buy the collector item and upgrade it up to +5 in order to increase the collecting speed by simply using moonstones (double click moonstones then click the collector item). You can buy a silver battery which lasts for 1 day at Red Chips Merchant or simply trade 3 copper battery pieces with the NPC located at or any collecting areas. Each IP can have a maximum of five collectors, so if your PC can handle 5 clients or more then it is highly recommended. A character must be level 15 to be able to collect at the collecting area located behind flaris bank. (There are more than one collecting area, I want you to explore and find them on your own ?) Here are the items you can obtain from collecting. Letters are also dropped from any monsters such as F,L,Y,O,R. The letter N can be obtained from the collecting area. These letters can be exchanged for coupons. FLY coupons can be exchange to weapons while FOR is for armors. Farming: Farm penyas or perins (100 million penyas = 1 perin) at dark traseia first, then move to Penya Farming Area (ticket from Vaelish). Farm red chips anywhere because all the monsters can drop this. Also obtainable from collecting area or each hour you’re logged in, you get a certain amount of RC in your mail that can be access from any mailbox. It is recommended to create and use Arcanist (3rd job of magician) to farm because they have a lot of AOE (area of effect) skills. The two main AOE skills are: windfield and earthquake. Upgrading: You can upgrade your gears and pierce them in order to put stat cards in it. Suits, weapons, shields are the only items that can be pierced. Regular gears can be upgraded to +10 while a baruna item can be upgraded to +20 using stone of balance (stone used to upgrade any baruna items) and ultimate blessing of baruna (scroll). Get your scrolls from this npc. Ultimate blessings of baruna can be obtained from boss hunting (coloseum) or by donate points from the web shop. Before thinking of boss hunting, it is best to use ultimate weapon and put jewels in it (diamond gives the max stat). Boss Hunting: Its best to create a templar (tanker) and a damager class such as slayer, crackshooter or even an arcanist. Or simply make a friend and hunt bosses together (Teamwork makes the dream work?). These bosses (giants) could be found either inside a dungeon or outside in the open field area. Extra useful tips: When you are controlling two characters at once. You don’t have to keep clicking on both screens in order for you to go to the same destination because we have this option called “Follow” which you just simply right click the other character and click follow. You can also follow while flying on a board or wings. Simply get on your board first, then invite the other character to your party. Press P to open up the party window and then click the name of the character you wish to follow in order to target them. Once you have them at target, simply press Z to follow them then Z again to unfollow. You must be at least level 20 in order to use these flying items which can be purchased from this NPC. To use it, simply double click the item, then press Space to move forward then space again to stop. To steer, simply hold your right click while flying then steer from there or use ASWD keys to also change directions. VIP: This ticket is very important, it allows your looting pet to loot faster than normal (good for farming). Gives you a little extra exp boost, allows you to upgrade on a little faster rate with higher chances of successfully upgrading an item, it doubles the duration of your buffs/self-buffs, switch to the VIP channel, and finally let’s use the /AwakeItem command. This command is used to awaking items such as weapon, shield, armors, and stat pets. Awaking an item gives you stats which helps you greatly to both PVP and PVE. (You can get this scroll Voting in the website, Farming the Contaminated Trails, participating in some GM Events, buying from other players or Donating) Couple (you can be couple with the same sex as a comrade): Always partner up your characters with one of your other character because with this system, once maxed, it will give bonus stats. It is super easy to level up, just simply log in both characters and stay in game or AFK. To create a couple, click them to target, press O and look for this icon (kneeling on the ground). Stats That You Would Need To Be In The Top Of Flyff Couple Level 21 Level Your Couple and Get it to the Top! Join A Guild With Furniture and Top Level! Private House Furniture Provide A lot of Stats, buy some in the RC Trader and place it in your House! (Press Y in Your House To) You will Need a X3 Fashion Awakened Set from the Event Shop to Be in the top! You can combine fashions in the npc Nerupha You need to try to have at least x3 stats awake in your sets and weapons of your base damage, if magic int, if melee str/adoch You need a Perfect Raised Pet with good awakes Tip for build, never go for full damage, you need HP in order to have success in pvp. Become Rebirth 10 The reason as to why I have made this guide it to make it easier and less confusing for you to play the game. This server isn’t that difficult to play at all, farm your way up till you become strong on your own, just be kind to everyone and some player might help you in your road to become a Legend. Guide Made by BlackMamba and Edited By Apollos
  7. In Prologic Flyff we have some nice features related to the extra bags to improve your experience The size of the extra bags it's x2 the normal size, so you have plenty of space to storage your items. On item pick-up if you don't have space in your inventory the item will go to your first available extra bag. On item pick-up If you have the stack-able item in your bag will go directly to the bag where the item is placed. You can organize items in all the extra bags. You can use buff items from the Extra bags Also related to the inventory, if you click anywhere in your inventory you will see a menu to sort your inventory by type. And there is, if you have ideas to improve the system let us know. Enjoy your stay!
