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Suggestion on Leveling, Drops rate, inventory, Upgrade Item success rates and etc.

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Leveling: please make the exp rate lesser(depends on your judgement),

              -just add on party system when you have party member beside you killing monster around the vicinity map the party exp shared when killing is increase by 10% proportion to the # of                                          party member around the vicinity map.

                                            ex. if the party member is 10 (around the map killing mobs), party exp shared per kill is 100%, then if 10 members and the other 1 is not around                                                                                                                        the range  of party shared exp per kill is 90% and so on, and it should appear like a party buff :D

               Note: Percentage I used is just an example to make it easy to understand, it depends on your judgement.

Upgrade(Awakes, item plus, pet levels, Accessories and etc.): Make success rate hard just like the normal FlyFF. Just put upgrade scrolls on NPC with a fair price or can be loot on mobs so at-least player can make money for it.


Loots/drops rates: Loots and drop should be like usual private server drop rates, with high rates just not to much, The servers drop rate is good.

           -put on party system just like the above, Drop rate proportionally increased with the party member around the vicinity map +10% (depends on your judgement). also should appear like a                                                                  party buff.

          -add Rare stats on weaps/armour at-least put 1% and below of chance obtaining items with stats.

          -upgrade pet looting speed.



         - expand inventory

         -sorting and deleting of item option.

Auto - click on mobs: Auto - click(not literally click just highlight the mobs or something) to the nearest mobs that can be on or off :D . Not auto attack hahaha.


I've been playing FlyFF(Private and not) since 2009 - 2013, and I miss those days that players are playing and killing mobs on a party together on field.

I just lost interest playing the game because I fill like alone playing the game. that is sad and not enjoyable.

Most problem of FlyFF private servers is players lost interest on playing because they feel alone playing.
And this Idea maybe solve that problem :D

The purpose why I want to lower rate on exp and success rate of upgrades but high on drop rate because its more like farm to win while leveling :D

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Thanks you for the suggestions i will take this information for the next update :)

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