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Flyff Prologic 2021! 01/02/2021

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  •  Server Security improved
  •  New System Added to Allow Us to add New models more faster.
  •  Improved overall client load time and performance x2.
  •  Improved Client Stability.
  •  Dungeons Now reset every day at 12AM GMT-4.
  •  Changed Spirit Boom Psykeeper SFX effect to decrease the lag.


  •  Added 400 New weapon models soon available. (wiki prologic)
  •  Added 400 new fashion models soon available. (wiki prologic set)
  •  Now you can see the models in the Coupon Shop
  •  Added New Section Models in the Coupon Shop with new models and fashions
  • Added new Models in the ClockWork Trader
  • Added Kuma Cloak to the Coupon Shop
  • Added 13 New Character Animations


  •  Decreased all Prices for Flying and Running Mounts.
  •  Added New 20 Fashions in Fashions 2021 Category*


  •  Increased Eva Storm Pve Damage Arca.
  •  PVE Damage now benefits every class.
  •  Replaced MAX-FP awake in gauntlets for MAX-HP Screenshot_1692.png
  •  Proevent and automatic lord events now gives up to 100% exp and 100% drop
  •  Crackshooter Baruna Set 131 new stats.
    * dex 30 sta 50 atk + 15% hp 40% critical bonus 40%
  •  Decreased Stonehand Duration to 10 seconds and increased the chance of stun.
  •  Now you can use mounts in dungeons to speed up the farming, (The more Rebirths you have the more speed the mount has).


  •  Fixed Error Dark Illusion some times does not work.
  •  Fixed Client Error "Prologic Device Lost".
  •  Fixed Client crash problem related to linking more than 2 items in the chat.
  •  Fixed Problem when using Normal Armor as models that does not show in other clients.
  •  Fixed Ultimate Bloody Slayer that was 1 hand sword instead of 2 hand.
  •  Fixed R Cards Descriptions.
  •  Fixed error that restart rebirth souls if exceeds 2.147.483.647
  •  Fixed Major Error that cause the real max Hp in your character and others characters to be miscalculated in the client.
    (In this image the real max hp is 462.003 but in other clients is 265.458 that is why there is a red gap)Screenshot_1715.png


We implemented an anti corruption system to give You the trust and transparency that you deserve, we know that the corruption is a big concern for our community so we keep working in this matter.

  • Anti-Corruption System has been expanded:
    * Now GMs cant trade items to normal accounts outside events.
    * Now GMs Have a limit of rewards they can give to a player in one day (Limited by mac and IP).
    * Now GMs Have a limit of items rewards they can give in one day.
    * Now GMs can create mobs and bosses for events more often.
    * Now GMs can do multiple orders but they have a daily limit.
    * Now every time you trade a GM the GM will be able to see your ip/mac. (This is to avoid users from cheating in events or freebies.)
    * All the GM rules are enforced by the server, so no GM can bypass those limits without exception.



We are working in major systems and improvements to the game so stay tuned, for now HAVE FUN!

Thanks for Playing with US 



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