  8. Come and play for free http://www.prologicflyff.com Hello everyone! Today i bring to you a leveling guide for those that don't know or are having some problems reaching the level they desire Lets begin... Part 1-Level 1 - 15 In this part we'll begin by killing a few aibatts so we reach level 2 and receive our welcome package! We'll use our favorite consumables, (I'd recommend using the power scroll and the chocolate) and we'll be ready to begin our journey to level 150! Now we just need to kill our way to level 15! We'll proceed as follows: level 2 - 5: hunt burundengs level 5 - 9: hunt doridomas level 9 - 12: hunt lawolfs level 12 - 15: hunt nyangnyangs Now we can choose our class, and we'll move on to Part 2 of this guide There are 4 classes in flyff: Mercenary: Melee character that fights using swords or axes, very good in 1v1s and also in aoe hunting Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp Assist: Melee character that fights using knuckles or sticks, good in 1v1 and aoe, but what stands out is their ability to buff their allies and themselves Mages: Character that uses magic to deliver powerful attacks, they can use wands and staves. They can do a lot of damage 1v1 as well as aoe Part 2- Level 15 60 In this part it'd be convenient that we learn about and find a leecher (character level 1 that will boost our xp gain, without getting any himself, or character 19-14 levels below us that will gain exp) We can also join an existing party to find people to join us in this journey! We just need to press U, that will open our control panel, where we'll find everything we need, such as our character information, party finder, model change, teleporter, etc. With our leecher or partner in our party, we'll get started with part 2! First, we'll buy some food for our journey, we'll need it! Food in this Flyff, are divided by stages, in the beginning you get some hotdogs, then, after level 61 you'll be allowed to eat barbecues. When you reach Master, you'll be allowed to eat Fish Soup Once you've become a Hero you'll be allowed to eat Steamed Seafood And finally, when you reach Legend, you'll be allowed to eat Chicken Sticks We'll travel to Saint Morning using the teleporter And now we just need to hunt like this: level 15 - 18: Hunt Boss bang level 18 - 20: Hunt Wagsaac level 20 - 22: Hunt mias level 22 - 25: Hunt Mr pumpkin Being level 25, we'll have received our first Scrolls of Amplification! These will boost our xp gain by 50% each! Making our leveling a lot easier Pro tip: You can get Amplifications R in our donator shop, which will boost our xp by double! level 25 - 28: hunt Jack The hammer level 28 - 30: hunt Giggle box level 30 - 34: hunt Hobo level 34 - 38: hunt Dumb Bull We'll receive more Scrolls of Amplification at level 35! level 38 - 40: hunt Cardpuppet At this level we'll need to fly to Garden of Rhisis using the Piyo we got at level 20 Once in Garden, we'll proceed as follows: level 40 - 43: hunt Scorpicon level 43 - 46: hunt Prankster We'll receive another 2 Scrolls of Amplification! level 46 - 49: hunt Wheelem Now we can already go to the next zone! Darkon 1! We'll use the teleporter to get to Darkon 1 and then we'll hunt like this: level 49 - 53: hunt Steamwalker level 53 - 57: hunt Nutty Wheel level 57 - 60: hunt Driller With this, we'll have concluded the second part, and we'll be ready to choose our second class! Part 3: level 60 - 120 From now on, things will be a lot simpler, with less traveling, and earning a lot more money! But now we'll have to be really careful, because if we get killed, we'll drop all our penya, perins, and red chips! To avoid losing everything when we get killed, its necessary to store our items in the bank, that's the only safe spot. But the murderer wont be completely safe either, since after he murders, he'll be stuck in the same area for 15 minutes! Thats a lot of time for you to get your friends and hunt him! At this point we'll need to start getting some awakening in our equipments, buying the scrolls from the npc in flaris. Or using the premium membership, which allows you to get them with just the push of a button! To reach level 120, and earn a lot of penya along the way, we'll level up at the Forsaken Tower We'll switch levels like this: Floor 1: level 60 - 70 level 60 - 66 hunt Catsy level 66 - 71 hunt Harpy Floor 2: level 71 - 82 level 71 - 77 hunt Gullah level 77 - 82 hunt abraxas Floor 3: level 82 - 95 level 82 - 89 hunt Hague level 89 - 95 hunt Tengu Floor 4: level 95 - 107 level 95 - 101 hunt Asterius level 101 - 107 hunt Dantalian Floor 5: level 107 - 115 level 107 - 112 hunt Ganessa level 112 - 115~ hunt Asuras Now we can decide if we want to keep leveling up at Tower until 120, or we can go to Traseia, to do that we'll need to buy the ticket from the premium npc in flaris Once we're in Traseia, we'll use this map as a guide, and we'll fly to the islands to continue our adventure! level 115 - 117 hunt Grumble Mauler level 117 - 119 hunt Vile Thorn And finally, level 119 - 121 hunt Blackweb Shade! Now we'll have concluded this part of the guide, becoming Masters! Now we just need to repeat the process until we become Heroes! Part 4: level 121 - 150 Last part, the end of this journey... or is it? Now we'll already be Heroes, but we still have a long way to become the best! We'll keep leveling up in Traseia, while we earn lots and lots of penya! level 121 - 124: hunt Dire razor level 124 - 130: hunt Immovable Crag We'll play this last part this way, so we can have the needed penya to buy ourselves the Dark Traseia ticket, and also upgrade our equipment, but ill explain that in another guide Reaching level 130, we'll have become Legends! And that gets us our third class! That means we're ready for Dark Traseia We'll buy the ticket from the Premium NPC once again... This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while (For this zone we recommend a set +10 at least and decent awakes because these creatures can hit hard) level 130 - 133 hunt Dark Usagi Fighter level 133 - 137 hunt Dark Usagi Blade Master level 137 - 141 hunt Dark Usagi Yari Once we're done with these, we'll need to enter the portal in Dark Traseia to get to the next area. level 141 - 145 hunt Dark Usagi Ninja level 145 - 150 hunt Dark Usagi Axe Master This brings us to the end of this guide. Thanks a lot for reading it, and hope you liked it
  9. Hola chicos y chicas, hoy les traigo una guia de leveo para aquellos que no sepan, o que esten teniendo problemas para alcanzar su nivel deseado! Empecemos... Parte 1- Nivel 1 a 15 En esta parte mataremos unos aibatts, hasta subir a nivel 2, donde recibiremos nuestro paquete de bienvenida! Usaremos nuestras dopas preferidas, (preferentemente el power scroll y el chocolate) y ya estaremos listos para comenzar la aventura hasta level 150! Ahora solo nos queda matar hasta level 15! iremos de esta manera: level 2 a 5: matar burundengs level 5 a 9: matar doridomas level 9 a 12: matar lawolfs level 12 a 15: matar nyangnyangs Con esto ya podremos elegir nuestra clase, y avanzaremos a la parte 2 Las clases en flyff se dividen en 4: Mercenary: personajes melee que pelean usando espadas o hachas, muy buenos en 1v1, y tambien en aoe Acrobat: personajes a distancia que pelean usando arcos o yoyos, excelentes en 1v1, no tanto en aoe, pero destacan por su habilidad pvp Assist: personajes melee que pelean usando puños o palos, buenos en 1v1 y aoe, pero se destacan por su autosuficiencia y habilidad de potenciar a sus aliados y a ellos mismos Magos: personajes que utilizan la magia para realizar poderosos ataques, pueden usar varitas o bastones. Destacan por su gran daño tanto 1v1 como aoe Parte 2- Nivel 15 a 60 En esta parte ya seria conveniente que aprendamos y encontremos un leecher (personaje nivel 1 que aumentara nuestra ganancia de exp, sin ganar el mismo, o personaje de 19-14 niveles menor que nosotros que SI ganara exp) Tambien podemos unirnos a una party ya existente para encontrar gente que nos acompañe en esta aventura! Solo debemos presionar la U, eso abrira nuestro panel de control donde encontraremos todo lo que necesitaremos, como la informacion de nuestro personaje, el party finder, cambiar modelos, el transportador, etc Con nuestro leecher o compañero ya en nuestra party empezaremos la segunda parte! Primero compraremos un poco de comida para nuestro viaje, que nos sera muy necesaria! Las comidas en este flyff se dividen por etapas, al iniciar recibes los hotdogs, luego, a partir de nivel 61 podras comer las barbacoas. Al llegar a Master podras comer las sopas de pescado Una vez te hayas vuelto Heroe podras comer los mariscos al vapor Y finalmente, al alcanzar Leyenda, podras comer las patas de pollo Viajaremos hacia Saint Morning usando el transportador Y ahora solo queda matar de la siguiente manera: level 15 a 18: matar Boss bang level 18 a 