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  1. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Fixed problem with party skills in the action slot. - fixed open pvp information. - Fixed major error of the V19 Action slot, all users were affecting others users action slot. - Fixed some client crashes. - Fixed problem with Razgul and others creatures that get stuck when the player is a highier platform. - Fixed Music from Traseia and dark traseia. - Voter buff was affecting the PVP now is fixed. - Fixed a action slot stuck bug. - Fixed a security problem. - Improved client security - Improved server and client performance. - decreased holycross effect in pvp by 50%. - SECRET ROOM TIME CHANGED to 11 am (UTC-5) and GUild Siege to 11:30AM (UTC-5); - New Healing Seafood Pizza This Seafood Pizza Stick can be consumed by any class in the state of Legend (healing power: 237,217-304,127hp). - added Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) to the RC Trader - Increased mokoko npc duration time to 10 min. - fixed some problems with the premium save time. - Now buff items drops from level 45 to level 150 creatures. - Fixed Ankou Colosseum drop. - Added the "Piercing box of the Legend" to the Colosseum shop. - Increased Elementor 1v1 pve damage - Seraph class re-balanced. Prologic Classic Halloween event - 3 New Npc are located now in flaris - Click the first npc to get your first quest - after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q' -Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world. - after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest! - You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie with stats - You can exchange your tokens in the NPC Brooks - The hunter Box contains two sets with low change and buff items! Enjoy!
  2. Very weird problem indeed, i will investigate to see what i can find. Thanks you!
  3. Thanks you for the suggestion i will see what i can do
  4. - increase duration of Buff "Patience" - Rebalanced drops. - Client crashes fixes. - fixed more server crashes. - Increased Beads times. - increased duration time of all beads. - Increased the duration time of rc furniture. - Removed Gumbal and increased the stats of the macaroon price and duration. - increased Scroll of velocity, Cooked Octopus, flash Charm, sugar boost duration to 30 min - Added passkillfull 1 day in Premium Shop flaris. - Added item quest in dark traseia. - Now you can create party in guild siege. - fixed text color in drop information in tab key for the old interface. - Added Scroll of Pet Blessing (Pick-Up Pets) to the rc shop. - Now activition will restart the v19 action skill slot. - fixed buff items from the rc shop that disappear after death. - Replaced crossbow model for a Bow to allow it to transmute and avoid ugly animation. - Fixed Dark Traseia channel teleport problem. - Increased Baruna Wand damage from 30% to 40% - Increased baruna staff add damage from 40 to 45, int from 40 to 50 and added 20% HP AS A effect. - Added 50 sta to the Arcanist Kalgas set. - Fixed Security issues.
  5. Hello is not a bug mr Manx, is the limit by default at this moment, i will see if i can make it better
  6. We are working in something like that will be released soon.
  7. I am happy that the problem is now resolved
  8. I will investigate this, thanks you for the report.
  9. Available in user panel!
  10. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Added Dungeon entries system. * You will have a X number of entries depending of the dungeon and your status, * Every 24 all entries will be restarted. * In the timer you can check entries left for the dungeon you have enter. -Now you can change the Old interface slots with the numbers from 1 to 8. - Now the skills Heavens Step, Divine Prosperity, Raiment of Rhisis of florist and Bubbles blessing etc from force master will work in Party. - All the buff skills from Florist and Force master that works in party will also work out of the party. - Fixed action slot premium benefit in the old school interface. - Fixed 137 creatures from Dark traseia. - Decreased aoe probability of razgul. - Added new torch system to be able to see the mini map in most of the dungeons (You can buy the torch in the rc trader). - Added Comentieres Scream cool down of 3 sec. - Fixed Monsters Stucks in walls - Fixed bug from the Colosseum that does not close the match when there are not players lefts. - Some client crashes fixed. - Skeleton Weapons added to the coupon shop. - Fixed some problems with the aggro system and increase the aggro absorption of the Templar Skill 'Dead Man's Lure'. - Increased Activition time to 30 min. - Increased rm and serpah buff time x2. - Fixed Buff Time Premium Benefit. - Increased UPRESIA, HERNEOS normal level cap to 120 and now you can access at Master State.. - Increased level, hp and damage for bosses in UPRESIA, HERNEOS normal. - Increased UPRESIA, HERNEOS, SANPRES normal level cap to 133. -Fixed problem with creatures in general that get stuck.
