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Monster Hunt, Guild Finder, Bot Prevention and more

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Introducing the Monster Hunter System

We're excited to introduce a new feature that adds a dimension to your PVE experience - the Monster Hunting system expansion (accessable via Prologic Systems). This addition brings a fresh layer of challenge and rewards, cantered around hunting down creatures in some of the most popular dungeons.


Targeted Dungeons Progressive Reward Scaling

In this initial phase, we're focusing on dungeons that hold a special place in your journeys: Dekane Mine, Clockworks, Contaminated, Maximus, Aminus, and Cursed Aminus. The rewards you'll earn from the Monster Hunting system are directly tied to the dungeon's difficulty and your expected encounters. For instance, newer players will find valuable rewards like Perin, Mounts, and Pickup Pets in Dekane Mine, while the more seasoned adventurers tackling Aminus can unlock exclusive fashion items, permanent PVE stat boosts, and LP.

As you engage in the Monster Hunting system, you'll earn rewards based on the number of kills you achieve. These rewards scale as you reach higher kill milestones, ranging from 25 kills up to a maximum of 1000 kills. Reaching a substantial number of kills not only secures valuable in-game rewards but also unlocks exclusive titles that showcase your dedication.

Feedback-Driven Development

We're keen on refining this system to provide the best possible experience. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the rewards and milestones. As we continue to fine-tune and enhance the Monster Hunting system, we're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions to ensure its success.


Easier Guild Integration: Guild Finder

In our ongoing efforts to enhance your experience, we're delighted to introduce the Guild Finder – a seamless addition that simplifies the process of joining guilds. We understand the importance of camaraderie and the bonds forged within a guild, and with this new feature, connecting with like-minded adventurers has never been easier.


Guild Finder: Joining Without Boundaries

Gone are the days of waiting for an invitation to a guild! With the Guild Finder, players now have the autonomy to explore and join guilds that align with their interests and playstyle. Whether you're a solo explorer seeking companionship or a dedicated team player looking for a community, the Guild Finder opens up a realm of possibilities. Discover, assess, and become part of a guild that resonates with your aspirations.

Empowering Guild Masters

Guild Masters, we understand that each guild has its unique dynamics and preferences. As a Guild Master, you have the flexibility to choose how new members join your ranks. The Guild Finder comes with an option that allows Guild Masters to turn off the "join without invitation" feature. This means you can maintain the traditional invitation-based approach if it best suits your guild's ethos.

Forge New Bonds, Shape New Legends

The Guild Finder isn't just a tool; it's an opportunity to forge connections that will define your journey. Expand your horizons, share experiences, and embark on epic adventures alongside fellow guild members. Engage in collaborative gameplay, conquer dungeons, and achieve feats that echo through the ages.

As we roll out this Guild Finder feature, we eagerly anticipate the connections you'll make and the stories you'll write together. Your feedback continues to be invaluable, so please let us know your thoughts as we refine and enhance this system to ensure it aligns seamlessly with your guild interactions.


Addressing Bot Activity: Introducing Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command

We've heard your concerns about bot activity within the farming areas, and we're taking proactive steps to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment. Introducing the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command, a tool designed to empower vigilant players and curtail suspicious bot behaviour. We value your commitment to creating a vibrant and bot-free gaming environment. Your participation in the Bot Hunter - Tutor and Player Command not only safeguards the integrity of the server but also makes the community stronger. Together, we can maintain a fair and enjoyable experience for all players.

Bot Hunter Rank 5+: Vigilance Rewarded

For those who have earned the Bot Hunter rank of 5 or higher, we're entrusting you with the responsibility to help police our farm areas. Your keen eye and dedication to maintaining a bot-free environment will now play a crucial role in ensuring everyone's gameplay remains unaffected.

Every day, as a Bot Hunter, you'll have access to a valuable tool - the /bothunterask command. If you spot a player exhibiting behavior that raises suspicion, simply use this command followed by the player's name. This action will trigger an automated math question, aimed at distinguishing between genuine players and potential bots. We have limited its usage to 3 times per day initially to prevent abuse, if we receive no reports, we will increase its limits.

To amplify the impact of bot bans, we're introducing a new dynamic. A successful bot ban will be recorded as a PVP kill, granting the Bot Hunter the standard Perin/EC/RC rewards associated with a PVP flag. This enhancement rewards your efforts in curbing bot activity while aligning with our commitment to fair play.

Zero Tolerance for Bot Activity

A correct response within the set time will prove the player's legitimacy. However, failure to respond accurately will result in an automatic farm ban lasting one day. For repeated offenses, this ban can escalate up to a maximum of 7 days including permanent server bans.

Randomized Checks: Uncovering Suspicious Activity

In addition to the interactive checks, our system will conduct random and periodic automated checks on users engaged in farming activities. This ensures a continuous effort to maintain a level playing field and discourage bot-related behavior. These check methods will remain undisclosed to thwart potential bot users from devising countermeasures.


Recent Fixes & Improvements:

  • Resolved issue where Penya was erroneously consumed during awake attempts for certain items (e.g., new shields).
  • Corrected displayed prices for fashion items in the awake window.
  • Fixed Molten Potion duration problem for items like FLY-FOR-FUN and loss of duration upon relogin.
  • Addressed Molten Potion issue causing some items to not appear in the Item Duration Window.
  • Extrabags now remain active with premium time, regardless of extrabag time.
  • Enhanced game latency for smoother gameplay.
  • Rectified speed synchronization problem, eliminating character mispositioning and visual glitches (e.g., long-range attacks).
  • Fixed major position bug affecting players and creatures across all clients, leading to better position synchronization in farm zones, guild sieges, and more.
  • Added restriction to bot hunter global messages when a player is flying.


Thank you for being part of our community.

Happy hunting, adventurers!


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