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PVE Rebalance, FFA, Security and more!

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PVE Rebalance for Select Classes

We are excited to announce a rebalance of PVE for several classes. This update is aimed at providing a more enjoyable experience for players in PVE content, while also ensuring that each class is balanced and effective in its role.

Slayer is now the powerhouse it always should have been. With faster and harder hits, it's a glass cannon that deals eye-watering damage. We have also updated the master skill to display the 50% increased PVE damage accurately. We recommend using it to maximize damage output.

Harlequin is now an extremely strong 1v1 boss hunter. Each hit deals a lot of damage, making it a fantastic bossing class. This is a significant change for Harlequin, and we believe it will provide a more enjoyable experience for players.

Crackshot has received a general damage increase, balanced by the fact that it has an effective ranged AOE. This will make it more effective in PVE, particularly in group scenarios.

Mentalist has received a significant buff to its power. It's now a class worth considering for PVE content, in addition to its usefulness in PVP. We were aware that the AOE was bugged for this class, we have now corrected this issue.

Templar and Force Master have not received any changes. These classes are already extremely powerful in PVE due to their ability to both deal damage and tank it. We feel they are already in a good place and don't require any further adjustments.

Seraph has also not received any changes. This class is unique in that it should be a primary buffing class. However, due to the availability of buffs throughout the game, it no longer has a defined role. It is currently being used for tanking and AOE farming, which doesn't feel right for this class. We are looking into how we can bring back Seraph to its core gameplay mechanic and revitalize this class (without taking away from what it can already do). We don't believe that a damage increase is the right solution for this support class.

Overall, we believe these changes will provide a more enjoyable and balanced experience for our players in PVE content. We are committed to continuously improving and balancing our game, and we appreciate your feedback and support.  To that end, we understand that balancing is an ongoing process and want to hear from players if they feel a class is over or under performing.


We have made some changes to the PVE DPS Dummy in Flaris to improve the accuracy of DPS testing. The dummy now has infinite HP and higher PVE Defense, so players can switch between gear and items to see which combination provides the best results. It's important to note that the DPS meter takes time to ramp up, so spending a bit of time testing to get an accurate average is recommended. We hope this change will provide a better testing environment and help players fine-tune their builds for maximum effectiveness.

Free For ALL (FFA) Rewards

We have now implemented Event Coin (EC) rewards into the Free For All (FFA) game mode. This will not only incentivise the game mode and encourage more players to participate, but it also provides another way for players to earn this valuable currency. The rewards for the top four players will be significant:

> 1st Place: 300 EC
> 2nd Place: 200 EC
> 3rd Place: 150 EC
> 4th Place 100 EC
All others: 5 EC

We hope that this will add more excitement and competition to the FFA game mode and look forward to seeing the results.


Server Security

We have successfully improved the security of our server to prevent the type of security breaches that have forced other servers to close recently in the Flyff community. Server security is of utmost importance and we have taken the necessary steps to ensure that Prologic is well protected from any potential threats. While other servers have been forced to shut down due to security breaches, we are happy to report that our efforts to patch any vulnerabilities have been successful, and our players can continue to enjoy a safe and secure gaming experience. We will continue to monitor our security protocols to ensure that our players' data remains protected at all times.


Quality of Life Updates

  • Auto-Fill - We have also made an change to the upgrade system in the game. By default, when upgrading, players will now be able to refill all the slots with the necessary upgrade material just by clicking on it. This will save players from the hassle of manually adding the material to each slot, making the upgrade process much smoother and faster.
  • Penya to inventory - We have made some adjustments to the game's economy by changing the way Penya is acquired. Now, when killing  creatures, the Penya will go directly to your inventory, making it much easier to manage your earnings and no longer stressing about your pet speed. To balance this change, the Perin farm area has been adjusted accordingly.
  • Private Shops - We have made a change to the way private shops work in the game. Now, when opening a private shop, the chat window will only open when you click the chat button. This will prevent the window from opening automatically and interrupting your gameplay, allowing you to focus on managing your shop and selling items.
  • Remove Buffs - We have added a new feature that allows players to remove Buff Items and balloons. Now, you can right-click on the item or buff in the 'Item Duration' window (J key) and choose the option to remove it. This will save you time and make it much more convenient to manage your inventory and buffs during gameplay:



Thank you everyone!

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