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  1. Hi

    hi sir. pls stay on the server
  2. how is this relevant to the post But was a good read Levi. I would also like to see more variety in pvp other then Harles, Rangers, Blades, Knights. I also feel that Harlequins have the biggest kit to pvp with. They have counters and multi combos they can do. So you cant really only rely on hop to deal the 1 hit damage but If Phal is full built and only hits that I think that it should go also :>
  3. Welcome to losers and the server ~ We hope you enjoy your stay <3
  4. Congratulations! First off I would like to thank all you players for participating! We plan on doing more events and giving out better prizes <3 Winners please PM Sheena or Jello on the forums. 10. ILove - v15 Parts! 9. Phalanxeer - v15 Parts! 8. Darkkon - 2000 Silver Hearts! 7. Vesston - 500 Stone of Balance! 6. Laguna - 5x R AMPS 5. SrYoloSwag - 1000 Red Chips! 4. Paracetamol - 10 Perin 3.Bloodsharke - 15 Perin 2.Critical - 20 Perin 1.Jashi00 - Any cloak from the donor shop! NOTE: Anyone who was not picked still gets a prize from the GMs Thank you all for playing and show love on this post if you want more! -Jello / Sheena !! Video below if anyone wants to see me picking the players 2018-04-27 20-07-17.mp4
  5. Welcome to my Part 3 of the Event! Rules: All YOU need to do is take a screenshot with me in-game! I will always be lurking in flaris AFK or playing the game! Screenshot a picture with me with the "Prt Sc" button and post it! You dont need to edit anything or do anything special but Id love to see how creative Prologic players are! GOOD LUCK! -Jello
  6. ¡Bienvenido a mi Parte 3 del Evento! ¡Todo lo que tienes que hacer es tomar una captura de pantalla conmigo en el juego! ¡Siempre acecharé en flaris AFK o estaré rondando por el juego! Captura de pantalla una imagen conmigo con el botón "Prt Sc" y publícala. No necesita editar nada ni hacer nada especial, ¡pero me encantaría ver cuán creativos son los jugadores de Prologic! -Jello
  7. Thank you for listening to the community.
  8. REMEMBER Everyone make sure you follow step 2 and Post in the introduction thread!
  9. Thank you all for entering the event!
  10. English please
  11. Was a good read. Thanks for making this Quantum.
  12. Suggestions Premium shop Add "Upcut Stone" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. Add "Refresher Hold" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. or buff MP potions. Add " Enhanced Party Skill Range 15" to the Premium NPC in Flaris. In-Game Party finder (When you open it up, Some parties show they have active skills but they have 0 points.) Chat box unselected once a monster is killed. (If you are talking to another player and killing monsters, your chatbox will be unselected and you will open tons of windows) Inventory Expansion - Increase capacity of the inventory. (2 rows are normally filled with Letter Coupons / Prems) Teleporter - ( Possibly add the loot you can obtain in each area? I.e its odd to have V15 jewelry in Animus might want to tell people!) Backpack Extension - Whatever your loot pet picks up, if you have it in your backpack it would go to your backpack and not your inventory. Joining a Party - If possible, show the party skills that are active. Once you join a party you wont see if any skills are active unless they activate. Premium Status Teleportation. - I personally think that EVERY player should be able to teleport to dungeons. I think its a bit odd that you need to buy a status to TP to Dungeons. Upgrading manually - Upgrading manually seems really slow, (i.e If I upgrade my collector manually it takes forever) If possible shorten the time. Buff Madrigal Gift - Personally I don't know If I can get a "rare" item from the gift. I would love to know If there is a 0.001% Chance of getting something amazing instead of 100k Penya everytime. Premium Timers - I think that premium timers should be the same. (This may mess with PVP so there would need to be some tweaking) /Gmlist - A simple command to show which gamemasters are online, incase we need help. Useless additions Weapon models to be added in the game or inside the shop! More Variations of Custom Fashion / Models. (Dont just apply black to Grim sets etc) Future Ideas "Vote Party" - This is a brand new addition I haven't seen on any server. Once every 50 Votes I think that the server should automatically put up a lord buff! This will encourage voting and also help new players out! We can have a total in the homepage of PrologicFlyff. (I.e Vote Party 35/50 votes! )
  13. /barf
  14. Can't wait. I probably should have waited before posting second suggestions. I can see the forums looks good . I will double check for you about the Timers.
  15. In-Game Wiki / Model Viewer ( I think it would be great for players to be able to look at the items they want to get in the future and view how fashion looks in game. A "Model Viewer" would help show the new players what fashion looks like what. This also helps avoid confusion when players purchase Fashion with "Silver Hearts") /Awake Upgrade ( The /Awake command is a great command for premium members. The command is coded so that it will awake your first item in your inventory, but theres potential to upgrade it. I think if you have "Scroll of Reversions" in your second slot of your inventory It should take one up and awake your item in slot one. This would help out players save more penya and use the "Scroll Of Reversions" they grinded for! 45-105 Green accessibility ( Getting level 45-105 Green Items can be a bit tricky for players. You can kill level 60 monsters and obtain Level 90 gear. I think that NPCs should carry some lower level Green items for players. Now 45-105 is just an example but I think the majority would like to have 105 easily accessible. *NOTE* Doing this will adjust the marketplace price and may discourage players to sell 105 gear so we would have to figure out a fair price. ) Dungeon Timer ( Dungeons are a big part of Flyff, and to save players time on when they can grind out the next dungeon of their choice. We should have timers under the "Timer" tab under "U" showing us when our dungeons are up instead of teleporting to each single one to jump and see the time ) Seraph Player vs Player ( "Seraphs" have been labeled the support class and no one really thinks of using this as a PvP class. I think it would be great if the seraphs could have a 1v1 skill and help them out. This could help them both out in PvP and the level progress for them to become more independent instead of relying on a Player-Level to help them out. ) Prologic Points Orbs ( I think that "Prologic point orbs" should be a new item on Prologic Flyff! This helps prevent scamming and lets players open private shops selling precious Logic points. Now we can have an NPC in-game where you can take out and put in Logic points into your account to either Purchase items or Sell points ) Offline Vendors ( Offline vendors are always great, This can help players make perin while farming or collecting in the collection area. Durations of these could range from 1 day (Purchased in the vote store) and up to 7 days purchased from the Logic point store ) Mounts ( Your second reliable way to travel accross madrigal! I personally love mounts and I think that mounts would be a second amazing way of traveling. They seem faster and way easier to just hop on instead of waiting for wings. *NOTE* If you do plan on adding this, remember that It would not look great if the server is filled with giant mounts! ) <--- Example Forums Upgrade! ( I would love to see a forums upgrade and see custom visual GFX for the forums with Flyff logos and just make the forums a more welcoming place. Now this is obviously and update that does not need to happen since this server just came out. But this is just a suggestions. You can get all the forums junkies on. aka Me Feelsgoodman ) Personally I would like to thank Xyro & Apollo for reading and actually adding my ideas from part one. These ideas were from myself and Sheena. Thanks for reading.
  16. Great Ideas. I also think that for level 60-105 gear. They should be added to the Letter coupon NPC but maybe at a cheaper price. Since killing level 60 monsters can drop level 90. Its a bit odd to figure out what drops what.
  17. Hi!

  18. Hey im new to the server. Played on multiple flyff servers and ended up here! Ign: Jello Nice to meet you all
  19. Feelsgoodman being a english speaker. Time to just play by myself