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Update 20/08/2019 Check Now!

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In-game Changes Fixes and updates:

  • Fixed problem in the awake transfer system that does not allow to transfer to items with +1 +2 stats
  • Now when combining fashions the fashions will not get destroyed instead there will be a cost in perins for every combination.
  • increased buff time of jester skills and ranger skills.
  • Fixed problem with double information sent to users causing DC or crash.
  • Added Scroll of Resurrection to the Vote Shop.
  • The new rebirth farm area is PK now.
  • Increased damage of Spectral Javelin from Arcanist.
  • Decreased pvp damage absorb for Templar Axe to 7%.
  • Decreased block rate of creatures.
  • Increased Jester pve damage.
  • Increased Ranger pve damage.
  • Improved server security.
  • Removed  a crash error from the server.
  • Now mounts will have a base increase speed of 100.
  • Added a new queue system for the guild siege
    * After the first fight there will be a limit of user of the same guild that can be in the siege arena.
    * When a member of the guild die the next available member will enter in the arena.
  • Added permanent mounts to the web shop.


  • New Afk Shop System
    * With this method of selling you can sell while you are online or offline.
    * A difference with the offline vending you will not receive RC reward per hour while you are offline.
    * This shop will stay active until the period is finished or all the items are sold.
    * Even if the server restart the shops will stay online.
    * You can remove the shop in the icon in the top of the screen.
    * Be aware when you sell items while you are offline the items will be sent to your mail so check your mail periodically to avoid losing items.
  • Screenshot_547.png


Do not hesitate and report if there is something wrong with the update.
This is the first part of the update, we will be releasing a new dungeon and new jewelry in the next days.


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