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Update 26/03/2019 New Rhisis dungeon and more!

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In-game Changes and Fixes:

  • New Lock item system to avoid selling/trade/delete items that you don't want to, right click the item in your inventory to access the option.


  • Guild Siege every day
  • Now you can use buff items from the Extra bags


  • Fixed problem with baruna glows with model change.
  • Fixed problem with yoyo attack effect.
  • Improved security system.
  • Fixed problem with templar models that does not work in model changer.
  • Added 18 new animated masks models that can be obtained thru the webshop soon or new bosses
  • 5 new cloak model available in the web soon



4 new fashions model available in the web soon



  • We have a new provisional Asia channel is located in hong kong so the people from Asia can have a good experience in-game this is for now so we can test it.
      * We will host events in both channels so all the people can participate.
      * If you like the channel let us know so we keep the channel or expanded it.
  • Balance Arcanist damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage.
  • Balanced Mentalis damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage.
  • Balanced Seraph damage formula, now pvp and pve damage will scale more his damage.

Awake transfer system


  • You can open this system in the menu Prologic systems, and the npc peach.
  •  You will be able to transfer awakes from the same type of items. ex Boots to boots
  •  You will need a scroll in order to use the system that will be available in a boss and our web shop.
  • Every awake transfer will have a cost of 250p

New Dungeons


  •  You need to be rebirth 6+ in order to be able to enter to the dungeon/
  • The dungeons is located in eillum
  •  You will be able to enter 2 times a day.
  • You will receive more rebirth souls from the creatures in this dungeon
  •  There are 2 bosses Flame King Meteonyker and Contaminated Giant Kururung
  •  The Bosses will only appear once you have killed all Contaminated Giant Mushmoot from the dungeons Screenshot_275.pngScreenshot_277.png
  •  Possible rewards from Flame King Meteonyker
      - hp requeriments for the tank 1.2m+(He can 1 hit you just like red meteornyker)
      * new 125 sets baruna the stats are the same but later will be change to make it usefull for every class in different ways.
      * There is a chance of getting the new masks models.
      * v3 beads
      * A cards
  • Possible rewards from Contaminated Giant Kururung
     -hp requirements for the tank 800k+
    * Awake transfer material
    * Premium Hats Models.
    * Premium 1 day.
    * Basilisk Mount
    * Cards 7%


We plan to add a lot more content soon, as for now Enjoy! :x


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