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Starting on Prologic Flyff

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Starting on Prologic Flyff

Hi guys. I’m making this guide for newbies who are playing on Prologic FlyFF, or even just FlyFF in general, for the first time. Assumption here is you are extremely new to the game or up have a few knowledge on FlyFF in general. This will also be useful especially for those players who do not know anyone in the game and have no clue how to start or have no friends yet that will help you with some gears/resources. Ofcourse, the community is quite friendly and I’m sure you will make friends sooner than you think 😊

Before we start, please do read some guides here on the forum. There are quite a lot of useful guides here that are very detailed and can easily be followed. I suggest looking into these guides below if you are extremely new:

Flyff Tips and Tricks, Builds, How to Become a Legend!
Leveling guide
What to do after I reach level 150?

However, if you would like a guide with more personal view, here is the guide for you

So let’s start.

You have to start with making your Farmer. You can always jump into your favorite class, but I recommend starting with your farmer first just so you can transition easily into the game.

For now, the goal is to level up to 150 so you can start farming for resources like Perins and Red Chips for early money. Personally, you do not need end gears at the moment because it can be quite overwhelming if you focus on upgrading them and maxing them.



Once you made your first character, open your inventory and double click on your Prologic Starter Pack


You will get a couple of items like prems, some food for HP and your starter Set. Make sure to use all of them for faster progress into leveling to 150. You can delete the blinkwings and the Set that is not for your gender to free up some space. You can also delete the equipments you don’t need.

You will also get a free looter pet (7 days). It’s speed will be slow but you can speed it up via the two options below:

Vote Buff

Vote for our server daily. Gray means it is inactive while Blue means it is active. There are certain levels to Vote buff with increasing benefits such as increased PVE Damage, Increased Penya and Exp Rate, Pet Speed etc. You will not get pet speed benefit until your vote buff is at Level 8 (voted 8 times). This buff will be activated when you vote on GTOP100 via our Website



Prologic Premium Scroll

There are a couple of benefits to using this scroll. You can get one as a reward when you reach a certain level. You will get some more as you do your rebirths. You can purchase from Players via the markets in Saint Morning. When you are fully geared, you can hunt these in Contaminated dungeon. For now it better to use the free scrolls you get and farm perins so you can buy them from players. It costs cheap so don’t worry about farming too long to be able to buy them. Once equipped, you can type in /buff to get the max level buffs up to Seraph Buffs and Force Master Buffs (excluding Geburah Tipreth). You will also have a faster looter pet speedimage.png.132b9ccdea02051791b341f70e07b678.png



We are now ready to level up.

Your leveling route should look like this

Level 1 to 15: Flaris

Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning

Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1

Level 60 to 121H: Forsaken Tower

Level 121H to 150L: Dark Traseia


Level 1 to 15: Flaris

Lets start by getting to level 1 to 15

Make sure you join a party with Red Scroll and Skills for more drops and higher damage. Press hotkey U and select Party Finder


Select the party that you want to join, preferrable the ones with the icons below present so you get the party Skill benefits



Kill some mobs until you get to level 15. Once done, a window should ask you to select your first class. Now the reason I made this guide is to add a personal view on progressing. That is why I am suggesting that you select assist for now as this is the easiest class to level up to 150. We’ll get to the 2nd and 3rd jobs later. For now select Assist.



Level 15 to 45: Saint Morning


Put all your stats to STR as you will mainly be auto attacking mobs until you get your AOE Skill. Don’t worry about stats as they will reset when you change classes. Put all to STR until level 60.

Now that you have changed your Job, its time to level to 45. Head over to saint morning by pressing Hotkey V and select Saint Morning and then click Go.





Kill some more mobs until you reach level 45. It shouldn’t take Long.


Once level 45, we are now ready to head over to Darkon1


Level 45 to 60: Darkon 1


Kill some more mobs until you reach level 60. Once you are level 60, another window will prompt you to select your second class.




Select Ring Master. You primary AOE Skill will be the Merkaba skill. This scales highly with your INT Stats so put all your stats into INT for greater damage. You will not get this skill until level 80 so just level up by auto attacking mobs.


You will get a couple gears. You will get a set and a couple of bless posters. These bless posters are for you to be able to use Ring Master/Seraph Skills.





Level 60 to121H: Forsaken Tower

Before heading here, make sure to also buy from an NPC a stick. Any stick is fine even the cheapest one is fine for now.

You will also receive scroll of amplifications. Equip all of them (you can stack 5 of them at the same time) to boost your exp gain.image.png.fd05987ef91053341ae6c34f2ad14075.png

Go to flaris and head to the NPC Below. Enter the first Option B1 so you can start leveling up.



Make sure you are also equipping your looter pet here. Press Hotkey U and press pet filter. I suggest to uncheck the following below so your pet will pick them up. Loot all the weapons and sell them in NPC for money so you can buy tickets for farm sites easily.




Start killing mobs. If you feel like the exp rate is slow, you can move on to the next level by going back to flaris and going back to the Forsaken Tower NPC and selecting the net option. There is an information on the monster levels in each floors so you can use them as reference.

You will level up here until you are level 121. Level up your skills up until the requirement of the next skill. Don’t worry about maxing them out for now as you will be able to max all of them once you do your rebirths.


By level 80, you should already have your Merkaba skill. Equip a stick and put the Merkaba Skill in your action slot and just use it as you level up.



By Level 105, you should receive a Legendary Golden Stick and a free Level 105 Set. Equip all them. This will be enough as you get to level 150.



By level 121 a window will prompt that will ask you to be a Master. Click Go! And this will revert your level to Level 60 but you will be Level 60 Master. Repeat above steps until you reach level 121H again.




Once you are level 121H you are ready to head to Dark Traseia


Level 121H to150L: Dark Traseia


To get to Dark Traseia, Head over to Flaris and find Premium (IS) buy a Dark Traseia ticket and double click it.


GO through the mobs and level up to level 139. Once you reach level 139, you need to head to the North East of the map. There is a portal there that will take you to the Final Leveling Mobs. Head over there and kill mobs until you are Level 150 L

When you get to level 130, a window will prompt to ask you to do a final job change to Seraph, click go and this will be you final Job Change.

*Will insert screenshot here*


Congratulations! You are now at the Max Level! You are ready to start farming in the Perin Farm Site.


The reason I suggested to go with Seraph Class is because of the high scaling of Merkaba skill to INT Stats. Start by farming here until you get enough perins to start buying your Baruna Gears for your seraph or for your favorite class. For now, this will be your main source of income as you build your PVE Farmer for dungeons. While farming in the perin site, you can start getting awakes for your equipments.

Check out this guide below if you want to know more about Awaking System and getting your Awakes.


Act's Awakening Guide



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