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Harlekin needs a DMG Buff

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Harlekin is a very nice class and its so much fun to play it. 

Harlekin is born for pvp but on Siege or FFA its much to hard to kill anyone and thats rly sad.

On this Server it looks like that im the only Harekin in pvp. 


Comparing the classes is very unbalanced.

Harlekin whit full dmg Equip (1500str and 90k+ atkdmg)  HoP make just 230k-260k dmg.

Forcemaster whit full dmg Equip can easy make Asal 900k+ .


Cracki on Full Critdmg can do a charged shot 800k+ and spam autoatk whit 200k+.

Blades can reach autoatks like 400k+ crits.

Mages can spam his skills 150k-300k but it feels like 3skills in 1 sek.


All classes can play Hp Equip on pvp and nevertheless they make a lot of dmg, if you play Harle on full sta (status points) your Hop mabye do 150k dmg and you have 300k hp.


The Harlekin skills rly have to get stronger HoP must be at least 700k+ on full dmg Equip. 


I think on this Server im not the only Harlekin Fan but im the only one on Pvp.


Pls revive Harlekin, this class deserves to be played. 



Sorry for my bad English xDD

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For the next update that will be soon is planned a revision for Harlequin so it can be in the level of the others jobs, thanks you for reaching us :)

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Hi Apollos,

what is the update regarding to harlekin, please do an action harlequin is so good in pvp but not here in Prologic 

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