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Introducing the Mars Dungeon and Evo 2

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Introducing the Mars Dungeon and Evo 2.0 Class Sets!
We are thrilled to announce a major update that brings exciting new challenges and enhancements to the world of Prologic! Brace yourselves for a test of skill with the introduction of the Mars Dungeon, the pinnacle of our evo set expansion.


Evo Mars Dungeon

The Mars Dungeon is not for the faint of heart. It represents the final stage of our evo set expansion and features the most challenging content we've ever created. Prepare to face off against formidable bosses that employ advanced boss mechanics, including area of effect stuns, devastating damage bursts, and high HP pools. This dungeon demands coordination and strategy for both solo and team runs.


Epic Rewards for the Bold

With increased difficulty comes greater rewards. The new gear sets you can obtain in the Mars Dungeon are not only enhanced versions of existing sets but also introduce unique bonuses. For DPS sets, you'll enjoy a remarkable 20% boost to both speed and speed cap, pushing your capabilities beyond the limits! We're introducing these sets to redefine what's possible for future content releases.


Templar and Seraph Sets: Specialised Power

The Templar sets receive a significant 25% increase in the healing power of Remantis Laccotte. This enhancement transforms Templars into even more effective tanks, ensuring your team's survival through sheer resilience in the most challenging encounters.


We've also overhauled the Seraph set, providing substantial bonuses to healing abilities. With these changes, Seraphs now shine as dedicated healers in both PVP and PVE arenas, delivering critical support when it is most needed.


Revitalising Card Value

To foster a dynamic in-game economy and bring cards back into the spotlight, we've introduced a unique feature. When you socket cards into the chests of these new sets, they become permanently attached. Removing cards will result in their destruction. This decision has been made with a long-term vision to reinvigorate the value of cards in the Prologic community.


Seraph Class Rebalance

Seraphs have undergone a healing rebalance, significantly increasing their base healing capabilities. This change solidifies their role as a genuine utility class, enabling them to actively heal and support the group in challenging dungeons, as well as be effective tanks.


Enhanced Features for a Better Experience

But that's not all! We've also added two highly requested features to improve your gameplay experience:


1. Accurate DPS Tracker:

Say goodbye to guesswork! We've introduced an accurate DPS tracker for your party that is not only easier to use but also provides an accurate reflection of the damage each character is producing. Now, you can fine-tune your strategies and optimise your group's performance like never before.



2. Dungeon Boss Tracker:

No more missed minibosses! We've added a dungeon boss tracker on the right side of your screen. You'll never again reach the end of a dungeon only to realise you missed a miniboss along the way. This feature ensures you'll conquer every challenge the dungeon has to offer and claim all the rewards.



3. Inventory UI Improved


We're excited to see how these changes reshape the Prologic experience and look forward to your feedback as you explore the Mars Dungeon and put the revamped Seraph healing to the test.


Thank you for your continued support and dedication! :Laugh:


In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • Removed Unnecesary drops from Maximus, Contaminated, Animus, Cursed Animus, Dekane Mine.
  • Fixed Hotkeys related to the window key like (Windows + Tab) that was not working.
  • Fixed stat synchronization problem related to the Guild Furniture stats, causing issues with the position synchronization.
  • Now Offline sellers mails (Like expired vendor and Item sold) will last up to 30 days instead of 5 days to prevent people from losing items from the Npc sellers.
  • Auto Max Upgrade - Safe Upgrade will now keep running until the materials run out, the upgrade requirement is met or the stop button is pressed.
  • Bot hunters now cant kill you if you are just afk in the farming area.


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Alright that's what I'm talking about!!!

Much needed upgrade, it was painful upgrading anything really.  I'm still sad about not being able to drag and drop items out of the inventory though. I get why, but a soft lock and auto-sell would be nice, especially for newer and veteran players. That trashcan ain't doing it anymore lol...

Also excited about the new dungeon going to bring a lot more group play to the server, however I'm wondering if the card move was the right move. Many people either sell them to new players or class swap and have more server replayability. Since there aren't really any concrete guides on the forum, discord, or youtube to help with dungeon runs it puts a HUGE advantage for those that have been playing for multiple years.  Job well done! Thank you for this much needed add on.



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