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Patch Notes 4/11/2018 (VoteShop + Game)

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Added to the Vote Shop:

  • Prologic Premium (12 hours) x 45vp

  • 12 Hours Dark Traseia Ticket x 33vp

  • Copper Battery (1 day) x 15vp

  • Pet tamer Box x 15vp

  • Scroll of Acquisition (Low) x 25vp

  • Bead Slot Key x 35vp


In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • Fixed an error that make you got stuck without moving when server close and you are collecting.
  • Fixed v18 dungeons teleport area.
  • Numbers of traseia invisible walls decreased.
  • Decreased cool down of Merkaba Hanzelrusha skill for RM to 4 seconds.
  • Increased damage and level Of red meteorniker to lvl 135 and hp to 300m.
  • Increased all beads lv 1 duration to 1 day.
  • Increased prices of all ultimate and baruna weapons and sets in the coupon shop.
  • Increased behemon dung level requirement to 135.
  • Increased time buff spirit fortune, Geburah Tiphreth and Berserk.
  • Now you cant do /awake command on a item that is being in sell in a private shop.
  • Now you can element upgrade baruna weapons.
  • Fixed Assal that does not apply damage when jump
  • Fixed error that make a stack of the int given by soul of rhisis Seraph buff.
  • Removed Some Invisible messages from the chat log.
  • Enabled Character Deletion.
  • Fixed error that make the client don't save the private shop on close.
  • Fixed error when doing aoe that make you lost your last target.
  • Now You can attack Active Pk user that violate the safe area.
  • Now Pk user cant leave any area thru any teleport or portal.
  • Dark Illusion Cool down increased to 30 sec and now does not apply the buff time x2 of premium members.
  • Increased hp of the mid boss in the secret room and damage of mid and final boss.
  • Secret room time is now Sunday 9:13pm UTC-5
  • Added 1 day dark traseia to "Premium" shop in game.
  • Added some missing npc and re-localized some of the custom npc.
    Premium Npc
    Fashion Npc
  • Added a level 1 green in the starter pack for 7 days.

New Character Creation Features:

  • Now you can select the hair color.
  • Now you can Select up to max face and hairs .
  • Now you can rotate the character.
    new charcreate1.gif

    Regards :x


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