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Buffs and excess crits

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Please make self buffs to passive skills? 

And excess crit into something like shall i call it block hit rate?     Like when you have 140%  critical that 40% excess crit converts to block hit rate that makes the targets block rate remove by 40%? Or 1crit =0.50 block hit rate? 

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soooooo, how do I edit this topic? HAHAHHA. anyway, I just wanna add how I came up with this idea.
so I did an experiment with my crackshooter, 1st image was pure stamina and the 2nd image is pure dex, same item same buffs same premiums used.
I noticed the only difference between the two images was the HP(I just got restated that is why hp was high, but in reality my hp with pure dex is only 89k), CRIT, a little bit of a damage, and parry, so I conclude dex dont affect block rates, and hit rates?

so only benefits of dex is parry(but blades still hit as) and some damage(5k damage 14% of the damage)
let us ignore that 5k damage added by the dex because it was negligible. 
so parry is the onlyl thing that you can we benefit on dex. but blades still hit as. xD

so I proposed that make excess  crit as block hit rate, so when pure dex crackshooter has low HP but with good hit rate. 
it is all proportional.



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