  11. In-game Changes and Fixes: - Fixed Activition with the v19 interface, now works properly. - Decreased global enchant time. - Revised the dark illusion timer. - Added item wiki with the command /wiki - Fixed some bugs from the global event system - Party skills, lord buff icons has been moved back to the right. - fixed timer text color for the old school interface. - Increased security. - Added new models to the web shop(Fashions, Wings..) soon.
  12. In-game Changes and Fixes: Fixed error of the baby kargo event. Fixed action Slot Stuck Bug. Now you can exchange in bigger numbers in the collection area npc. Fixed Griffing bonus text. Fixed Billposter attak speed. Fixed Ranger Attack speed. soul of rhisis cool-down decreased to 3 min. Fixed Yoyo shoot sfx. Now you will not lose items if you are level <120. Fixed some issues with the pvp test npcs. Hit Of Penya (Hop) increase pve damage by 300% and increase range by 1 point. Now the PSYCHICWALL will not work in players if you have the pvp option disabled. Added new channel to Dark Traseia. Fixed missing effects in the baruna two-handed axe. Now you can see the icon of the item you are selling to npc shops. Added all text of healing power to all food and pills. Simplified the pill system and increased the healing power. Spirit Bomb no longer do less dmg when your mp isn't full. Fixed names of weapons Skelton to Skeleton. New baruna gems Released to the game. Baruna Gems 8 sockets +125 (INT-STA-STR-DEX), 45% PVP/PVE Increase * Colosseum Release Now you can enter the Colosseum to get new rewards ,green, ultimate , baruna weapons, Ultimate Blessings of baruna and baruna gems. In the legendary mode there is also a chance to get Ultimate Blessings of baruna. * Added optional Old Interface * Global PvP Changes Now the users will only drop items if they are Pk(White Skull can protect some items with the blessing system).
  13. Welcome
  14. In-game Changes and Fixes: Many crash errors fixed in the client. Many crash errors fixed in the database. Now the pet Griffin gives speed instead of defense. Added item link System The War Shop is now the event shop and the Prologic War is now part of the Automatic Events Systems. The war coins are now Event Coins. End Game Bosses damage decreased x1(Kalgas, kheldor, ankou, etc). New Extra Bag Features, Now you can organize items in all the extra bags. decreased razgul stun rate by 50%. New automatic Events: * Automatic Super Buffs: Every x time there will a npc that will spawn in flarine THAT WILL give max level buff. The more users are online the less time it will take to spawn. * The FFA WAR level cap is now from level 10 to level 14 vagrant to start the new Vagrant war.(In the future there will be a hero and legend war). You will receive 5 Event Coint for participating and 1 for every kill. Automatic events with Event Coins Rewards: Every 1h a automatic event will be called randomly * Kill the baby kargo event: In this event a bayby kargo will spawn somewhere in the Madrigal world and a message of his near position will appear. The user will have 3 min to kill the baby kargo, if the baby kargo does not die in this time will disappear and the next baby kargo will be called. The numbers of baby kargo to appear will be defined by the numbers of users online. If the user has the Voter Buff there will be a bonus of coin for every kill. New Prologic Bless System: Now in the npc Prologic Order in flaris you will find a menu called Buy Blessings There are 6 blessings 5 normal blessings and 1 pvp blessing. if you have the 5 normal blessings and you die in any encounter it will protect 100% of your items on die but you will lose all 5 blessings so you need to buy again the blessings, this does not apply for Red Skulls or Black Skulls. The pvp blessing will protect your 5 normal blessings if you die in a pvp encounter, so if you die in a pvp encounter you will only need to buy again the pvp blessing. SKILLS CHANGES: - ADDED 60 STA TO Special INT Mastery from Psykeepers.
  15. La Ayuda interactiva: Ajustar la configuración de Control de cuentas de usuario en Windows 7 y Windows 8 Se aplica a: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Home BasicWindows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 StarterWindows 7 Ultimate Windows 8, Windows 10 1.Austar UAC configuración En Windows 7: . Abrir la Configuración de Control de cuentas de usuario, tipo UAC en el cuadro Iniciar búsqueda y, a continuación, haga clic en la configuración de Cambiar configuración de control de cuenta de usuarios' en la ventana Panel de Control . Para ajustar la configuración de UAC en Windows 8/10: .Punto del mouse (ratón) en el Aero Peek también hace referencia al botón Mostrar escritorio en el extremo derecho de la barra de tareas nueva. .Haga clic en el icono de búsqueda , escriba UAC en el cuadro Buscar y, a continuación, haga clic en configuración de se encuentra en el cuadro de búsqueda. .En el panel izquierdo, haga clic en Cambiar configuración de Control de cuenta de usuario. 2. mueva el control deslizante hasta la menor configuración y, a continuación, haga clic en Aceptar.
