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Prologic Flyff 08/04/2021

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • - Changed Crackshooter Maximus set
  •  * 20% hp to 25%
  •  * 5% Parry to 7% Critical damage
  • - Fix a Major Bug where the server does not send all the Items Information to other Character Banks causing loss of data.
  • - Fixed Old Glow Scroll in all new models.
  • - FFA minimum players now is 4 players.
  • - Increased Buff Time Of Slayers
  • - Now can exchange More quantity of items in the Collector Exchanger.
  • - Now GMs Cant Kick You From the Game.
  • - Now you can get 9999 Silver Heart Box in the Coupon Shop
  • - Farm Areas
    - Now there will be 1 pk Channel Per Ticket
    - Every Pk Channel will have 30% more Drops (Penya/Souls).
    - This will be a war zone so the Weak Should Fear the Strong!
  • - New Anti Pk -  Anti Machine Measure (Farm Areas non pk Channels)
     - There will be a Safe Time in the Farm Areas Before you can get Pked.
    - You Will receive a Warning 10 Minutes Before this Time Run Out.
    - If you stay for more this time in the Farm Areas You will be Target as a Machine and Hunted By The Players.
    - To Reset Your Time you need to get out of the Farm Area.
    - When you Kill the Machines you will be able to get a New Tittle "Bot Hunter" 50 KILLS and "Bot Annihilator" 100 KILLS
    - You can Notice the Bot because it has a Black Skull
  • - New Buy Back System
     - If you Delete Or Sell a Item by Mistake you will be able to recover it.
    - Every Item Recover Will have a cost of 10 Perin.
    - All the BuyBack Items will Disappear after every Server Restart, so claim your Items Shortly.Screenshot_56.jpg
  • - New Invasion System
    - During The day The dark Forces will Gather in a place in Madrigal.
    - Defeat the Enemy to Gain a Global Full Order Buff.
    - You Have 30 mins to kill all creatures, if you don't, you will lose~
    - A Tutor can Vote to Open a Portal of the Dark Forces to start a Invasion.

                        Prologic Trusted Democracy System

  • - New Tutor System - Staff System.
    This system has been added to improve the participation and experience of the players
    * There will be some Permanent Tutors and 1 that will change every week with the vote of the players.
    * The tutor has the same power of every player but can start request for events and systems Like:
    - Invasion Portals
    - FFA
    - Guild Siege
    - World Orders
    - Lord Events
    * When a tutor make a event request there will be a global message asking for your vote.
    * You can vote with the command /yes or /no
     * If there is enough "yes" votes the event will be executed and if the "no" are more the event will be rejected.
  • - New Lord Tutor System
    * Now you can be elected to become Lord with Tutor Powers.
    * Read the information in game about the system.
    * The lord Duration is 7 Days.
    * You cant not change your Penya Pledge so be wise.
    * The System has been restructured to avoid multiple votes of the same person.
    * You need to be Rebirth 10 to Vote or to be a candidate.
    * The lord will have the chance to earn a small amount of LP depending of the donations of the day
    * Earn the Trust of the Players and you can become Lord Multiple times.
    * If the Lord Become Toxic against the community it can be replaced with a new Election.

1. Lord's power, authority and Responsibility
  (1) Govern the server Community and Keep the Peace
  (2) Gain 5% of the tax and a Random Number Of LP (Logic Points) For Every Donation.
  (3) Special commands for Lord (Tutor) (Check Forum or Discord For more info)
  (4) Custom items for Lord (Costume, Cloak, Pick-up Pet, Riding)
 2. Ruling period : 1 weeks
 3. How to be Lord
  (1) Condition of Lord candidate : Rebirth 10
  (2) Get the highest votes
   - Only Rebirth 10 character are eligible to vote
 4. Candidate entry and vote
  (1) Apply through 'Lords Candidate Bid' menu during the candidacy period. (At least 100 Million Penya)
  (2) Your bid must be within the top 10, and the top 10 users can issue their own pledge
  (3) Gain votes from users.
  (4) The highest votes will be Lord
 5. Process
  * Every 1 weeks according to the ruling period of Lord
  (1) Friday (00:00) ~ Friday 23:59 UTC-5 <1Day>
   - candidacy starts
   - candidacy starts for only Rebirth 10 Players
  (2) Saturday (00:00) UTC-5 ~ Sunday 23:59 UTC-5 <2Days>
   - Confirm top 10 highest bid Lord candidates and announce it
   - Issuing manifesto
   - Rebirth 10 Players start voting
  (3) Monday midnight (00:00) UTC-5
   - Vote finish
   - Winner become Lord and announcement

                                                                                Soon More Models and fashions, Stay Tuned!

Start Your Lord Campaign Today! - Good Luck to Everyone

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