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  1. Sooo, smile
  2. What do you like about this server? - I'd like the staff what is looking what players want to upgrade etc. What ONE improvement or recommendation do you wanna see ? - 100 + daily online players What is your favorite class? why? - Trying other like always but still Blade/Slayer the best for me What class do you hate the most? why? - Elementor/Arcanist in the new GUI, the action slot is bugged and Ele/Arca sucks bcs of this
  3. Ingame name: DishThroweR / F3lementor (already my main's)
  4. Hello everybody! ;-) My name is Sebastian, im from Poland and im 21 years old Im a member of the greatest guild in the server called ~Muffins I playing flyff about 3 years with not a small breaks and I'm lover of low rates/farm servers like this one! ^^ I hope u have a good time reading my introductions! :-)