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Leveling guide

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Come and play for free :)

Hello everyone! Today i bring to you a leveling guide for those that don't know or are having some problems reaching the level they desire
Lets begin...
  Part 1-Level 1 - 15
In this part we'll begin by killing a few aibatts so we reach level 2 and receive our welcome package!
We'll use our favorite consumables, (I'd recommend using the power scroll and the chocolate) and we'll be ready to begin our journey to level 150!
Now we just need to kill our way to level 15!
We'll proceed as follows:

Mapa de flaris

level 2 - 5: hunt burundengs
level 5 - 9: hunt doridomas
level 9 - 12: hunt lawolfs
level 12 - 15: hunt nyangnyangs

Now we can choose our class, and we'll move on to Part 2 of this guide

There are 4 classes in flyff:

Mercenary: Melee character that fights using swords or axes, very good in 1v1s and also in aoe hunting

Acrobat: Ranged character that fights using bows or yoyos, very good in 1v1s, not so much in aoe, but they excel at pvp

Assist: Melee character that fights using knuckles or sticks, good in 1v1 and aoe, but what stands out is their ability to buff their allies and themselves

Mages: Character that uses magic to deliver powerful attacks, they can use wands and staves. They can do a lot of damage 1v1 as well as aoe




Part 2- Level 15  60

In this part it'd be convenient that we learn about and find a leecher (character level 1 that will boost our xp gain, without getting any himself, or character 19-14 levels below us that will gain exp)

We can also join an existing party to find people to join us in this journey!

We just need to press U, that will open our control panel, where we'll find everything we need, such as our character information, party finder, model change, teleporter, etc.



With our leecher or partner in our party, we'll get started with part 2!

First, we'll buy some food for our journey, we'll need it!


Food in this Flyff, are divided by stages, in the beginning you get some hotdogs, then, after level 61 you'll be allowed to eat barbecues.

When you reach Master, you'll be allowed to eat Fish Soup

Once you've become a Hero you'll be allowed to eat Steamed Seafood

And finally, when you reach Legend, you'll be allowed to eat Chicken Sticks

We'll travel to Saint Morning using the teleporter


And now we just need to hunt like this:
level 15 - 18: Hunt Boss bang
level 18 - 20: Hunt Wagsaac
level 20 - 22: Hunt mias
level 22 - 25: Hunt Mr pumpkin

Being level 25, we'll have received our first Scrolls of Amplification!

These will boost our xp gain by 50% each! Making our leveling a lot easier

Pro tip: You can get Amplifications R in our donator shop, which will boost our xp by double!


level 25 - 28: hunt Jack The hammer
level 28 - 30: hunt Giggle box
level 30 - 34: hunt Hobo
level 34 - 38: hunt Dumb Bull

We'll receive more Scrolls of Amplification at level 35!

level 38 - 40: hunt Cardpuppet

At this level we'll need to fly to Garden of Rhisis using the Piyo we got at level 20


Once in Garden, we'll proceed as follows:



level 40 - 43: hunt Scorpicon
level 43 - 46: hunt Prankster

We'll receive another 2 Scrolls of Amplification!

level 46 - 49: hunt Wheelem
Now we can already go to the next zone! Darkon 1!
We'll use the teleporter to get to Darkon 1 and then we'll hunt like this:


level 49 - 53: hunt Steamwalker
level 53 - 57: hunt Nutty Wheel
level 57 - 60: hunt Driller

With this, we'll have concluded the second part, and we'll be ready to choose our second class!



Part 3: level 60 - 120


From now on, things will be a lot simpler, with less traveling, and earning a lot more money!

But now we'll have to be really careful, because if we get killed, we'll drop all our penya, perins, and red chips!

To avoid losing everything when we get killed, its necessary to store our items in the bank, that's the only safe spot.

But the murderer wont be completely safe either, since after he murders, he'll be stuck in the same area for 15 minutes!

Thats a lot of time for you to get your friends and hunt him!

At this point we'll need to start getting some awakening in our equipments, buying the scrolls from the npc in flaris.

Or using the premium membership, which allows you to get them with just the push of a button!

To reach level 120, and earn a lot of penya along the way, we'll level up at the Forsaken Tower



We'll switch levels like this:

 Floor 1: level 60 - 70


level 60 - 66 hunt Catsy
level 66 - 71 hunt Harpy

Floor 2: level 71 - 82


level 71 - 77 hunt Gullah
level 77 - 82 hunt abraxas

Floor 3: level 82 - 95


level 82 - 89 hunt Hague
level 89 - 95 hunt Tengu

Floor 4: level 95 - 107


level 95 - 101 hunt Asterius
level 101 - 107 hunt Dantalian

Floor 5: level 107 - 115


level 107 - 112 hunt Ganessa
level 112 - 115~ hunt Asuras

Now we can decide if we want to keep leveling up at Tower until 120, or we can go to Traseia, to do that we'll need to buy the ticket from the premium npc in flaris



Once we're in Traseia, we'll use this map as a guide, and we'll fly to the islands to continue our adventure!
level 115 - 117 hunt Grumble Mauler
level 117 - 119 hunt Vile Thorn
And finally,  level 119 - 121 hunt Blackweb Shade!

 Now we'll have concluded this part of the guide, becoming Masters!


 Now we just need to repeat the process until we become Heroes!


Part 4: level 121 - 150

Last part, the end of this journey... or is it?

Now we'll already be Heroes, but we still have a long way to become the best!

  We'll keep leveling up in Traseia, while we earn lots and lots of penya!

level 121 - 124: hunt Dire razor
level 124 - 130: hunt Immovable Crag


We'll play this last part this way, so we can have the needed penya to buy ourselves the Dark Traseia ticket, and also upgrade our equipment, but ill explain that in another guide :)

Reaching level 130, we'll have become Legends! And that gets us our third class!


That means we're ready for Dark Traseia
We'll buy the ticket from the Premium NPC once again...


This will be our last leveling zone until level 150, so get comfortable because we'll be here for a while :P
(For this zone we recommend a set +10 at least and decent awakes because these creatures can hit hard)

level 130 - 133 hunt Dark Usagi Fighter
level 133 - 137 hunt Dark Usagi Blade Master
level 137 - 141 hunt Dark Usagi Yari

Once we're done with these, we'll need to enter the portal in Dark Traseia to get to the next area.

level 141 - 145 hunt Dark Usagi Ninja
level 145 - 150 hunt Dark Usagi Axe Master

This brings us to the end of this guide. Thanks a lot for reading it, and hope you liked it


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