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Patch Notes 05/11/2018

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • Fixed some server crashes.
  • Fixed some client crashes.
  • Server Security Improved.
  • Client security Improved.
  • Fixed lord skills icon drag.
  • Baruna weapon tool tip interface fixed.
  • Fixed Flame arrow and ice arrow that don't allow you to move after using the skill.
  • Now the max cost of mail item receive is 10m penya.
  • Exchange message for amps fixed.
  • increased link attack time to 2min.
  • New Name Font option added to game.
  • Fixed aggro system now the boss will focus in the first player to hit and the skill "Dead Man's Lure" works to increase aggro on templar.
  • Now if you don't use protection in manual baruna upgrade your baruna item will be only downgraded and not destroyed.
  • Guild Siege Stuck Fix.
  • Now in manual baruna upgrade the protection will be consumed even in success.
  • Random teleport area on Guild Siege Join.
  • New Super potion added to the Red Chip Trader
  • New open pvp information implemented in-game.
  • New protip system implemented, now you will receive some tips thru the day.
  • Knight skills changes
    * Now you can use Pain Dealer whit 1h axe and 2h axe.
    * Heart of tower now works with 1h and 2h.
    * Now Protection and Pan barrier has the same timer escalation.
    * Fixed Dead Man's Lure.
    * Now Pain Reflection give the same stats as the Flyff official.

  • Jester skills changes
    * Counter Attack now has 100% chance of stun.
    * Now Sneak Stab has 100% chance of stun.
  • New Damage escalation
    * Psykeeper increase damage 1vs1 in pvp by int and level.
    * Elementor increase damage 1vs1 in pvp and pve by int and level.
  • Increased Elementor Block base.
  • Now link attack effect does not apply in any pvp scene.
  • New boss damages
    * Damage for Boss Super increased x2(All instance boss + world boss)
    * Boss level 130+ increased damage x3
    * Secret Room creatures damage x2.
    * Secret Room boss damage x4.
  • Now all creatures in secret room have x3 hp rate.
  • New couple buff stats
    * Power of Love
    Level 1: +2% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 6)
    Level 2: +4% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 11)
    Level 3: +6% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 16)
    Level 4: +8% Attack and HP (Couple Level: 21)
    * Blessing of Love
    Level 1: All Stats +10 (Couple Level: 11)
    Level 2: All Stats +20 (Couple Level: 21)
  • Premium feature
    * Now you can use the command awake in a fashion items if you have Blessing of Goddess in your inventory.

Web Changes and Fixes:

  • Script to avoid double buy in the shop on double click, added.



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