  16. Error Opening 2 clients (Fix) Guided Help: Adjust User Account Control settings in Windows 7 and Windows 8 Applies to: Windows 7 EnterpriseWindows 7 Home BasicWindows 7 Home PremiumWindows 7 ProfessionalWindows 7 StarterWindows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Windows 10 1.Adjust the UAC settings In Windows 7: . Open User Account Control Settings, type UAC in the Start Search box, and then click Change User Account Control settings in the Control Panel window. To adjust the UAC settings in Windows 8 / Windows 10 etc: .Point the mouse on the Aero Peek also refers to the Show desktop button to the far right of the new taskbar. .Click on the Search icon, type UAC in the search box, and then click Settings located under the search box. .On the left hand pane click Change User Account Control Setting. 2. Move the slider to the lowest, and then click OK.
  17. There was a error, now should be fixed sorry about that
  18. In-game Changes and Fixes: Crash problem fixed. Major security problems fixed. SwordCross now works with all knight weapons. Weapons: * Knight 2Handed weapons now works with shield. * Curtana change: 32% Hitrate 42% Crit rate 80% adoch * Skelton 2h sword now give Crit Chance 25% Increased Atk 25% 35% adoch and is very fast. * Ultimate Acient 2h sword: +15% crit rate * Harbringer: +5% atk * Celestial Edge change : 45% atk 10% Pve dmg 25% adoch Skillchanges: * Templar's Call now works with 1h and 2h * Dead Man's Lure now works with 1h and 2h * Blazing Sword now gives 25% crit chance instead of 5% critical damage. * Fixed sneak stab stun.
  19. Gz
  20. Thanks you very interesting information, i will be planning to implement it in the near future. Keep it up
  21. In-game Changes and Fixes: Now you cant use the teleporter while trading. Now you cant use the perin converter while trading. Now you cant use as a model an linked item (Thanks Vesstan for the idea). Now you can change the model of the cloaks and masks regardless of sex . Fixed Pierced Card Removal interface. The voter buff consecutive counter was bugged should be fixed now. New icon when the voter buff is inactive. Fixed Drop list info when use the tab key when having a creature selected. (Amazing Wow™) New simple model viewer. Increased time duration of some buff items from the rc shop like Gingerbread and Grilled Eel to 30min. New drop on die per stages, this only apply if the user is not pk level 1 or level 2 (Thanks Levi for the idea); * Pk stage 1 : drop 20% of rc/perin/penya * Pk stage 2 : Drop 30% of rc/perin/penya * Pk stage 3 : Drop 50% of rc/perin/penya * Pk stage 4 : Drop 80% of rc/perin/penya * Pk stage 5 : Drop 100% of rc/perin/penya Information Stage 1: Level 20 to 60 (Normal).. Stage 2: Level 61 to 120 (Normal). Stage 3: Level 61 to 120 (Master). Stage 4: Level 121 to 129 (Hero). Stage 5: Level 130+ (Legend) Knight Skill Changes: * Shield Bash NOW WORKS ONLY WITH SHIELD. * Rage NOW WORKS with 1h and 2h weapons. * Guard NOW WORKS with 1h and 2h weapons. * Charge NOW WORKS with 1h and 2h sword. * Pain Reflection NOW WORKS with 1h and 2h weapons. Now crucio spell only decrease up to 20% atk. Decreased 20% of rm damage in pvp. Now the skill Priest's Grasp decreased the speed up to 70% for a short period of time and now has a cool-down of up to 20 seconds. Fixed Sneaker and Satanology now work properly in pvp and pve. There was an error in the pk kill counter so the pk kill counter has been restarted for future ranking. Regards
  22. Will be fixed soon.
  23. Also you can use Laccote while you are Knight.
  24. Welcome levi i hope you are enjoying your stay, I agree a lot with you but "A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump." i am not a purist but, you can have a lot of fun without those things , also everybody should read the bible if want to know the truth.
  25. I think i can do something about it, the stats and block is a mess in flyff o i created a new formula, i can master it by class level etc, maybe i can do something interesting. Will not come in the next update but i will try it come soon.