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    Introducing: The Evolution Trials Dungeon Step into the depths of the Evolution Trials dungeon, where eight unique mini-bosses await with their own set of challenges and rewards. As you traverse through this perilous domain, engage in battles with these mini-bosses to seize the chance of obtaining class pet beads, available in durations of 3, 30, or 90 days. These beads can be affixed to your chosen pet, enhancing your abilities immensely. Additionally, keep an eye out for the chance to acquire miniature pet versions of the formidable bosses themselves. To attach a class bead to your pet, you'll need the rare Orb of Bonding, obtainable exclusively from the final boss. Once bonded, your pet will emit a distinct glow, signalling its connection to a class bead. Each mini-boss within the Evolution Trials dungeon boasts specific drop rates tailored to their class type. Whether you seek Templar Evolution beads or Arcanist Evolution beads, you'll find them from their respective bosses. Additionally, bosses also yield fragments, providing an alternative means for obtaining desired items in case of unfavourable RNG. Conquer the challenges of the dungeon and face the final boss for a chance to discover a special item. Its identity remains a mystery, waiting to be unveiled by daring adventurers like yourself. Outside of the dungeon awaits a vendor selling class beads in both 3-day and 30-day options, along with all boss pets. The vendor also provides a service to combine 10 identical 3-day beads into a single 30-day bead, ensuring the value of all bead drops and fostering a healthy, long-term market for beads of varying durations. For those interested in Monster Hunter challenges, each mini-boss encounter presents its own progression list, culminating in unique silver animated weapon skins and titles. These rewards are not locked to classes, allowing all to revel in their achievements. Furthermore, completing the monster hunter achievement for the final boss grants access to an exclusive new mount. Prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other in the Evolution Trials dungeon! New LP Store Pets Four new pets have been released on the LP store, offering exciting alternatives to the ever-popular Charmander. While the Charmander remains a reliable option with balanced stats suitable for all classes, these new companions serve as side-grades, excelling in specific gameplay styles. Whether you're seeking heightened ICD, PVE damage, Magic attack rates, or Attack rates, these new pets provide fresh strategies to enhance your character. Plus, we've also included them in the roulette tables for even more chances to acquire these fantastic companions for those who wish not to donate. Evo Pets Adjustments We've heard your feedback regarding the challenges of acquiring Evo pets due to their steep resource requirements. With the rollout of our latest pet-focused update, we've taken the opportunity to rebalance each Evo pet, offering significant improvements that even surpass their LP store counterparts. It's important to note that these revamped Evo pets are not available for purchase with LP, nor will they ever be. They represent the epitome of grind-to-win and free-to-play, serving as the best-in-slot pets for dedicated players. New Player Progression In response to feedback from our community regarding the need to enhance the new player experience, we've made some significant adjustments. Recognizing the sizable gap between not having PVE runes and obtaining them, we're addressing this issue head-on. The requirement for PVE damage has become paramount, yet the journey to acquire PVE runes and a +20 Baruna weapon can be daunting for newcomers. Therefore, to foster a more balanced and enjoyable progression path, we're introducing several key changes: Level 130 Reward: New players reaching level 130 will now receive a 1-day Torch to aid them on their journey. Ruby Farming in Savage Wilds: Prepare to delve into the Savage Wilds, where new rubies (PVE up to 20%) can be farmed. These rubies can be pierced into level 75, 80, or 95 Ultimate weapons, providing a significant boost to damage. Diamond Farming in Les Britannia S: Venture into Les Britannia S and unearth new diamonds (PVE up to 36%). These precious gems can be pierced into level 110 or 139 Ultimate weapons. We've heard your concerns about the formidable Beast Overlord Khan, and have adjusted his damage output to ensure that players of all classes can overcome this challenge with confidence. Additionally, to provide comprehensive support for both new and seasoned players alike, we'll be rolling out video guides covering all classes and main features in the coming months. We believe that these enhancements will not only streamline the new player experience but also contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of our community. We welcome all feedback in regards to new player progression and will be mindful more may need to be done over time. Other Gameplay Improvements Guild Clash Summoning Restriction: Friends can no longer be summoned during guild clashes. Enhanced Flying Follow Functionality: While flying, the follow function has been refined to prevent losing the target. Simply press 'Z' to smoothly follow a selected player. VIP Time as Pet Medicine: VIP time now serves as pet medicine, eliminating the need to feed pets. Why did we not do this years ago… Character Stats Window: Added Lucky-Box, PVE damage, PVP damage, PVE damage absorption, PVP damage absorption to the stat window. Bug Fixes Evo Rune Icon Issue: Resolved the issue where Evo Runes displayed incorrect icons when equipped in weapons. Blain Set and Jesis Set Stats: Fixed stats for the Blain Set and Jesis Set. Mask Model Change Error: Corrected the issue where both models were visible when changing from a regular mask to an animated mask. Teleportation Error: Addressed the occasional occurrence of players ending up in empty areas after teleporting outside of a dungeon. Invisible Players While Flying: Fixed the issue causing players to disappear while flying. Stuck in Empty Areas While Flying: Players will no longer become stuck in empty areas while flying. Thank you everyone!