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  1. Sakura flowers everywhere!!!!
  2. What do you like about this server? It's recent, and I'm curious about how it's gonna evolve, also there are lot of nice people!! What ONE improvement or recommendation do you wanna see? A wiki in game and some more fashion, couz i'm a fashion adicte *¬* What is your favorite class? why? I love Crackshooter (tho I when ForceMaster this time), becouse it's amazing to shoot arrows and be far away huhu What class do you hate the most? why? Mentalist, couz I'm bad with it
  3. Like I said, Lordyh is here!! Fear the L (that i don't have IG yet..) I'm Lordyh so called Laguna in game, Flyff was my first intense game, i love it! I'm awsome guy over 21, speaking French or German, but I do my best in English too I'm happy to meet you and hope we'll have fun !! (Don't PK me *-* )
  4. Ingame: Laguna