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Patch Notes 05/25/2018

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New Dedicated server:

We were having some lag and data loss issues, so i decide to get a better server to provide a better service, with this change we can have more stability in the short and long term in both Flyff server and web.

In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • Fixed some client/server bugs.
  • Now if you kill a Pk you will get a teleport/safe zone block for 1 min.
  • Lord System Disabled, i am working in a new system that will be available soon.
  • Skill changes
    * Now Echoes of the Weary cooldown 9sec
    * Now Shield Bash has 100% probability to stun and 10sec cool-down.
    * Increased FM BUFF time x3
    * Skill Stone hand now increase DCT by 10%.
    * Asalraalaikum damage increased by 10%.
    * Disabled Lord Summon/Teleport.
  • Item changes
    * Skeleton Sword Knight now has 45% adoch instead of 35%.
    * Now Bhemeont knukcle give 5% DCT.
    * Now pet mp/fp awakes are the same as set, up to +500mp.
  • Vote Shop
     * Feed for (S)class pet ( Auto Pet feed for 3 days just for (S)class pet. It is not available for A,B,C,D Class )

Work In progress:

  • New Free For All War system with his rewards
  • More Class and item Balance.
  • New Lord Event System.
  • New Bounty Hunter System.
    And More...


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