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Dekane Mine and the Reforge Rarity System

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Dekane Mine and the Reforge Rarity System




“Late last year a discovery was made within the once-abandoned Dekane Mine. An element of such power it had the ability to alter the very molecular composition of equipment it came into contact with. This new element was named “Astatine”. It was said that extreme care had to be taken when attempting the reforging process and is thought only BoBoChan had begun to master the process.


It is well known that the arrogance and greed of the original explorers was ultimately their downfall. The element supposedly corrupted those who attempted to unlock its power, mutating the very workers sent into the mines to retrieve the material turning them against their masters. After the uprising, the Darken Mayor ordered the mine to be sealed and all records of its location destroyed.


However, rumors have once again started circulating among adventurers about the potential location of the once forgotten mine, the treasures within, and the dangers it presents…”



As per the lore teaser released earlier this week, we have launched a new novice to mid-player dungeon - the Dekane Mines! Access to this dungeon can be found through the V teleport interface. In order to receive drops, players must have at least 1 Gift Box (most easily achievable through the party skill “Gift Box”).


Players will need to first fight 5 mini bosses and will be rewarded with Perin for their demise. Then you will be faced with the final boss, Evo Armis, who drops both Perin and a new material needed for the Reforge Rarity System; Astatine:





Dekane Mines Boss Locations




What does Astatine do?


Well, we are delighted to announce we have finished the development of a new feature called “Reforging”. This feature allows players to reforge their weapons and shields to different rarity levels utilizing the newly discovered element Astatine, each level providing powerful bonus stats:




To reforge your equipment, you will first need to run the once-forgotten Dekane Mine Dungeon for the new material. Astatine can then be used within the Reforge Equipment Rarity feature provided by BoBoChan:




Each reforge attempt costs 200 Perin. Players are able to increase the likelihood of a higher rarity roll through the use of a Rarity Booster. These boosters are available to purchase in-game for RC or on the LP store. The bonus is small and as such is reflected in the cost. Utilization of a rarity booster is not a requirement to roll higher levels of rarity.


Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoy the new update!


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