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  1. And so, once the new players learn about the game's coupon, PK system, PVE dungeons, they might be discouraged since this game is mostly PVP based. The early players had a good amount of boost in terms of the prices. Just some thoughts about the server's status. The players have the tendency of getting bored and might just quit since you wont join a guild siege against players that have full baruna set when youre only using your 120s. If no new players emerges, the guilds wont be enough to create a good guild sieges since most of the locked item players belong to either mystique or muffins. If they have no other things to do other than farm, they might want to do raids but since the raids have high cooldown, they might just go online every 400 mins thus decreasing the noise ingame. The shouts of S> or B> indicates the server's liveliness and if all you see are couple of collectors and AFKers, even if the server is just starting to grow, it might be discouraging to play. If youre worried about the item's supply leaving behind its demand, you could just make the drop rate lower but not in the level of it doesnt drop anything at all. Maybe one ring, one card, one item randomly in a 1-2 hrs cd would be nice for either Cursed Aminus or any other dungeon. With this being said, new players would settle with 105s sets and farm dungeons for the mean time and farm to be stronger since they have a stagnant opponent. Once they get their ancient weapons and maybe some 125 or 130 set. Then they will proceed to PVP. You cant expect the new comers to be joining wars they obviously cant win.
  2. .Hey. So, Ive been lurking around the server for quite a while now seeing how things go. I usually observe first before diving into a new server where I would spend most of my time until the server shutdowns putting the scales if it is worth the play or not. Here are some of my suggestions that might help the server when time comes and the reasons behind these. Dear Apollyon, A'ight, lets be clear about some things. I see the server is great. Its stable, players are friendly, GMs are active, you respond to the player's suggestions, you respond to reports thanks to my acquaintance Sin. Overall, nice but one thing's bad. As you said on the sitedetails within gtop100. We could experience unique PVP experience. I see those steps forward that. The PK system, Skull system unique in this server, the drop system of players. Okay, I'd say its a good battleground but is it fair? Nope. Totally not. Let's see. Over the past updates you've changed the prices rate of Baruna equipments and other items in the FLY FOR FUN coupon shop. Ive seen a total of 18 players, nonetheless, who have completed the baruna set. Some with Baruna weaps. So, once the Baruna system is fully implemented, we'll see OP characters with OP buff effect from the baruna jewels. Ok, barunas are the end game items so thats fine and yeah its okay but as you said in the gtop100 intro of this server. You dont have to farm 24/7 to be maxed. Now, where would the new players get their baruna set if they skip the early PVE dungeons due to their long cd and nigh-impossible difficulty? coupon shop. We're not talking only about the baruna but the overall late game sets like 120, 125, and 130. For now, their prices are astronomical which requires farming. Lots of farming. Leveling with the aid of regular amps take about 2-3 days to reach 130. Ramps, one day. Which would let them farm about 2k lettters each except U and N. The current prices of baruna are 3k each if im not mistaken. Boom, once they hit high level and only have the basic sets, farming would be their only option or raiding dungeons thrice a day. -To be continued-
  3. Hi. Bye.