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    In-game Changes and Fixes: Ringmaster merkaba skill speed increased by x2. Fixed error from the action slot. Decreased Soul of Rhisis cooldown from 3 min to 1 min Now you can trade or sell Tokens of Bravery Baby kargo event spawn area has been expanded in the same defined areas. Couple system change to the Comrade system and you can be comrade of both sex. added Weapons Models to the zombie event. Change green items name color for a darker one and some others texts related. Added function to prevent users from keeping aggro after killing a dungeon boss, please report if the problem continue. Fixed problem with Kalgas and other bosses that change target after killing other creatures. Open THE FFA for level 150 only. Now you will not lose any buff in the FFA, Arena and Guild Siege after die . Fixed problem for missing items speed information in different client causing to others users to teleport while walking sometimes. Increased Int aoe damage for Billposters in Pve. increased Arcanist NOT AOE pve damage. Added world bosses spawn time. (For flyff there is a constant timer no matter when you kill the boss it will always try to spawn even if the boss is alive) Now the Colosseum ankou should not kill you with 1 hit. New limitation added to the teleporter in the arena. increased Hp base for arcanist. New automatic gift green set at level 60 Decreased price of remove trasmute to 800 rc. now there will be a automatic x4 + midas event at 10 am and 10 pm UTC-5 And more...