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Psykeeper a bit weak.

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I've been playing as psykeeper now and I've noticed something. All other classes have modified buffs like stronger buff for merc, knight, ele for its 10% block, YJ buffs, but his only buff, which is reflect dmg is too plain. Also its gameplay is kind of too stagnant. We cant do so much with him for example, elems can do luring while still maintaining his strong dmg, he also can hit and run, and 1v1. I suggest that we buff psykeepers a little bit for example increase his buff on reflect dmg (not the reflect itself cuz i think its fine but maybe some block or attack?) and lower the cd of psychic square so that psykeepers will have the choice to hit and run. Having a class left out might make an imbalanced economy on weapon hunts or PVE and I think having a mentalist in every guild is a necessity for late game. Just a thought anyway xD Its up to you to decide Apollyon

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The Psykeeper will be stronger in the next update. Regards :Laugh:

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