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  1. Also i just tested sneak stab and counter attacks stun rate in arena today. They are both only stunning at a 20% maybe 30% rate at the most. I advise at the least 80% or 100% stun rate. It makes jesters viable in seige IMO. Maybe the dmg boost isn't necessary, i'll let romy and them decide that, however. Our stun must be returned.
  2. I agree lol, the main thing for a jester is stun. I don't really even care about the dmg too much since we can spam harlequin wheel. THE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT IS COUNTER AND SNEAK STAB STUNNING.
  4. This is Levi, you probably know me by the smell of your blood on my knuckle, staff or yoyo :DDD . I know i've killed most of you and your guildies, and ridiculed you by saying your mums gay or BEGONE THOT. However! I wish to be able to get along with all of you now and have fun seiging. Unfortunately the classes are not balanced proportionally when it comes to seige, which is ruining the game IMO. Harlequins: The stunners of the game 1. Us as harlequins are practically useless in seige right now. Here is why, As a full tank harlequin, you may be able to survive till the end, but our damage is so inferior to everyone else, we just cannot get any kills and score points (such as Xenovia did last seige). Now even if we go full str and full damage gear (such as phalanxeer did recently) he just couldn't hit hard enough to kill anyone! This is a problem! Harlequins are the assasins in this game, we are supposed to be the most deadliest class in the game, yet at the same time the most squishiest. This is the harlequins role... 2. Since version 9 of flyff, the moronic Game Masters in EFLYFF nerfed the jesters stun rate in pvp. They did this because they are retarded and no other reason. The jester class needs their stun rate to be at 100%. Why you ask? There are 2 of the most important skills that jesters/harlequins use to kill their enemies. Counter Attack and Sneak Stab. Our counter attack to me is the most viable/important skill in this game for us. It allows us to block any skill or physical hit within a certain radius of our bodies. This skill has been nerfed along time ago, it used to stun at 100% rate in pvp. We need this skill to be able to stun at 100% rate in seige to be able to fully play our class correctly. I know your probably thinking, " even if you allow jesters to stun people, everyone would just spam holy scrolls to avoid the stun <.> derudrururuereruru" I KNOW THIS, LET ME EXPLAIN. BEING ABLE TO STUN SOMEONE WITH COUNTERATTACK AFTER SOMEONE MELEES OR ASALS YOU ALLOWS THE JESTER EXACTLY 1 SECOND TO USE ANY SKILL HE DESIRES. Whether that is HOP or DARK ILLUSION. This is vital when playing as a jester. Along with SNEAK STAB, it allows us to be able to stun someone from behind and stop them from running away from us. Enabling us to be able to HOP or HARLEQUINS GREETING them by the time they use a holy scroll. Conclusion: We as jesters/harlequins need our stun rate at 100% just to be able to correctly use strategic combinations in seige. It may not actually stun someone for more than 1 second since everyone has holy scrolls, however it allows us the ability to lucratively plan out our offensive and defensive tactics. HOP DAMAGE: 1. Unfortunately my good buddy Phalanxeer got his ass handed to him in seige last night lol. He went full damage with full damage gear and wasn't able to do more than a 250k HOP. Now understand this, the Hit of Penya skill is what the jester is known and used for. Besides their stun rate of course. This skill needs to be AMPED by at least 30% in pvp. As i stated previously, the role of the Harlequin/Jester is the Assasin of the game. How can the assasin of the game be too weak to kill anyone? Ridiculous right.... Everyone in seige is able to hold a good 300 to 500k hp while still being able to crit 150 to 300k or spam 100 to 200k Magic Spells. We are literally useless and outclassed by everyone. Why? Because a Full Str Hop cannot out damage a Full Sta Crit/Mage. 2. Now i agree, a HOP should not be able to 1 hit everyone ( that is asals job), that would be ridiculous and over powered. However we should be able to 1 hit people who are not full stamina, which right now is impossible... Phal is pretty close to maxxing out his damage and his HOP is only 250k at the most in pvp. With his gear and damage he should be closer to 350k. As full str he can literally die in 1 hit with only 150k hp, which is exactly how a jester should be. As i previously stated, we are the squishy assasins of the game. At the same time we should be able to kill people who aren't super tanky. Slayers: 1. Yeah i noticed the blades seem to be a bit too overpowered in seige at the moment. They are literally going full stamina, holding 500 to 600k hp and able to kill everyone with their crits. Burberry for example, NEVER DIES. This is a huge problem.... They are pretty much unstoppable juggernauts, we have to nerf their hp a bit. You should not be able to tank an asal and still out crit everyone... I suggest nerfing their hp by 15%. P.S. do not get mad at me if i end up killing you, i cannot control myself when it comes to pk i am sorry...
  5. xyro i want a present!
  8. This is Levi here, and i just have a few things to say to the people in this game. Were living in a society! Stop sinning! You sin and you don't win! The 7 sins and or the knowledge of evil we are born with in our own psyche is the very thing that every human being fights against his entire life. For every evil action a man or women takes in his life, is the result of LEVIATHANS SNAKES, that we are all intertwined with.The sins in our mind which is also essentially the knowledge of evil, is something everybody has to deal with, it's a weight every man or women has to bare. We have to try our best not to sin, because the sins that grasp a hold of us, will only linger into our children. Thus creating a vicious cycle that will never end until your child is forced to choose the correct path. Unfortunately since people create their own societies, ours has degraded to the point where they will try to legalize pedophilia. WE MUST NOT LET OUR CHILDREN BARE THE WEIGHT OF OUR FATHERS SINS. I can't see anything more disgustingly evil than this. Which is why i believe in not sinning, which is why i believe in responsibility,discipline and order. Gluttony, wrath, lust, greed, envy, sloth , and pride. Once one of these gets a hold of you, your actions are not your own but leviathans will. Now i can understand if you occasionally do something somewhat sinful but only in moderation. It's not about being perfect or clean, it's about striving towards perfection. A little beer here and there, cuss sometimes, light hearted sinning is fine, you gotta have fun with your life. Just be careful of letting the snakes bite and pull you down towards the bottom of the ocean. Leviathan is the eternal dragon of chaos that exist in all of us, astray far from this path, for he is always watching O____O. Btw my name is sky and you can call me levi aswell. I will always help someone who needs in on this game however i will be player killing most of you fuggers :DDDD
  9. My name is sky, there is 2 things to know about me. I deliver pizzas and am always on a keto diet. Thicc boi
  10. Ingame: Levi,Leviathan,Noctis,Maya REMEMBER DON'T SIN AND HIT THE GYM!
  11. Aye lez play ign: Levi