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Prologic Flyff 24/06/2021

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • - Fixed a Error in the database causing the database to crash.
  • - Fixed Reffiro set and Rephira set now have the same stat.
  • - Decreased Wait time from 6 min to 3 min in siege
  • - Buy Back Price Has been Increased to 30 Perin and has been re-enabled.
  • - Disable some options from the Baruna Pet, to avoid people destroying items by mistake.
  • - Now Every time Chief, Red Meteo, Razgul and Basilisk spawn there will be a global message.
  • - Now Head Tutors cant do any damage to creatures.
  • - Added new Rock paper scissors npc (Soon To be Enabled for Rewards)
  • - Now Krrr Drops 6h Vip Instead of 12h
  • - Guan Yu Heavyblade is now level 150 and his health has been increased to 370,000,000
  • - Basilik of the Great Maw is now level 155 and his attack has been buffed (from 4000 base damage to 22000)
  • - Ibilis Perpetraror is now level 155 and its hp has been increased to 500,000,000
  • - Red Meteorynker is now level 155 and his hp was increased to 650,000,000, and he now drops S pieces!.
  • - Event Infinity is Back with new Models!

We have a new Member of the team (Resource Developer) that will be helping us to update more frequently providing more content and balances in-game!



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