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Flyff Pologic "C'mon, man" Update 08/24/2020

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In-game Changes Fixes and updates:

  • Improved Security of the server
  • Fixed a World Crash Error.
  • Now you can trade Fashions with awakes in any channel.
  • Increased PVE Damage to 20% of the Almighty Dragon King's Mask
  • Psy Max Reflect Decreased from 100% to 80%
  • Removed Guild Rejoin Time.
  • Added Post Box In collectiona areas/
  • Fixed Arcanist error loss of stat when unequip shield.
  • Added new system to balance the jobs in real time, including base stats and skills.
  • Skills Quality Of Life Changes
     * Now Slayer has more AOE damage with the skill Cross of Blood and the area of damage has been increased. 
    * Now Templar has more AOE damage with the skill Maelstrom Strike and the area of damage has been increased.
    * Now ForceMaster has more AOE damage with the skill Bgvur Tialbold and the area of damage has been
  • Now Saint Morning is the main city to decrease lag during events (Siege, FFA, etc)
     * You can Only Place Private Shops in Saint Morning
    * All new players will login in Saint Morning
    * Placed all important Npcs all over Saint Morning too.
    * New Saint Teleport AreaScreenshot_1267.png
  • Guild Siege Changes
    *  Max Players per guilds has been decreased to 7
     *  Max life has been increased to 14.
    *  Fixed error that dont allow players to join the siege arena even when others players die.
    *  New Guild Siege limit, you can only join 1 character per PC this is to avoid siege feeders.
  • New Awake command Windows
     * Now you can do /awake more easily in the new awake window

  • New World Wars
  •  * We added S/8% and R/10% cards to the game.
  •  * You can Get S cards and 8% pieces from the following bosses:
  •    - Razgul, Basilisk, Chief, Tuttle King, Bhemoth, Kalgas, Ibles Puppet, Mortal ClockWork, Kheldor
  •    - You need to Kill Razgul, Basilisk, Chief Keokuk in order to get World Wars Token (Monster Hp Increased to 2.1B and level 151).
  •    - The world Wars Token will be contested as those areas will be PVP Enforced.
     * You Cant Teleport in those areas, you need to run out of those pvp areas.
  •  * You can Exchange Card Pieces in the Prologic Card Exchanger in Flaris or Saint Morning



More Updates Soon, as for now WIN WIN WIN! :x


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