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Flyff Prologic Update 03/23/2020

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In-game Changes Fixes and updates:

  • Fixed regression from last update, now all dungeons have 10 entries.
  • Fixed midas cost bug.
  • Now Only Apollos can check the ip of all characters in the game.
     * If you Have any report please contact directly at the email [email protected]
  • Now the souls and gold farm areas are free pk zones like arena.
    * This only apply to users with 60 hours or more playing Prologic Flyff.
  • Added New Scroll of Recover Awake
    * This Scroll can recover the last 10 awakes you made in a item only after this update.
    * The last 10 awakes you make in a item will be stored in a list.
    * The list will be wiped in every server restart so make sure to recover the awake soon.
    * You can buy this scroll from the RedChip trader for 3000 RC.

More Updates Soon :x

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