20: matar Wagsaac level 20 a 22: matar mias level 22 a 25: matar Mr pumpkin Siendo nivel 25 ya habremos recibido nuestros primeros scroll of amplification! Estos aumentaran nuestra exp ganada por 50% con cada uno que usemos, haciendo nuestro leveo aun mucho mas facil Pro tip: en la tienda de donaciones, se pueden conseguir amplificadores R que aumentan la exp al doble! level 25 a 28: matar Jack The hammer level 28 a 30: matar Giggle box level 30 a 34: matar Hobo level 34 a 38: Dumb Bull Recibiremos otros scrolls of amplification a nivel 35 level 38 a 40: matar Cardpuppet A este nivel deberemos ir a Garden of rhisis usando el piyo que nos regalaron a nivel 20 Una vez en Garden, seguiremos de esta manera: level 40 a 43: matar Scorpicon level 43 a 46: matar Prankster Recibiremos otros 2 scroll of amplification! level 46 a 49: matar Wheelem A partir de ahora ya podremos ir a la siguiente zona, Darkon 1! Usaremos el transportador para llegar hasta darkon 1 y desde ahi mataremos: level 49 a 53: matar Steamwalker level 53 a 57: matar Nutty Wheel level 57 a 60: matar Driller Con esto habremos concluido nuestra segunda parte y ya tendremos nuestra segunda clase! Parte 3: nivel 60 a 120 A partir de ahora las cosas seran mucho mas sencillas, con menos viajes, y ganaremos muchisimo mas dinero! Pero ahora tendremos que ser mucho mas cuidadosos, ya que si nos matan se nos caera todo el penya, los perines, y los red chips! Para evitar perderlo todo cuando nos asesinen, es recomendable guardar las cosas en el banco periodicamente, es el unico lugar seguro Pero el asesino tampoco esta completamente seguro, ya que despues de matar, quedara atrapado en la misma zona durante 15 minutos! Tiempo de sobra para que busques a tus amigos y vayan a cazarlo! En este punto ya convendria mucho ir buscando buenos despertares en los equipamientos, comprandole los pergaminos al npc en flaris, o utilizando la membresia premium que te permite buscarlos con solo presionar un boton! Para subir a nivel 120 y ganar muy buen penya en el camino, subiremos de nivel en la Torre Abandonada Utilizaremos los pisos de la siguiente manera: Piso 1: nivel 60 a 70 level 60 a 66 mataremos Catsy level 66 a 71 mataremos Harpy Piso 2: nivel 71 a 82 level 71 a 77 mataremos Gullah level 77 a 82 mataremos abraxas Piso 3: nivel 82 a 95 level 82 a 89 mataremos Hague level 89 a 95 mataremos Tengu Piso 4: nivel 95 a 107 level 95 a 101 mataremos Asterius level 101 a 107 mataremos Dantalian Piso 5: nivel 107 a 115 level 107 a 112 mataremos Ganessa level 112 a 115~ mataremos Asuras Ahora podemos decidir, si queremos seguir subiendo de nivel en Torre hasta 120, o podremos ir a Traseia, para eso deberemos comprar el ticket en en npc premium ubicado en flaris Una vez en traseia solo nos guiaremos segun este mapa, e iremos volando hacia cada una de las islas para poder continuar nuestra aventura! level 115 a 117 mataremos Grumble Mauler level 117 a 119 mataremos Vile Thorn y finalmente level 119 a 121 mataremos Blackweb Shade! Con esto habremos completado esta parte de la guia, volviendonos Master Ahora solo nos queda volver a repetir el proceso hasta llegar a Hero. Parte 4: nivel 121 a 150 La ultima parte, el final de esta aventura... o no? Ahora ya seremos Hero, pero aun queda un largo camino para llegar a ser los mejores! Por ahora seguiremos subiendo de nivel en Traseia, a la vez que juntamos mucho mucho penya! level 121 a 124: mataremos Dire razor level 124 a 130: mataremos Immovable Crag Esta ultima parte la haremos asi para poder tener el penya necesario para comprar el ticket de Dark Traseia, y a la vez, ir mejorando nuestro equipamiento, pero eso ya lo explicare en otra guia Habiendo llegado a level 130, ya seremos Leyendas! Y con eso, tendremos nuestra tercera clase! Eso quiere decir que ya estamos listos para Dark Traseia Volveremos a comprar el ticket en el npc de premium! Esta sera nuestra ultima zona de leveo hasta nivel 150, asi que ponganse muy comodos porque estaremos aqui un buen rato level 130 a 133 mataremos Dark Usagi Fighter level 133 a 137 mataremos Dark Usagi Blade Master level 137 a 141 mataremos Dark Usagi Yari Una vez terminemos en esta parte, tendremos que ir al portal en Dark Traseia, para poder ir a la siguiente zona. level 141 a 145 mataremos Dark Usagi Ninja level 145 a 150 mataremos Dark Usagi Axe Master Esto nos lleva al fin de esta guia, muchas gracias por haberla leido y espero que les haya gustado!