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  1. Hi Prologic Players, As i promised we have many event for Christmas Season -EXP Event for all Newbie -Raffle Event -Christmas Banner Event -Black Market Event (Donation X2) Christmas Banner Event Prize : 1st Place : 1000 LP 2nd Place : 500 LP 3rd Place : 300 LP Raffle Event Prize : 1000 LP 500L LP 300 LP 131 Set any of choice 130 set any of choice 125 set any of choice 120 set any of choice 1 Baruna weapon(any of choice) 1 skeleton weapon ( any of choice) 1 vampire weapon (any of choice) 10k Red Chips 1k pcs Event Coin 2k letters of choice 1 set acessories (Defender,Marksman or Champset) 6 PCS VIP 10 days. Please download the attached link "Christmas Event 2019" Word file (Step by step) http://www.mediafire.com/folder/rdabtsftn0uuwis,5u4enqurw60l6tz/shared All File with Pictures http://www.mediafire.com/file/h3o6lt2ndj92glm/Christmas_Event_2019.zip Thank you for playing Prologic Flyff -Administrator