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Update 01/11/2019 Halloween event!

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  • New Damage measurer that include last damage pve and total damage on pve kill.
  • PVE damage balance.
    * All the damages will in crease base in a stat of every class(This is to avoid people with al most no stats having the same damage as full players.).
    * Slayer Aditionc Critical Damage
    * Harlequin Aditionc Critical Damage
    * Psy INT
    * Arcanist INT
    * ForceMaster Aditionc Critical Damage
    * Seraph INT
    * Templar Additional Critical Damage
    * Crackshooter Additional Critical Damage
  • Now Billposter aoe damage increase by str.
  • Now you can only open the shops in the market place to avoid lag in the city.
  • Server moved to a new location to improve ping overall.
  • Increased Client Memory capacity to decrease client crashes.

Prologic Classic Halloween event

- 3 New Npc are located now in flaris

- Click the first npc to get your first quest
- after that you can check the quest status with the keyboard key 'Q'
-Any MoB can drop Gas Can all over the world.
- after you finish this quest go back to Romero to receive you Hunter Zombies Quest!
- You can also start the quest from Dr frankenstein  to start the journey to get your Mini Zombie wO.oith stats

- You can exchange your tokens in the NPC Brooks

- The hunter Box contains  two sets with low change and buff items!

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