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Flyff Items Model Change Guide

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What's up Flyers   :Love:


I'm going to explain an easy (but sometimes annoying:$) system that we have.



Items Model Change:D

Okay, first of all, this is just an aesthetic thing, to the people that likes how an specific item looks but they don't need the stats, just the appearence of it.


Let's see where this system is located:

Find on the start button, "Prologic Systems", then look for "Model Change"

Start panel flyff.PNG


Then, this small window will come up


Model change panel.PNG


So, let's see how this works...

Examples :Oh:

In this case, i want to have my Grim Gauntlet but i don't really like it appearence :(, so im adding the Shurand Gauntlet appearence, to give my set a better look B|


So, the PRIMARY ITEM is the one that will be preserved on STATS and equipment, and will look the same way on the inventory, BUT... The Sacrificial Item is the one that will be the appearence of your PRIMARY ITEM, just for that, and will be deleted on stats, just like a sacrifice, to have it's look.


Model change 2.PNG


Then, you have your Grim Gauntlets normally but now you have the look of the Shurand Gauntlets :Ridicule:


I will show you how it looks in-game:Aha:


Finish sin error.PNG


I'ts done Flyers keep having fun!



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