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PVE - Lucky Drop System

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Lucky Drop Update

We have some exciting news regarding the PVE rework. As part of this rework, we have now implemented the new Lucky Drop system that will improve the way dungeon drops occur.

Currently, dungeons such as Maximus, Evo, and Contaminated drop tokens or fragments in consistent numbers, but the new Lucky Drop system will provide a chance for players to trigger additional drops such as larger fragment amounts, runes, weapons, and accessories. Item drops will be rare and server-wide messages will be sent out congratulating players who receive them.

This new system will reward each player in the dungeon with loot that goes straight to their inventory, which will be categorised as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Players will have a chance to obtain a reward from one of these categories when they kill a boss. The Lucky Drop system is a direct buff to the amount of drops in these dungeons, with some dungeons such as Evo providing far more materials on average over time, that’s not including the chance at a whole item! 

Players without Gift Box will only be able to receive Common loot (Dekane Mine requires a minimum of Gift Box 1), while those with higher Gift Boxes will have access to better rewards, up to Legendary items such as a whole Evo weapon. The maximum Gift Box is 4+ to ensure no single class is limited as some classes currently can only run 1 ancient weapon.

We have rolled out the system to specific dungeons first: Cursed Aminus, Aminus, Maximus, and Dekane Mine. We will monitor player engagement and make any necessary changes before implementing it in other dungeons. We also want to ensure the drop tables are accurate and proportional, and that there are no bugs or ways to abuse the system. 


To ensure fairness and prevent abuse, there are MAC limits in place (maximum 2 characters per player) with a total of 5 players in a party receiving loot. Characters must be actively fighting the boss to trigger Lucky Drop.


We believe that this new Lucky Drop system will encourage players to work together and make group gameplay more rewarding. It also adds variety and excitement to the game, making it more engaging for players. We have not changed the difficulty of dungeons to ensure that solo farmers are not punished by this change.

With the implementation of the new Lucky Drop system, we are aware that the economy of Prologic will experience a change as a greater volume of Perin and items will enter the game. However, this change to the Lucky Drop system is fundamental to improving the player experience, as it incentivises group gameplay and creates a more exciting and rewarding dungeon experience. We understand that it may have an impact on the economy, but we believe that it will ultimately be a positive change as it allows us to release more challenging and desirable content for players to strive towards. 

Thank you for your continued support and we hope you enjoy what is set to be one of the most fundamental PVE rework changes Prologic has ever seen.


Other Updates

  • Guild Siege player synchronization has been improved, resulting in a smoother and more stable experience.
  • Players can now combine identical buff items from the RC trader, collection area, and drop items.
  • Power scrolls can now be used in the extra bags, providing more flexibility and convenience to players.
  • Bot Hunter titles have been restored to their original state.


Thank you everyone! :Laugh:

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