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HotFix 17/04/2019 + HoliDay Events!

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  •  Added a new system to modify the block rate of every class and creatures in real time, if a class need more block or less block let us know to fix it in real time without the need of a update.
  •  Fixed problem with magic skills that does not work more than 2 in the action slot.
  •  Now all hero skills will only consume 500mp and 500 fp
  •  Removed Cooldown for the skill Sky Splitter of templars.
  •  The hero skill cursed mind from arcanist now has a 100% chance to hit and now has -25 magic resist effect with 15 seconds cool-down.
  •  Now in the Colosseum only the behemonth will have buff removal skill.
  •  New dungeon rebirth requirement decreased to 5.
  •  Added magic damage rate +8% to the Event Coin Mask "Devian Skull Wing Mask"
  •  Added 10% hp rate to the donator cloak Pro Storm.
  •  Increased pve damage for Arcanist , psykeeper and rm.
  •  Decreased block rate of all the creatures level 126+
  •  now the shield will not be removed from templars when re-equipping
  •  Decreased cool-down of mentalist dbuff Samedi's Embrace to 15 seconds
  •  Added rebirth souls x2 event, the rebirth 10 players can joint the event too
  • New Prologic Flyff logo thanks to user Aero :)



APRIL 18 19 20 21 EVENTS

  • EXP Rates x2
  • Drop Rate x2
  • Penya Rate x2
  • Rebirth Souls X2
  • Donation Points per Donation ( Increased 50% )
  • Facebook like and share event rules:


We are working in the next update will include a major costumes and content update, and more balances. Thanks for playing :x

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