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Jello and Sheena Suggestion Thread.

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Premium shop

  • Add "Upcut Stone" to the Premium NPC in Flaris.
  • Add "Refresher Hold" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. or buff MP potions.
  • Add " Enhanced Party Skill Range 15" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. 


  • Party finder (When you open it up, Some parties show they have active skills but they have 0 points.)
  • Chat box unselected once a monster is killed. (If you are talking to another player and killing monsters, your chatbox will be unselected and you will open tons of windows)
  • Inventory Expansion - Increase capacity of the inventory. (2 rows are normally filled with Letter Coupons / Prems)
  • Teleporter - ( Possibly add the loot you can obtain in each area? I.e its odd to have V15 jewelry in Animus might want to tell people!)
  • Backpack Extension - Whatever your loot pet picks up, if you have it in your backpack it would go to your backpack and not your inventory.
  • Joining a Party - If possible, show the party skills that are active. Once you join a party you wont see if any skills are active unless they activate.
  • Premium Status Teleportation. - I personally think that EVERY player should be able to teleport to dungeons. I think its a bit odd that you need to buy a status to TP to Dungeons.
  • Upgrading manually - Upgrading manually seems really slow, (i.e If I upgrade my collector manually it takes forever) If possible shorten the time.
  • Buff Madrigal Gift - Personally I don't know If I can get a "rare" item from the gift. I would love to know If there is a 0.001% Chance of getting something amazing instead of 100k Penya everytime.
  • Premium Timers - I think that premium timers should be the same. (This may mess with PVP so there would need to be some tweaking)
  • /Gmlist - A simple command to show which gamemasters are online, incase we need help.

Useless additions

  • Weapon models to be added in the game or inside the shop!
  • More Variations of Custom Fashion / Models. (Dont just apply black to Grim sets etc)

Future Ideas

  • "Vote Party" - This is a brand new addition I haven't seen on any server. Once every 50 Votes I think that the server should automatically put up a lord buff! This will encourage voting and also help new players out! We can have a total in the homepage of PrologicFlyff. (I.e  Vote Party 35/50 votes! ) 



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Omg, those are amazing ideas also the future ideas, thanks you very much,This will help me a lot for the next update!

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I am completely agree with you and Sheena man, great ideas and, hope they fix some issues

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@Apollos also fix the dungeon cd on britania. 345 mins is too much :3


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