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Prologic Client v2.0.1 and Roulette Event!

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Prologic Client v2.0.1 – Significant CPU Optimisations

We are thrilled to announce the release of Prologic Client version 2.0.1, which introduces substantial improvements to CPU performance when running minimised clients. Our main focus in this update was to optimise the client's resource usage, specifically targeting CPU requirements. As a result, we have managed to reduce CPU draw by up to 50%, offering a more efficient experience for players.

One of the significant benefits of these CPU improvements is the enhanced performance for players who actively play a client with other clients minimised in the background. When running multiple instances of the Prologic Client, such as having one client as the main focus while others are running in the background, the reduced CPU requirements have a direct positive impact. Players will notice a smoother overall performance, with reduced CPU strain allowing for more resources to be allocated to the active client. This means a more responsive gameplay experience, even when multiple instances are running simultaneously.

Furthermore, these optimisations enable players to engage in other activities alongside their primary client without compromising performance. Whether you're running additional clients for farming, monitoring the in-game market, or simply collecting, the minimized clients will now have a significantly reduced CPU draw. This allows for a more seamless multitasking experience, where players can efficiently manage multiple aspects of their gameplay without sacrificing performance.

By reducing the CPU requirements of minimised clients, we have opened up new possibilities for players who enjoy maximising their in-game efficiency. Whether you're a dedicated multiboxer or someone who enjoys running multiple clients for various purposes, the improved performance of the Prologic Client v2.0.1 will elevate your gameplay experience to new heights.


Roulette Event: Increased Epic Reward Probability!

As part of the summer sale, from now until July 16th, we will be hosting a special limited-time event in our roulette feature. During this event, the probability of landing the highest tier of reward, known as the Epic Reward, will be increased by 50% for normal, vote, and lucky spins.

Please note that while we intend to run this event until July 16th, we will be monitoring its usage closely to ensure market stability. In case of excessive usage, we reserve the right to end the event ahead of schedule to ensure market stability.

We would like to emphasise that this is a trial event, and we value your feedback. Let us know what you think about this event and whether you would like to see more of these type of events mixed in with the content-based events we are developing.

Join us during this limited time and try your luck with the enhanced chances of winning Epic Rewards. We hope you enjoy the event and look forward to hearing your thoughts!



Thank you everyone, we appreciate your continued support and feedback!


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